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18 Don Winslow Remembered 
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The Chairma 
and. the Pres 







A, s 


isell Leaves • Fall 

David Carlson photo 

Moving Forward Lasell College 

Dear Lasell Alumni and Friends: 

This issue of Leaves — in a new, reader- friendly magazine format — includes, for the first time, 
the College's annual Report On The Year. We think a review of the remarkable progress made over 
the past fiscal year is worth sharing with all of you, our most loyal supporters, just as a look at 
what's happening on campus today and in the future is inspiring. 

All of the constituents of the College — faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, Trustees, Overseers, 
friends and donors — have contributed to the momentum that continues to propel Lasell to new 
heights, as evidenced by our being cited for the second consecutive year by The Chronicle of 
Higher Education as one of the "Great Colleges to Work For," and by being named one of the 
top 1 "Great Colleges for a Great Price" in the North region by US News and World Report. 

The advances we are making in executing the Strategic Plan put in place three years ago 
are significant: We can point to another year of record enrollments, with 1,600 full-time 
undergraduates, an 1 1% increase this year in the size of the full-time faculty (see pages 12-13), 
new undergraduate programs in Fashion Communication and Applied Mathematics, three graduate 
degree programs that did not exist last year at this time (see page 16), an up tick in the percentage 
of male undergraduates to nearly 35%, an increase in minorities in the student body to nearly 18% 
and the rising before our eyes of the Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts (see pages 4-5). 

In addition, some 40 students will participate in international service learning programs this year, 
including a new trip to the Amazonian jungles of Brazil; another 20 are slated for academically 
oriented trips to France or China, and as many as 80 will take a semester to study abroad. 

Also in these pages, you will read about some of the remarkable individuals whose passion for 
education reinforces the College's mission. Professors such as sociologist Tessa Le Roux (page 15), 
whose global sensibilities enrich and expand the classroom experience for her students; behind-the- 
scenes staffers who keep the robust Lasell machine humming, such as information technologist 
Jane Wan (page 16); and welcome additions to our team of administrative professionals, such as 
the Rev. Dr. Thomas Sullivan, director of the Center for Spiritual Life (page 19). 

Your philanthropy, your energy and your support are having a significant impact on everyone who 
is part of the Lasell family. We thank you for what you have done, for what you are doing and for 
what you will do in the future. It couldn't happen without you. 




Eric M. Turner Michael B, Alexander 

Chairman, Board of Trustees President 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Auburndale 02466 


Take one successful visual artist with 
experience building college art programs, 
add a young, cutting-edge art professor, mix 
with a talented painter and a graphic design 
whiz — both with loads of teaching experience 
at Lasell — and you get the College's new Art 
and Graphic Design Department. 

As the idea of expanding the arts at Lasell has 
crystalized in recent years, several new faces 
have joined the faculty to help bring that plan 
to fruition. 

This fall, Serdar Arat came on board as the 
Diane Heath Beever '49 Professor of Art and 
Kenneth Calhoun arrived as the chair of the 
newly formed Art and Graphic Design 
Department. They, along with Professors Margo 
Lemieux and Stephen Fisher, promise to have a 
marked impact on visual and graphic arts study. 

"Big changes are underway related to arts 
education at Lasell. Tops on the list is a new 
arts major," Calhoun tells Leaves (see page 12). 

Calhoun adds that one possibility, which 
has been under development by Lemieux, 
would train students for the business side 
of gallery management. 

This is an exciting prospect for Arat (see 
page 12) who managed and developed the 
art gallery at Concordia College in New York 
and regularly shows his work in galleries in 
Manhattan and in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. 

"For all visual arts on campus, the gallery, in my 
mind, is the anchor. It is the key place, and also 
brings in the local community interest," says 
Arat, who hopes to lead a future course called 
Art, Gallery and Museum. 

The Fantastic Four: (L to R) Serdar Arat, Kenneth Calhoun, 
Stephen Fisher and Margo Lemieux. 

Arat says the course could have students 
spending time inside museums and galleries 
to experience the business side of gallery 

In the future, Calhoun also would like to offer 
a studio art major and hopes he and Fisher can 
look into new graphics courses in 3D animation, 
games, motion graphics and special effects. 

"The classroom work needs to be tightly 
fitted and responsive to what is happening 
in the real world," says Calhoun. 

With an entire department devoted to the visual 
arts, suddenly new energy and ideas about arts 
courses and graphic design are sprouting. 

This new department, alongside the current 
construction of the Donahue Center for Creative 
and Applied Arts, adds a heaping dose of 
momentum to the rebuilding of the arts on the 
Lasell campus. 

Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 

Breaking New Ground, 
Expanding the Arts 

Members of the Lasell community gathered in June for the 
ceremonial groundbreaking for the Donahue Center for 
Creative and Applied Arts, which will house state-of-the-art 
classrooms, faculty offices and will become the permanent 
home for the Lasell Fashion Collection. The building is named 
for Lasell alumna Nancy Lawson Donahue '49, trustee emerita, who, 
along with her husband Richard, gave the lead gift for the creation of 
the new building. The new art center is part of Lasell's Bridge to the 
Future fundraising initiative. 

In attendance at the groundbreaking were President Michael 
B. Alexander and his wife, Mary Barbara Alexander, members of the 
Donahue family, members of the Board of Trustees, local dignitaries 
including State Representative Kay Khan, Yolanda Cellucci, honorary 
co-chair of the College's Bridge to the Future fundraising initiative, 
members of Lasell's administrative team, Lasell staff and representatives 
from the architectural, contracting and finance firms for the building. 

Donahue, who is co-chair for the fundraising initiative, and her family 
have been major supporters of the College over the years, providing 
funding for the Donahue Institute for Values and Public Life and the 
Donahue Bookstore. 

The Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts is scheduled for 
completion in the summer of 201 1 . 

Digging In: President Michael B. Alexander, State Representative Kay Khan, Nancy Lawson 
Donahue '49 (center), Yolanda Cellucci and RoseMary Fuss, vice chair of the Lasell Board of 
Trustees, break ground for the new Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts. 

Solo Show: Serdar Arat in NYC. 

The arrival of Serdar Arat, Diane Heath 
Beever '49 Professor of Art, at Lasell this 
fall has already raised the profile of the 
visual arts on and off campus. 

Arat, born in Turkey, has lived and studied 
in the US since graduate school. He had 
a solo show of his work at Kouros Gallery 
in Manhattan in October with another 
exhibition slated later this year at Galeri Nev 
in Ankara, Turkey. Keep your eyes open in 
Auburndale, however; Arat hopes to also 
have his work on the walls of Lasell's 
Wedeman Gallery soon. 

Leaves recently caught up with the artist who 
shares some thoughts below: 

On his NYC exhibition: "This is my fourth 
solo show in New York. Shadow of the Island 
is the title of a specific painting but also the 
title of the series of a dozen paintings. 
Originally it goes back to a series called Island 
of the Dead by Swiss artist Arnold Bbcklin 
(1827-1901). I previously did an homage to 
that body of work called Island of the Dead 
and now, as an extension of that, I created 
Shadow of the Island. Most of my work is 
metaphorical. Part of the sky and water will 
come together and be joined, but they look 
jolted out of place and shifted. They are in 
balance somehow, but it is a little uneasy." 

On art in general: "Susan Sontag once said, 
'The more personal it is, the more universal it 
becomes.' That resonated with me. I don't 
make art for social purpose; I go deeper and 
deeper into my own experience. If there is 
truth in that experience, then anyone can 
appreciate it." 

On his art: "The most distinct characteristic 
is shaped canvases. It looks abstract — but I 
think all art is based on nature. Really, it is 
the only experience we have. My work does 
evoke a natural setting but it is distilled, 
abstracted to emphasize different moods and 
states of mind. I try to edit out what isn't 
necessary and emphasize the emotional. " 5 

East Side, West Side 

Donahue in her element. 

Lasell Leaves • Fall 

Mary Ann Donahue '53 

oh mwrn 

From the Control Room to the Cape 

During childhood summers, Mary Ann 
Donahue '53 and her family would 
drive through Auburndale from their 
Arlington, MA home en route to Cape 
Cod. "The Lasell campus looked so 
special," she recalls. "I could only 
fantasize that someday I might go 
there myself." 

Slow dissolve to two "wonderful" years as a 
Lasell undergraduate, where Donahue sang at 
Symphony Hall with the Orphean Club and, in 
general, had "a very happy, productive time." 
Her Lasell education landed her a job as a 
medical secretary, but her extracurricular energy 
was spent pursuing a passion for the performing 
arts. Next stop, Boston University for a BFA 
cum laude in Theatre Arts and an MFA in 
Theatre Education. "The rest," she tells Leaves, 
"is history." 

That history includes a very full, Manhattan- 
based life as a Broadway and TV producer/writer, 
a place of prominence in the PBS universe and 
a continuing career as a consultant and 
producer/writer for promotional productions 
and between-program continuity efforts for 
WNET/Thirteen in New York, KCET in Los 
Angeles and other public broadcasting outlets. 

(If you've enjoyed The New Affluence with 
Jonathan Pond on TV this past year, you've seen 
Donahue's handiwork; and stay tuned for Vine 
Talk, an upcoming PBS celebrity wine-tasting 
series, for which she is coordinating producer.) 

Donahue has written scripts for All My Children 
on ABC, was a production assistant to Allen 
Funt on Candid Camera, helped launch Charlie 
Rose nationally on PBS, spent five years working 
in Spain on American films (including Patton 
and If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium) and 
put time in behind the scenes on Broadway 
musicals with Lucille Ball (Wildcat), George 
Goebel (Let It Ride) and Patty Duke (Isle 
of Children). 

An inveterate traveler, Donahue divides her 
time these days primarily between Manhattan's 
East Side and the Wareham cottage her 
grandparents bought just before the Hurricane 
of 1938. "The Cape is a perfect antidote for the 
never-ending stimuli of living in New York," she 
says, "and vice versa." 

Like so many Lasell alums, Donahue is excited 
about the College's renewed emphasis on the 
arts and performance (see pages 4-5). And she's 
been a generous supporter of her alma mater. 
"I had a great experience at Lasell, had excellent 
teachers and made good friends," she tells 
Leaves. "Giving something back now is 
only appropriate." 

"I had a great experience at Lasell, 
had excellent teachers and made good 
friends. Giving something back now is 
only appropriate." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Class Acts on The Charles 

■L- — 

Ever wonder just how many proud 
Lasell alums actually work on campus? 
Leaves did, and we decided to count 
heads. The grand total: 32! On a sultry 
summer day, 11 of their number posed 
for a photo at Lasell's Stoller Boat 
House (the other 21 were either 
vacationing or otherwise unavailable). 
The range of College departments 
that can claim Lasell alums on staff 
is as impressive as the diverse scope 
of their individual talents. 

Brittany Baker '07, 

coordinator, Student 
Financial Planning 

Geoff Siracusa MSM '10, 

area coordinator, Residential Life 


t A 8 B Q, Q, 

3 © c d. a a q 




ins Lynett MSM '09, director o 
web and electronic communic^ 
:K vollment Management 

Not Shown: Courtney Bailly '07; Pat Ryan Cantin '63; Sarah King 
Cherington '02; Megan Clinton '07, MSM '10; Ashley Egan '09; 
Ginelle Gaulin-McKenzie '10; Chris Johnson '09; Lisa Langelier '02; 
Kathy Morgan Lucey '67; James Martin '04; Ryan Michelangelo '04; 
Kellee Cormier Miller '02; Sarah Pochebit '06, MSM '09; 
Katie Schumitz '09; Robin Scully MSM '06; Jenna Schuldman '06; 
Cheryl Staskawicz MSM '05; Aisha Thomas '01, MSM '09; 
Michael Welch '08; Linda Williams '06, MSM '09; Lisa Yong '07. 

Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 

Jeanne Johnsen '72, director of support services for alumni 
and development, Institutional Advancement 

wGundlach '08, 
urer, Graphic Design 

Mike Unwin '06, 

maintenance mechanic, 
Lasell VMIage 

Kathy Urner-Jones ' 

senior advancement officer, 
Institutional Advancement 

Katelyn Hammond '09, 

development coordinator, 
Institutional Advancement 



Katie McDonough Ryan '67, 

administrative assistant, Academic 
Advising, First-Year Programs and 

Allied Health and Sports Stu 





l m 

1 i u 

rio/jjaiin Cj i/V ixi J D-i, ? 7 DJ, J D£J 

cher, Holway Child Study Center 

I 5 

ins pno 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Aubumdale 02466 

First- Year Seminars 

People, Politics, Pasta! 

The 'Witch' in History and Pop Culture? Video Games? 
Relationships that Hurt, Heal and Help? 
Exploring Superheroes? Italian Food, Film and Culture? 
The Art of Political Protest? 

Not your father's college course listing, perhaps, but 
a roster of First- Year Seminars that speaks clearly to 
Lasell's Class of 2014. 

This fall, for the first time, Lasell's popular First- Year 
Seminars (FYS) are required, three-credit courses, 
part of the College's Core Curriculum. During June 
orientation, students select a Seminar as one of their 
first-semester classes; similarly, each FYS professor 
has chosen a topic that he or she is passionate about 
but may not typically have the chance to teach. 

"The small FYS class size (16) allows new students to 
get to know each other, their peer mentors and, most 
importantly, a faculty member quite well," Helena 
Santos, Lasell's dean of Advising and First- Year 
Programs, tells Leaves. 

The list of FYS choices represents the diverse spectrum 
of academic interests and expertise that define Lasell, 
she adds. "The overarching goal is to support students' 
transition into our college community as independent, 
successful young adults responsible for their own 
personal and intellectual growth." 

.~0? e JG*r 


G n f 5t 


sell faculty members are bringing as much 
enthusiasm to their Seminars of choice as students. 

Dennis Frey, associate professor of History and chair 
of the Department of Humanities, explains his 
International Studies Seminar takes an historical 
approach to looking at the American cultural 
landscape "from within and without," with a special 
emphasis on Lasell students "who have left their 
homelands to attend our American college." 

Hortense Gerardo, assistant professor o. 
Anthropology and Performing Arts, thinks it make: 
sense for her Custom, Costume and Culture Semin 
to pair student interest in fashion with her 
expertise in cultural anthropology "and approach 
human behavior about physical attractiveness fron 
a cross-cultural, ethnographic perspective." 

Assistant Professor of Journalism Marie Campagna 
Franklin describes herself as "an Italian American 
who is passionate about all things Italian" and 
hopes to share that ardor with her Seminar in 
Italian Food, Film and Culture. 

assistant froTessor ot communication urian 
Wardyga chose to offer Video Games, "a hobby 
of mine — I've collected some 2000 games — since 

kicked up an Atari 2600 joystick in 1981." 

w and Teachers 







• The Art of Political Protest/Richard Bath 

• 'Culture Detectives:' Exploring the Cultural History 

of New England/Elisa Giaquinto 

• Bookworms: Reading and Readers/Carole Center 

• Pets: Our Perfect Companions/Richard Frederics 

• The 'Witch' in History and Pop Culture/Jill Shoemaker 

• International Studies/Dennis Frey 

• Life Management/Jerry Madkins 

• Let's Rock/Rosalie Frolick 

• Italian Food, Film and Culture/Marie Campagna Franklin 

• Learning to Be Creative/Margo Lemieux 

• Sustainable Success/Amy Greene 

• On Being Here/Brad Allen 

• Silk and Jade: Art and Beauty in Asia/Lizbeth Piel 

• Video Games/Brian Wardyga 

• Exploring Leadership: A First-Year Seminar 

for Student Leadership Scholars/Jennifer Granger 

• Literature for All Ages/Sara Miller 

• Exploring Superheroes/Chad Argotsinger 

• Relationships, Responsibility and Reality: Becoming an 

Adult in 21 st Century/Rev. Dr.Thomas Sullivan 

• Visual Storytelling/Kenneth Calhoun 

• Belonging/Sharyn Lowenstein 

• Urban Ecology:Turtles, Trees and People/Michael Daley 

• Showing Up for Life/Joann Montepare 

• Movies That Have Impacted Human Rights/John Carroll 

• Public Opinion/Protest and American Democracy/Richard Bath 

• CSI International/Linda Bucci 

• Relationships that Hurt, Heal and Help: A Look 

at Growing Up and Growing Strong/Marsha Mirkin 

• Custom, Costume and Culture/Hortense Gerardo 

• Telling Our Stories/M. Catherine Zeek 

• Breaking News: Learning the World Through Journalism/Lizbeth Piel 

• Truth, Terror, Love and Lies (in the Graphic Novel)/Stephanie Athey 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Aubumdale 02466 

Ten New Faculty on Board for 2010-1 1 

Lasell College welcomes 1 new members to its faculty this academic year. "We are fortunate to have 
such a talented and diverse group joining the full-time faculty, " Vice President for Academic Affairs James 
Ostrow tells Leaves. "They bring a wealth of professional and scholarly accomplishments as well as 
tremendous enthusiasm for teaching in a connected learning environment." 

Here, a brief introduction to these new members of the Lasell community. 

Sarah Abbott, 

assistant professor 
of Criminal Justice, 
is completing her 
PhD in Law, Policy 
and Society at 
Northeastern University. She received 
a Master in Criminal Justice degree 
from the University of Massachusetts, 
Lowell and a BA in Community 
Studies at Bradford and llkley College 
in England. Abbott has taught at 
Boston University and Mass Bay 
Community College, is currently 
director of Jail Diversion Programs for 
the Framingham Police Department 
and has presented and published 
widely on the treatment of mental 
illness in the justice system. 

Serdar Arat, the 

Diane Heath Beever 
'49 Professor of Art, 
received both his 
MFA and MA 
degrees in Painting 
at The State University of New York, 
Albany, and holds a BS in Business 
Administration from Bogazici 
University, Istanbul, Turkey. Arat 
comes to Lasell from Concordia 
College in New York, where he was 
instrumental in creating new 
programming in the fine arts and 
served as faculty director and curator 
of the school's Osilas Gallery for 
1 6 years. Arat's work has been 
widely reviewed internationally, 
including by The New York Times. 
Arat will assume a leadership role 

at Lasell, helping to build arts 
programming both within and 
beyond the curriculum, and serve as 
curator of the Wedeman Gallery in 
the Yamawaki Arts and Cultural 
Center (see pages 4-5). 

Sarah Burrows will 
join the faculty in 
January as director 
of Internship 
Programs and 
assistant professor 
of Communication. Burrows holds 
an MS in Communication 
Management from Simmons College 
(where she was on the Internship 
Coordinator and Communication 
faculty for 1 years) and received a 
BFA from Alfred University. She will 
work closely with all academic 
departments, as well as Career 
Services, on placement and 
programming connected with the 
College's academic internships. 

Kenneth Calhoun, 

assistant professor 
of Graphic Design 
and chair of the 
newly formed Art 
and Graphic Design 
Department, earned his MFA from 
Emerson College and BA from the 
University of California at San Diego. 
An assistant professor of Interactive 
Media at Elon University for the 
past three years, Calhoun previously 
was a visiting professor at Duke 
University, where he taught a course 


on Digital Storytelling. During the 
1990s, Calhoun was a creative 
director, designer and writer/director 
in various organizations, working 
with Fortune 500, music and 
hospitality industry clients. His 
creative work includes documentary 
filmmaking, interactive design, 
music composition and fiction. 
An award-winning writer of short 
stories, he has been published in 
The Paris Review, New Stories from 
the South: The Year's Best 2010 and 
other journals (see pages 4-5). 

Hartmann will 
join the faculty in 
January as assistant 
professor of 
Hartmann holds a PhD in Special 
Education in a joint doctoral 
program between University of 
California at Berkeley and San 
Francisco State University as well as 
an MEd in Special Education and a 
BA from Boston College. She is 
currently completing a Post-Doctoral 
fellowship at BC, in collaboration 
with the Center for Applied Special 
Technology (CAST) for leadership 
training in collaborative universal 
design for learning. Hartmann has 
published and consulted widely in 
the field of special education for 
diverse learners with complex 
support needs. 


Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 

Young-Tae Kim, 

assistant professor 
of Sport 
Management, is 
completing his 
PhD in Sport 
Management at Florida State 
University and holds an MA in 
Journalism from the University of 
Missouri and a BA in Journalism 
and Mass Communication from 
Iowa State University. Kim has 
published articles in the area of 
sport sponsorship and has industry 
experience in the global sport 
agency field, including five years 
as the director in the sport 
marketing division of Hyundai 
Motor Company, where he oversaw 
marketing programs for the 
FIFA World Cup and European 
football championships. 

LeLaina Romero, 

assistant professor 
of Psychology, is 
completing her 
PhD in Counseling 
Psychology at 
Teachers College, Columbia 
University, with a dissertation on 
Striving to Thrive: The Meanings, 
Processes, and Sources of Thriving 
among People of Color Living in 
Urban Poverty. Romero holds a BA 
in Psychology and Music, with a 
concentration in Women's Studies, 
from Rollins College. In addition 
to her work as a counseling 
psychologist, Romero brings 
experience as a community 
organizer and activist who has 
published and presented widely 
on participatory action research, 
feminist perspectives in psychology 
and community empowerment. 

Erin Vicente, 

adjunct faculty in 
Communication for 
the past two years, 
joins Lasell's 
full-time faculty this 
fall as visiting assistant professor of 
Communication. Vicente, currently 
pursuing her EdD in Organizational 
Leadership and Communication at 
Northeastern University, holds an 
MA in Communication from Suffolk 
University and a BA in Business 
Administration from Queens 
University, North Carolina. In 
addition to teaching communication 
courses at several area colleges, 
Vicente has held senior account 
executive and financial planning 
positions at Viacom, CBS Radio, 
Boston and Fleet Boston Financial. 
Vicente has involved her Lasell 
students in service learning projects 
and will, in this academic year, direct 
the College's Speaking Across the 
Curriculum program. 

Catharine Weiss 

joined Lasell in Fall 
2009 as visiting 
assistant professor 
of Fashion and, 
following a national 
search, will continue on as assistant 
professor of Fashion. Weiss holds 
an MS in Management from Lesley 
University and a BS in International 
Studies from Marymount Manhattan 
College. She has worked in 
marketing management at Brahmin, 
Priscilla of Boston and the Museum 
of Fine Arts. Weiss is the lead faculty 
in new collaborations between 
Lasell and the Shandong University 
of Art and Design and Shandong 
Institute of Commerce and 
Technology in China. 

Nadine Yehya will 
join the faculty in 
January as assistant 
professor of 
Integrated Marketing 
having completed a PhD in Public 
Relations at Purdue University where 
she also taught communication 
courses. She holds BS and MBA 
degrees from the American University 
of Beirut, Lebanon, and was 
marketing and development manager 
at Water & Environmental Sustainable 
Solutions (WESS) in that city. Yehya's 
dissertation focuses on health 
communications issues related to the 
federal WIC (Women, Infants and 
Children) nutrition program. She has 
published and presented papers on 
the health of Druze women as well 
as public relation strategies used by 
pharmaceutical companies to market 
products in Lebanon. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Auburndale 02466 



Silver Alert: Vice President for Lasell Village Paula Panchuck, Massachusetts 
Governor Deval Patrick and Lasell President Michael B. Alexander at the Village. 

Lasell College continues to make local, regional and national news. 
Recent media appearances include: 

Donald Winslow, Lasell's late, beloved historian, 
trustee, son of former Lasell President Guy Winslow 
and author of Lasell: A History of the First Junior 
College for Women, was the focus of a Boston Globe 
feature article the day before a September 25 campus 
memorial service for him at the Yamawaki Arts and 
Cultural Center (see page 1 8). 

In Summer 2010, Assistant Professor of 
Communication Marie Franklin signed on as 
a columnist with the weekly Newton TAB, where 
she contributes op-ed commentaries. 

In September 2010, U.S. News and World Report 
named Lasell College one of the "Best Colleges for 
201 1 ." Lasell was ranked ninth for "Great Colleges 
for a Great Price" and tied for 25th for "Regional 

Nara Paz '09 was profiled in the Boston Sunday Globe 
Magazine in August 2010 about her rising profile as a 
fashion designer. 

The Daily News Tribune covered an August 201 
visit by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to 
Lasell Village, where he signed the Silver Alert 
System legislation into law. The Silver Alert System 
functions like the Amber Alert System to locate 
elderly people with Alzheimer's disease who go 


• In July 2010, Lasell was 
recognized in The Chronicle of 
Higher Education as one of the 
"Great Colleges to Work For 
2010." The College was cited 
for its Professional/Career- 
Development Programs, Teaching Environment 
and Supervisor/Department-Chair Programs. 
The Newton TAB also picked up the story. 

,-fz*^ • In June 2010, Ashley Medeiros '13 





won a competition to host two Totally 
Patriots segments this fall on WBZ-TV. 

Lasell was mentioned in Boston Magazine along 
with several other colleges who participated in 
the second annual Form to Fashion student design 
competition in late spring 2010. 

Renee Clarke '10 surfaced in the Daily News 
Tribune as the winner of the Form to Fashion 
contest in late spring 2010. 

In May 2010, The Lowell Sun showcased a 
collaborative Lasell/American Textile History 
Museum exhibition, Inspired Design: Lasell 
College atATHM, featuring historic hats from 
the Museum's collection redesigned by Lasell 
Fashion students. 

We Heard You! 

You've no doubt noticed that this edition of Leaves sports a new format — a more compact 
size, more feature content, more color and more background articles on Lasell newsmakers 
on and off campus. Like the College itself, Leaves is evolving. And your positive feedback 
on our last issue (shown left) has helped guide us to fine-tune the look and feel of the 
publication. For up-to-the-minute, event-oriented content (from alumni notes to athletic 
team scores and schedules), please visit our robust, redesigned website at For content with a longer shelf life, read on! 


Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 

Tessa Le Roux 

Lights the Fire' 

Sociology Professor Tessa Le Roux, director of the Donahue 
Institute for Values and Public Life and director of 
International Programs, relocated to the United States from 
her native South Africa in 1997. Le Roux, whose main 
scholarly work is in the field of gender and family studies, is 
widely published in the areas of gender role socialization, 
domestic work and migration and family ideology Le Roux's 
lifelong passion for teaching, she says, "allows me to light 
the fire of social justice in the classroom and beyond." Leaves 
caught up with the busy academic over the summer, before 
her travels to Scandinavia. 

• Social justice has always been 
critical to your worldview. How 
does your work as a Lasell educator 
help meet this important priority in 
your life? In the classroom I can help 
students develop an understanding of 
society and their own lives as social 
agents. The Donahue Institute 
represents sociology in action — it aims 
to raise awareness of social issues and 
to encourage activism. Our annual 
Donahue Distinguished Scholars 
(luminaries like the late historian 
Howard Zinn and journalist Liz Walker) 
challenge us to think critically about the 
world and reflect on powerful issues 
like immigration, race and sexuality. 

• Your primary scholarly work is 
in the field of gender and family 
studies. What drew you to this? 

In South Africa the apartheid system 
separated families, and migration had a 
huge impact on women's lives. I remain 
interested in the irony that women 
often feel compelled to leave their 
children behind in order to provide a 
better life for their families. 

• Why is Lasell such a good 
professional fit for you? At a small 
institution like Lasell, it is possible to 
wear more than one hat without 
getting weighed down by bureaucracy. 

"The Lasell community 
has supported me when 
I most needed it, 
providing me with the 
space to pursue my own 
academic interests. " 

Tessa Le Roux: A passion for teaching. 

• What books are currently on 
your night table? Too many and 

too little time! The Immortal Life of 
Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, 
Strength in What Remains by Tracy 
Kidder, Island Beneath the Sea by 
Isabelle Allende and Made for 
Goodness by Desmond Tutu. I keep 
returning, in my reading and 
academic work, to the immigrant 
experience. In the meantime, the 
New Yorkers and New York Times 
Book Reviews are piling up. 

• Deserted island films? My 

favorites tend to be haunting, often 
sad and deal with people making 
sense of unfortunate circumstances. 
Babette's Feast, II Postino, Wit and 
Yesterday come to mind. 

• Other passions? The outdoors — 
hiking, backpacking, camping, 
gardening. Sitting on the rocks 
watching the ocean is where I feel 
most at peace. I dream of retiring to a 
cottage in the woods. 

• Why have you chosen to be a 
"Friend" of the Lasell Fund? In an 

ideal world, money would not play 
a role in education; the opportunity 
should be available to all. Given 
today's financial realities, though, 
I feel it's important for everyone who 
benefits from Lasell's mission, as I do, 
to support the College. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Auburndale 02466 


Starting in January 201 1, Lasell College will offer two new master of education degrees 
in Elementary Education and in Moderate Disabilities. The two new degrees are the latest 
additions to a growing graduate program at Lasell that now includes a master's degree in 
Sport Management, a master's in Communication and a master's degree in Management. 

"The expansion and diversification of offerings at the 
graduate level is central to the growth of the College," 
says James Ostrow, vice-president for Academic Affairs 
for Lasell. "This new degree is significant in that it 
both serves this cause as well as provides new 
opportunities for enriching the quality of our teacher 
education programming." 

According to Joan Dolamore, dean of Graduate and 
Professional Studies, a special graduate workshop for 
teachers entering the education master's program is in 
the works for the summer 201 1, as well. "We are 
thrilled to offer these new degrees and to explore 
other additions to the graduate offerings," Dolamore 
tells Leaves. 

Second Life 


Among the possible additions is a "fast-track" master's 
in Management, where students can finish a graduate 
program completely online in 18 months. The College 
hopes to launch this program in September 201 1 . 

Two new concentrations to existing master's degrees are 
also planned in Management: Health Care Management 
and Entrepreneurship. And in Communication: Health 
Communication and Intercultural Communication. 

Other areas of expansion may include a master's in Fashion 
and another in Strength and Conditioning. 

Beyond this, the College is building on existing partnerships 
and seeking to partner with community colleges, non-profit 
organizations and corporations to meet the education 
needs of their diverse constituent groups. 

web extra 

For more information on Lasell's graduate offerings: 

Jane Wan: From ER to IT 

During her 25-year nursing career, Newton native Jane Bloomingburg Wan never imagined 
herself a techie. That is, until 2006, when she landed in Lasell's Information Technology 
department. From her Brennan Library ground-floor nook, the College's IT services manager fields 
questions, problems and requests from students, faculty and staff — a full plate by any measure, 
but a far cry from the trauma of hospital triage. Like many interesting professionals on the Lasell 
campus, Wan began her "first" life in a field unrelated to her current post. "Although they may 
appear quite different," she says, "my nursing and IT careers have similarities that I value. Both 
have challenged me to understand how to adapt the rather rigid rules of technology and 
protocols to the flexible needs of individuals." 

While "the knack for the technical as well as the nurturing aspects of nursing was always 
there," she adds, "I was becoming disheartened at the business-like direction the health 
care field was heading." 

Wan left the profession 13 years ago, when she and her husband, Nick, adopted a daughter, Lulu, from China to 
join their family (which includes 1 9-year-old Katie, a Lasell College freshman, and three rescue dogs). "Once I was 
home with Lulu, I got involved with the PTO at Katie's school and then at the local level," Wan continues. "I trained 
myself on simple computer skills, found I really enjoyed it and continued trying to solve issues on my own." 

When not responding to the evolving technical needs of the Lasell community, Wan sings with the Lasell Jazz 
Ensemble, volunteers in animal rescue work and enjoys boating. As for being one of Lasell's go-to techies? "I find it 
refreshing to work with students," she says. "Their enthusiasm and curiosity for life and learning are energizing." 


Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 

Village Voice 

Mnne Wangh 

H ^Doyenne 
Still On Point 

Anne Wilson Wangh may well be the only Lasell 
Village resident to have danced in a high-kick line 
at the 1939 New York World's Fair. 

The 92-year-old former ballerina and doyenne of the 
international dance community has strong opinions about 
life and art (she once called the legendary Vaslav Nijinsky 
"a genius and schizophrenic" in print) and finds the Village 
a perfect place to cultivate her sensibilities. 

"Lasell Village offers residents a continuing intellectual 
challenge," Wangh tells Leaves. "The common 
denominator? We have varied life experiences to 
share and are still expanding our minds." 

Wangh, the daughter of a New Jersey dentist and artist 
mother who became a block-print textile pioneer in New 
York's ready-to-wear industry, was weaned on the arts 
"with New York as my mecca from the time my mother 
saw Pavlova perform," she says. 

a „dat*eV*9e. 

°n stage. 

A classically-trained ballerina and 
trailblazer in modern dance and 
movement therapy/education who 
still returns to Manhattan periodically 
"for my dance fix," the University of 
Chicago alumna and onetime union 
organizer for AGVA (the American 
Guild of Variety Artists) was off stage 
for 1 4 years — raising three sons with 
her psychoanalyst husband on New 
York's vibrant Upper West Side. 

She returned to the stage in 1956, 
went on to help establish the Dance 
Library of Israel ("I once performed at 
21 kibbutzim in 28 days") and 
managed to amass a remarkable 
costume collection from years of 
international travel. In conversation, 
the sharp and still-agile nonagenarian 
can go from Renaissance to Baroque, 
Giselle to Sondheim, in a matter of 
moments without missing a beat — as 
the SRO crowd at the Lasell Village 
Ballroom knows firsthand from 
attending her popular lecture series 
on the history of dance. 

"We're a bunch of like-minded 
people here," Waugh tells Leaves 
with a smile. "We think with our 
heads — and our hearts." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Remembering Donald J. Winslow: Keeper of History 

December 21, 1911 - July 10, 2010 

Lasell College said farewell to its 
beloved historian, former trustee 
and dear friend Don Winslow this 
summer and gathered for a formal 
memorial service, hosted by his 
wife Charlotte, on September 25, 
2010 at the Yamawaki Arts and 
Cultural Center. 

The longtime professor and chair 
of the Boston University English 
Department was also in many ways 
the keeper of Lasell's history. 
Winslow was a fixture on campus 
as a child — born in Karandon 
House when his father, Guy 
Winslow, was president — and 
eagerly shared his vivid memories 
of those early days. He never 
strayed too far from Lasell and 
entertained many from the 
College at his Maple Street home. 

Here are some memories of 
Winslow gathered by Leaves: 

Through the Years: Don Winslow in his office, with wife Charlotte and as a child at Lasell. 

Thomas de Witt, president emeritus of Lasell: 

"During my presidency, so focused on change, Don provided perspective and 
institutional memory — the English professor reminding the former historian 
that progress at Lasell also reguired a celebration of its unigue past. Even in his 
declining years, his home was always open to a steady stream of students and 
faculty eager for his stories about Lasell's fascinating history. " 

Marilyn Negip, friend and librarian at Lasell: 

"Some of my favorite memories of Don are the stories he 
told of his time in Dorset, England where, as a Thomas 
Hardy scholar, he hopped on his bicycle to knock on the 
door of Hardy's sister, Kate. " 

Geoffrey Austrian, friend and neighbor: 

Austrian remembers Don's love of The Times Literary Supplement and how 
everyone in the neighborhood knew his of affection for the publication. "The 
Auburndale postmaster would sometimes personally deliver the London-based 
journal, when it came after regular delivery, to [Don's] house, knowing how 
important it was to him. " 


Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 

web extra 

Judith Wittenberg, former graduate student 
and Lasell trustee: 

"I was always so touched by how guickly and 
enthusiastically he would respond to my questions. 
He kept all his gradebooks from his courses. He 
was always so committed to his students and 
to scholarship. " 

Ann Silverstein, friend and Lasell Village resident: 

Silverstein met Winslow by chance during a winter walk on 
campus 10 years ago and recalls "he was always reading 
and never ran out of things to say. His mind was as clear 
as a bell. " 

For more, go to: 

Centered: Sullivan in his Edwards Student Center digs. 

So, it's no surprise that a recent 
conversation revealed his big Red Sox 
secret — which may make him even 
more charming in the eyes of 
Lasell Nation. 

You see, Sullivan was the minister 
who married Red Sox owner John 
Henry and Linda Pizzuti in 2009. 

"All my pals said 'Do it,'" says the 

initially hesitant Sullivan. "We held the 


counseling on 



Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Sullivan 

Open Doors 
Open Arms 

Friendly, disarming, conversational, Lasell's 
new director of the Center for Spiritual Life 
Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Sullivan not only has the spiritual 
and academic credentials to guide and counsel 
students, he's also extremely easy to talk to. 

Top ) Reasons 

*- / to see Tom 

"I knew I liked a smaller 
school, and the breadth of 
students at Lasell was 

what I was looking for." 

But as exciting 

as it was to 

hob-nob with 

the rich and 

famous, Sullivan is more at home on 

a college campus connecting with 

students and staff. 

At Babson College, Sullivan became 
interested in business ethics and 
designed a spiritual program from 
scratch. More recently, he created 
a similar program for Roger 
Williams University. 

And when the chance came to bring 
his skills and experience to Lasell, 
Sullivan felt it was right. 

Instead of reinventing the wheel, 
Sullivan, a Presbyterian minister, 
plans to partner with local houses 
of worship to offer students 
connections to members of their 
own faith groups. He also hopes to 
continue the Dessert and Discussion 
meetings that former Director 
Barbara Asinger began 
and try out a few new 
programs, as well. Beyond 
this, Sullivan will teach 
several classes from World 
Religions to Applied 
Business Ethics and is 
interested in creating new 
service learning trips. 

Sullivan, who has previously led 
student trips to African nations, 
believes that Lasell's academic 
disciplines would fit well with an 
expanded international experience. 

In the interim, though, the avid 
soccer fan and singer plans to "be 
noticeable" on campus and leave his 
office door wide open to visitors. 

1. You are in crisis and need help. 

2. You need a sounding board 
who isn't a guidance counselor. 

3. You want to speak with a man, 
(if other counselors are women). 

4. You need to talk about an 
assignment (but really want to 
discuss your girlfriend/boyfriend). 

5. You want to talk about the 
World Cup with a fellow 
soccer enthusiast. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Laser Lights 

New Coaches Bring; New Energy to Athletics 

Carla Flaherty 

A new era for the 
Lasell College 
women's basketbal 
team begins this 
fall/winter season 
as Carla Flaherty 
starts in her new post as Head 
Women's Basketball Coach and 
Athletic Administrator. 

The women's basketball program will 
be built around Flaherty's philosophy of 
"recruiting, scouting and overall 
commitment to scholar athletes." 

Flaherty is excited and optimistic about 
the upcoming season and says, "The 
basketball court here at Lasell is 94-feet 
long and the rims are 10-feet high. 
This is the same as any other gym in 
the nation. In order to build a winning 
program we need to celebrate what 
we have. As far as I'm concerned, 
Lasell offers everything anyone could 
want or hope for. It is my intention to 
share that philosophy with as many 
prospective students as possible." 

Before coming to Lasell, Flaherty was 
an assistant coach at Bates College, her 
alma mater, where she helped the 
team to a 104-53 record. As a student 
at Bates, Flaherty ranks eighth all-time 
in women's basketball scoring with 
1,143 career points. She also received 
a graduate degree from Southern New 
Hampshire University in 2010. 

X" 1 . " 

Caitlin Connolly 

Caitlin Connolly 
has joined the 
Lasell College 
coaching staff 
to head the Field 
Hockey and 
women's Lacrosse teams. 

Connolly comes to Lasell after holding 
similar coaching positions during a 
three-year stint at Daniel Webster 
College. Prior to Daniel Webster, 
Connolly served as an assistant coach 
at Bryant University. 

Connolly's background in field hockey 
has a distinguished history, having 
won CCC Rookie of the Year honors. 
Connolly holds the all-time record for 
career points scored (76) at Regis 
College and the record for most points 
in a season (26). 

Connolly also brings with her assistant 
coach Adam Green from Daniel 
Webster College. Green will look to 
develop a high-powered offense 
for the Lasers. 


For the latest Lasell team stats, 
scores and schedules, go to: 

Greg Harjula 

For the Lasell 
Baseball team, 
201 1 marks a 
changing of the 
guard as three- 
year assistant 

coach Greg Harjula takes over the 

reins of the program. 

Harjula enters his new position 
with a wealth of experience, having 
captained the Eastern Nazarene 
College baseball team throughout 
his senior season. In addition to his 
collegiate career, Harjula also plays 
for the South Boston Saints of the 
Yawkey Baseball League of Boston. 

No stranger to Lasell College 
Baseball, Harjula served from 
2008-09 under former head 
coach Jim Dolan. 

Connected Learning, Connected Giving, Get Connected! 

The Lasell Fund, formerly known as the Annual Fund, is Lasell's annual giving program that 
encourages alumni, parents and friends of the College to support today's students with a gift 
to the College. By providing funding for student financial aid and scholarships, academic 
programs, library and technology resources and athletics, donors connect with today's students 
in significant and meaningful ways. Continue your support of Lasell College this year with a 
gift to the Lasell Fund, and honor Edward Lasell's legacy of providing a progressive and 
professionally-focused education to motivated young people. Support the Lasell Fund today! 

Make a gift online at 


Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 

Off and Running 

Sophomore Patrick Slight is on a Roll 

Patrick Slight is the 

guy who — with no 
reservations — will tell 
you he dreams of 
being Boomer, the 
Lasell College mascot. 

The problem is, Slight wouldn't 
have the time to do it. 

Between being president of the 
Class of 201 3, a peer mentor for 
a First- Year Seminar, a resident 
assistant in Rockwell Hall, a tour 
guide for the Admissions office, 
an orientation leader and a Cross 
Country record breaker — where 
would he find the time? 

"It makes me happy to be here. 
I have been myself since I 
walked on this campus 
freshman year. I have a lot of 
pride wearing the school 
uniform colors and being class 
president," Slight says, his 
love for Lasell palpable. 

And, unbelievably, the Franklin, 
MA native almost didn't wind up 
in Auburndale. 

Slight is the student who knew in 
7th grade he wanted to be a 
businessman and entrepreneur. 
He still holds onto his initial idea 
to create a community sports 
complex in the suburbs akin to 
the Reggie Lewis Center in 
Boston. He admits he had his 
career all planned out. Babson, 
with a strong business 
entrepreneurship program, was 

On a Roll: The record-breaker kicks it in. 

his first choice for college and he was 
accepted. It was in the bag until... he 
visited Lasell. 

"I came to recruitment night [for Cross 
Country] at Lasell, and everyone was so 
nice and welcoming. I left that next day 
and knew I was in trouble with the 
decision I thought I had already made," 
Slight tells Leaves. 

He had the courage to question 
his assumptions and then change 
his mind. He arrived last year with 
guns blazing, and he's never 
looked back. 

Recruited for his speed on a 
Cross Country course, Slight has 
not disappointed. 

Last year as a freshman he broke 
Lasell's 1,000-meter record and 
the 4x8 distance medley record 
with other members of the Cross 
Country team. 

"It's a competition with yourself," 
explains Slight, who was 
nicknamed "Chainsaw" during 
his successful high school 
running career. 

Slight, who thrives on his internal 
drive and creativity, gained the 
moniker during a particularly 
important race as a senior. 

During the last 200 meters of 
that race, his coach yelled that 
he needed to beat 14 runners 
for the team to advance to the 
state championships. So, Slight 
kicked it in. 

"There is nothing that compares 
to when the gun goes off and 
everything just disappears," 
he says. 

If Slight's next three years are 
anything like his first, no doubt 
more records will be broken. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Joan WeilerArnow '49 

'An Enriching and Benevolent Life' 

Joan Weiler Arnow 

December 17, 1929 - June 29, 2010 

"Joan and Bob are pillars on 
which the success of Lasell 
rests," says President Michael 
B. Alexander. "With all of 
their achievements 
throughout the years," 
he adds, "they remained 
remarkably modest. Joan 
translated her beliefs into 
action and leaves a deep 
imprint on her alma mater. 
We are all challenged to carry 
on that legacy of compassion 
and generosity." 

When Joan Marianne "Jackie" Weiler was a 
Chandler girl at Lasell in the late 1 940s, she met 
a Massachusetts College of Pharmacy student 
named Robert Arnow who wooed her with 
"corned beef sandwiches left on the Chandler 
porch after lights out." The couple soon married and, over the next 
six decades, forged a life of devotion to Jewish cultural and civic 
ideals, to the arts, to Israel, to touching the lives of thousands of 
less fortunate. . .and to Lasell College. 

With the death of Joan WeilerArnow '49 in June 2010, the College 
lost one of its most steadfast and distinguished supporters. 

"Hers was an enriching and benevolent life," recalls Lasell 
President Emeritus Thomas de Witt, who enjoyed a long friendship 
with the Arnows during his presidency. "Joan was an elegant, 
gracious and goodhearted person who partnered with her husband, 
Bob, to have a profound impact on Lasell' s present and future," 
he continues. "One of the hallmarks of their philanthropy was 
its quiet, unassuming nature. Their recipe for making a 
philanthropic difference blended vision, commitment and 
constancy of generosity." 

Imbued with a strong family tradition of giving back, Joan Arnow 
indeed forged a philanthropic path with personal meaning. Early 
on, she recognized the value of public service programs with 
financial support for the College's Center for Community-Based 
Learning. She became a trustee of the College, and her husband 
was an overseer and member of the Lasell Village board. 

The couple established Lasell' s first endowed academic 
chair, the Joan Weiler Arnow '49 Professorship 
(now held by biology Professor Stephen Sarikas) to 
recognize the value of dedicated faculty, and served 
as honorary co-chairs of the Lasell 150 Campaign. 
At her 50th Lasell reunion in 1999, Joan Arnow 
received the 1999 Lasell Medallion. 

In addition to her husband of 6 1 years, Arnow leaves four 
children: David, Peter and Joshua Arnow and Ruth Arnow 
Stahl '80; a brother, Alan Weiler; 18 grandchildren and 
four great-grandchildren. 


Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 


Lasell College 

Back in Step 

Four alums from the famously 
spirited Class of 1960 (top to 
bottom) Elaine "Muddy" Waters 
Shaunessy, Karen "Kip" Kirk 
Macintosh, Fran Fleming 
Kennedy and Michele Poirier 
Gorman at their 50th reunion. 

Stewart Woodward photo 

■»■■ ■ ■■ . ' ■ ■ •:.■■- 


Navigating Campus in Style: Terry Bergeron Hoyt '45, escorted by student ambassador 
Miguel Taveras '13, at Reunion 2010. 

oo "I often think of my times at 
Lasell and what a blessing it 
was for me to be there," writes Sybil 
Thomas Ryder. "I am 97 years old 
now, but I still remember." 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

oo Class Secretary 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
81 Woodland Road 
Newton, MA 02466 

An update from Shirley Hanson 

Carter: "After Lasell, I went on to 
become a teacher. My husband and I are 
both retired and living in Duxbury, MA. 

Up in Kittery, ME, Connie Hatch 
Herron, 91, still lives in her own home 
and keeps busy. Her children are spread 
out, and her grandson is in the Army. 

After her husband died, Harriet 
Newcomb Stoughton moved to 
Givens Health Center in Asheville, NC. 
Harriet's son is a member of the 
Houston Symphony. 

Eleanor Skinner Stoughton fondly 
remembers Lasell, her friends and Lake 
Willoughby, VT, where she spent many 
vacations. She is fighting cancer and 
taking radiation treatments. 

During recent trips, Faye Wadhams 
Smith traveled to Cape Cod and North 
Carolina. Faye loves to travel and enjoys 
volunteer work. 

"The Lasell College campus looks 
beautiful these days with the many 
additions," says Arlene Wishart 
Sylvester who lives just minutes away 
from the College. "Driving back and 
forth on Woodland Road brings back 
many fond memories." In September, 
Arlene attended the memorial service 
for Dr. Donald Winslow, former 
President Guy Winslow's son. Arlene 
recalls, "He lived in Auburndale, as do I, 
so I got to know him well. His children 
were classmates of my children." 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

This summer, Trudy Ruch 
Kauff man visited with 
Patricia Johnson '42 on the Cape. 


Our sincere condolences to Marge 
Ray Blackett on the death of her 
husband, Eben. 

^r Class Secretary 

Terry Bergeron Hoyt 
8400 Vamo Road, #639 
Sarasota, FL 34231 

From Norwood, MA, Dottie Holman 

Rich writes: "I was unable to attend 
reunion because I have osteoporosis 
and have fractured both hips and my 
back. I spend the winters in Indian 
Shores, FL and have traveled to many 
exciting places, including Alaska. These 
days I only travel with a walker, but I 
am still living in my own home. I get 
out to the senior center to play cards, 
bingo, participate in a poetry group 
and meet up with old friends. I have 
three beautiful grandchildren and three 
great-grandchildren. I have a full and 
good life." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Anne 
"Blakey" Blake Perkins, 
Lynn Blodgett 

Williamson or visit the website: 

Meri Zanleoni Goyette was awarded 
"Citizenship of the Year Award for 
201 0" by the Veterans of Foreign Wars 
for the City of Nashua, NH. One article 
states, "Meri's awards are so numerous 
and her contributions are great." In her 
professional life, Meri was an artists' 
representative, organizing exhibitions 
throughout metro Boston. She has 
been married for 63 years to her 
husband, Charlie. 


Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 

Class Notes 


The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to the Office of 
Alumni Relations. We are unable to verify the factual content of each entry. 
Entries printed in this issue were received by September 20, 2010. 

Please send your news to: 
Lasell College 

Office of Alumni Relations 
1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02466-2716, or 
e-mail us at 

a o Audrey Souther DesRoches 

reports: "I've moved to 
Edgewood Retirement Community in 
North Andover, MA. it is a lovely spot, 
but it has been an adjustment because 
I had been living in my own home for 
over 50 years. I am one of the younger 
and healthier residents and still walk 
and drive. I hope to stay that way." 
Audrey plans to see Joan Eaton 
Friborg in Maine. 

cr\ Class Secretary 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 
256 South Avenue 
Weston, MA 02493-1934 

Anne Carpenter Towle moved 
to a condo in Englewood, FL. 
She enjoys water aerobics, golf, 
cribbage and bridge. 

In 2009, Jean Davies Stanley traveled 
to the Caribbean and Florida. She 
plays golf, makes creative Nantucket 
baskets, knits and boasts about her 
six grandchildren. 

Mary Claire Dodge Davis is active in 
her church and has two grandchildren 
in college. 

From Old Saybrook, CT, Jeanne 
Hackett Desmond sends an update: 
"I like being on the shore. It feels like 
I am on vacation year round. I had a full 
knee replacement, am involved with 
the Lady Elks and play bridge." Jeanne 
keeps up with Clara Silsby Lamperti 

Betty Kerrivan Davidson was sorry to 
miss Reunion 201 0. She enjoys weekly 
visits with family, is active in her church 
and supports outreach groups. 

From Sun City Center, FL, Nancy 
Nelson Weiss says, "I am now a 
great-grandmother. My passion is 
playing duplicate bridge. I also plan 
trips for the Audubon of Florida and 
enjoy exotic birds." 

Shirley Reeves Fletcher is passionate 
about the environment and marine life 
and enjoys walks on the beach and 
her family. 

Who's Calling? 

It could well be Antonio Nesbitt '13, 

one of Lasell's ace Phonathoners who is 
skilled (and successful) at asking alums 
to contribute to the all-important Lasell 
Fund. In addition to his Phonathon 
responsibilities, Nesbitt is a student 
orientation leader, intramural athlete 
(especially rugby) and, it is commonly 
held, all-around good guy. Here's a 
bit more about the personable West 
Hall sophomore... who just might 
have your number. 

Shirley Richman Miller was delighted 
with all aspects of Reunion 2010 
including her stay in a Lasell residence 
hall on Friday and Saturday nights. 
Other classmates who braved the 
weekend in the residence hall were 
Anita Angelus Koulopoulos, Chris 
Oliveto Davis and Jackie Paulding 
Hauser. Shirley has two granddaughters. 

"I run my own pet-sitting business. 
It keeps me out of trouble in my old 
age," writes Beverly Walker Ward. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Joanne 
Monahan Garrity or 
visit the website: 

Kathleen Ballard Heck says, "Nothing 
much to report. Our grandchildren are 
growing up. The oldest is 30 and the 
youngest is 1 years; two of them are 
engaged. Best wishes to all." 

Hometown: Springfield, MA. 

High School: Sabis International 
Charter School. 

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/Sociology. 

Career Goal: To be an FBI field agent. 

Passions: Music — anything but country! 

Favorite thing about Lasell: It's a happy 
campus. I like the comfortable size, location 
and welcoming atmosphere. 

Favorite thing about Phonathon: 

Chatting with alums of all ages helps me 
appreciate how connected so many people 
feel to the College. It's very cool. 


Class Notes 



If you are interested in sponsoring or helping to organize an alumni event in the future, 
please contact the Office of Alumni Relations Office, 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Newton, MA 02466-271 6, call 61 7-243-2467 or go online to 


Our sincere condolences 
to Bobbie Trout Krohn 

on the death of her husband, 
Jimmy, in August. 


A note from Mary Blackham 
Williamson: "I had a 

wonderful visit with Marty Folkins 
Hawes in Ponte Vedra, FL. 

"All is well in sunny Florida," writes 
Audrey Thompson Rielle who 
celebrated her 50th wedding 
anniversary with her family in Lake 
Michigan. Audrey keeps up with 
Jeanette Roberts Mann, Bunny 
Coats Stryeski and Althea 
Janke Gardner. 

^ "I am sorry I missed our 55th 
reunion," writes Carolyn 
Chapin Snyder. "My granddaughter 
(daughter of Pamela Snyder McLaren 

'76) received her doctorate in sports 
psychology that same weekend. I hope 
to see you all at our next reunion." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Diane 
Jacobson Rosenberg, Peggy 
Schwingel Kraft or visit the 

rrj Our sincere condolences to 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor 

on the death of her husband, Phil, 
in May. 

co "I am a 72-year-old first-time 
nana to a delightful grandson," 
writes Laurie Ferrante Cannon. 

"My disability has worsened, and I am 
looking to sell my business. I am not 
experienced on the computer but am 
learning. I have fond memories of 
playing bridge at Lasell. Now I am 
addicted to Bridge Doctor online." 

^ Class Secretary 

Faith Bowker-Maloney 
10 Village Lane 
Scituate, MA 02066-1231 

Twenty-eight 1960s alums returned to 
Auburndale to celebrate their 50th 
reunion in May. For those of you who 
did not attend, Cricket Bigelow 
George has this to say: "Yes, we have 
all gone on to other things in our lives, 
but Lasell was our first step. Have you 
had as many belly laughs as you did 
back then? Have you had anyone with 
whom you shared as many secrets? 
Have you had a meal as memorable as 
those at Jack and Marion's or as bad as 

those open-faced tomato and cheese 
sandwiches in the campus dining hall? 
Do you remember the rule about how 
freezing it had to be to wear pants to 
class when you trudged through the 
snow on a cold morning? It's amazing 
how young you can feel when you're 
back on campus, comparing memories 
with friends from those days. It may be 
50 years since we were at Lasell, but it 
seems like just a few days once you 
identify that 'older' woman who sat 
next to you in English. Those of us who 
came back had a ball as we became 
18 once more." 

Faith Bowker-Maloney says, "I 
recently took my oldest granddaughter 
to Highpoint University in North 
Carolina. Two others are off to high 
school and one to middle school. 
I will be free again until the afternoons 
when the three are home again and 
homework time begins! " 

Since 2005, Barbara Jacoby Adelstein 

has been living in Massachusetts to be 
near two of her four grandchildren. 
Barbara enjoys art and tai chi classes, 
Curves, swimming, walking and 
traveling the world with her husband, 
and adds, "Leya Oro Cohen and I are 
close friends again." 

Sixty Years Later: Front Row (L to R) Janet Murphy George, Anita 
Angelus Koulopoulos, Jackie Paulding Hauser, Jan McGoughran, 
Shirley Richman Miller. Back Row (L to R) Chris Oliveto Davis, Clara 
Silsby Lamperti, Marylin Sargent Babineau, Clare Gammons McMullan. 

Fifty-five Years Later: Front Row (L to R) Lucille Marden Randall, 
Jean Van Buskirk Swanfeldt, Sally Cranton Nolan, Helen LeFaivre Russo, 
Terry Brossi Ciarcia, Tish Gura Conroy. Back Row (L to R) Beverly Kimball 
Lamburn, Jean Mills Einarson, Millie Monahan Regan, Ann Harris 
Hughes, Jackie Cain Sheils, Sue Clark Johnson. 


Lasell Leaves* Fall 2010 

Class Notes 

Florida Foursome: In February, four '58ers and their husbands got 
together at the Glover home in Punta Gorda. (L to R) Scott and Gail Seibert 
Glover, Gene and Jeanne Bradner Morgan, Rich and Judy Feldt Oswald, 
Elliott and Gail Winalski Burd. 

Jane Kremer Bray writes: "I wasn't 
able to attend my 50th reunion as 
I was traveling abroad. Best wishes 
to my class." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Laura Jensen 
or visit the website: 

Cynthia Pierro Martin has been 
involved in community affairs and local 
theater and organized the focus group 
responsible for restoring and reopening 
an historic opera house in Barre, VT. 
She says, "I have two children and one 
grandchild, and I would love to hear 
from classmates from the class of '61 ." 

decision to attend 
Lasell, I would never 
have had the good 
fortune to have 
this kind and gentle 
person in my life. 
She will always be 
an important part 
of me." 

In 2009, Nancy 
Zigo Brenner 

retired after a 
35-year sales career 
in the contract 
furniture industry. 
She has one son 
who teaches 
high-school biology. 
"I came back to visit Lasell in 2000. 
What a change! " Nancy writes, adding, 
"In the area of romance, I have been 
in a wonderful, loving relationship for 
more than 15 years." 

z-/r Class Secretary 

Susan Constantine Buonocore 
19027 Stone Brook 
Chapel Hill, NC 27517-8377 

In early September, Susan 
Constantine "Connie" Buonocore 

and her husband who live in North 
Carolina enjoyed a trip to New York 
and Massachusetts. Some of the 
highlights included a tour of the 
Norman Rockwell Museum, a day 
at the Brimfield Antique Festival, 
a thrilling dune ride along the National 
Seashore in Provincetown, a visit to 
Nantucket. Susan nostalgically says, 
"I was grateful for the cool weather; 
the crisp, early fall mornings and being 
'home' in New England for awhile." 

"Time sure flies when you are having 
fun," writes Pam Hill Costa. "I retired 
in November 2003. I have three 
grandchildren, and what a joy it is to 
take care of them two days a week." 
I also keep busy with quilting, knitting 
and traveling. My husband and I spend 
three winter months in Ormond Beach, 
FL. I am an official whale watcher 
there, keeping track of the endangered 
right whales as they swim by with their 
new babies. What are the rest of you 
Converse girls doing?" 


Janet Ramsbotham Blake 

had this to say about her 
friendship with Jane Boyden Kropp 

who died in March. "Our friendship 
began in September 1962 when we 
met as assigned roommates in 
Woodland Hall. Jane was from 
Brattleboro, VT, and I was from Bristol, 
CT. We bonded immediately and have 
been friends since our days at Lasell. 
Our lives have intertwined for 48 years, 
and we both retired to California with 
our spouses and live just 1 -3/4 hours 
away (depending on freeway traffic at 
a given time). If it had not been for our 

Out of Africa: Carol Schumacher "Shu" Dougherty '61 (right) joined Laine Butler Ryan '61 (left) 
on a travel-agent familiarization trip to South Africa. Laine says, "Africa is not a destination but 
a life-changing experience. Once you have been there, you dream of going back." Shu is 
wasting no time. She signed up to make a summit assault on Kilimanjaro soon. If Africa is on 
your "bucket list," contact Laine at 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Class Notes 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Barbara 
Caron MacLean or 
visit the website: 

Our sincere condolences to Nancy 
Goodale on the loss of her mother 
in June. 


Class Secretary 

Cindy Rardin Crawford 
38 Spring Street 
Mansfield, MA 02048-2741 
cynthia .crawf ord@comcast. net 

For the last 42 years, Martha 
Borawski has traveled extensively and 
is president of Pioneer Valley Travel in 
Northampton, MA. She and her 
husband also own a home in Naples, 
FL. She has two grown sons, two 
stepchildren and four grandchildren. 
Martha keeps in touch with Hope 
Rose Angier. She writes that if anyone 
would like to keep in touch, especially 
anyone from Karandon House, please 
email her at 

Stephanie Pendleton was the single 
alum who joined the recent alumni trip 
to Provence which she describes as 
"painted landscapes dotted with 
vineyards, hill towns and fields of bright 
red poppies. The tour was based in 
Cezanne's hometown, a city of 
fountains, sidewalk cafes, tree-lined 
boulevards and shops filled with 
lavender, herbs, fresh flowers, produce, 
and colorful fabrics. Almost every day 
began with an informative lecture. 
Our weather was warm and dry." 
Stephanie is already planning her 
next trip. 

/-q This fall, Mary Anne Conboy 

registered as a non-degree 
candidate in Elder Care Administration 
at Lasell College. She says, "I am 
thrilled at the prospect of getting back 
to school. I will apply for the degree 
program in a few months." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Carol Goulian 
Stewart, Kathy Johnston 
Berardi or visit the website: 

r-,rj Class Secretary 

Bonnie Berman Wugman 
53 Edward Drive 
Stoughton, MA 02072-61 15 

"Warmest greetings to the Class of '72. 
I am pleased to be your new class 
secretary," writes Bonnie Berman 
Wugman. "I welcome everyone to send 
current news you would like to share. 
This is a great way to reconnect and 
network with your fellow alums. 
E-mail me at: 

In April, Jeanne Johnsen, traveled to 
England with her church group. Here's 
her story: "We saw many cathedrals, 
and the weather was warm and sunny. 
On our last day, we arrived at Heathrow 
Airport only to find that it had just 
closed." The Icelandic volcano played 
havoc with Jeanne's plans to return 
home. "Our group quickly found 
lodging for the eight extra nights of 
our extended vacation. It was a trip to 
remember." Jeanne is the director of 
support services in the Institutional 
Advancement Office at Lasell College. 

Fifty Years Later: Front Row (L to R) Sally Kemp Scammon, Anne Sutherland Rollins, Faith Bowker-Maloney, Anita Ramirez Zayas, Kendra 
Knowles True, Joan White Martin, Cricket Bigelow George, Susan Gage Barros, Claire Sullivan Gaylord, Wendy Holmes-Pearson. Middle Row 
(L to R) Janet Caserio, Linda Telfer, Mary McCartney Kuhrtz, Elaine "Muddy" Waters Shaunessy, Karen "Kip" Kirk Macintosh, Fran Fleming 
Kennedy, Rayna Caplan, Linda Chiaramonte Mount, Ellen "Spider" Smith. Back Row (Lto R) Ruth Katz Goodsnyder, Barbara McAlary Kashar, 
Barbara Rahner Reese, Lynda Green Scourtis, Marilyn Senior Legg, Joan Corthouts McCormick, Michele Poirier Gorman. 


Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 


Nina Lentini and her growing 
career in print journalism netted 
feature story placement recently in The 
New York Times. In 2007, Nina became 
editor of Marketing Daily, a five-day-a- 
week online trade newsletter. Then 
Marketing Daily's Manhattan-based 
parent company approached her to 
start an e-newsletter aimed at the 
Hispanic population. Soon after, Nina 
was asked to start other weeklies. In 1 8 
months, Nina was responsible for one 
daily newsletter and 10 weeklies. Her 
day begins at 7:30 am, and she works 
on weekend mornings and most 
holidays. Nina is not complaining. 
"This is just the new reality," she says. 

In October, Janet Lockwood Kawada 

gave a gallery talk at the Kingston 
Gallery, Boston. Check out her website: 


"Hi, Class of 1 974. Just wanted 
to say hello and see how 
everyone was doing. I have a wonderful 
husband and two wonderful children. 
We have lived in the Midwest for the 
past several years. Hope all is well," 
writes Janet Mester Hay 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Allison 
Hague Sargent or 
visit the website: 

Allison Hague Sargent, president of 
Allison Sargent Events of Montclair, NJ, 
was recently named one of New 
Jersey's 2010 Best 50 Women in 
Business. An independent panel of 
judges selected the top 50 candidates 
based on dedication to business 
growth, professional and personal 
accomplishments, community 
involvement and advocacy for women. 
"I am thrilled to be included in this 
distinguished group," says Allison. "In 
my 1 5 years in business, I have made 
reaching out as much of a priority as 
reaching up; to be recognized for both 
my success and my commitment to 
giving back is a very special honor." 


Class Notes 


The Alumni Office 
thanks Terri 
Canavan Loe for 

representing Lasell College 
at the presidential 
inauguration at Baylor 
University in Waco, TX. 
According to Terri there 
were over 300 
educational institutions 
represented in the 
procession. Terri says, 
"Thank you again for the 
opportunity to represent 
Lasell. It was even more 
meaningful to me 
because I worked for 
Baylor Hospital in Dallas 
in the early 1980s after 
graduating with a 
nursing degree." 

An update from Ruth 
Earley Barnett: "I 

retired in 1999 and 

have had some 

wonderful experiences 

throughout my career 

as a nurse. I am 

currently the parish 

nurse at a United 

Methodist Church. 

In 2008 I was chosen Ms. Senior 

Virginia of America. Whoopi! " 

<7Q Our sincere condolences to 
Pam Henderson Pagliaro on 
the death of her mom, Patricia Taylor 
Henderson '40, in July. 

Nine Sarahs, Eight Michaels 

.h is fa,, re „ea,s that thee,:" ofX 696 

• Is 65% female and 35% male 

• Self-identifies as 1 9.6% pe0 p,e f color 

• Includes nine Sarahs, eight Michaels 
and 324 other unique names 

•August 30 and December 16 are the 
most common birthdays 

•'n high school, 53 were members 
of the National Honor Society 

'21 worked on the, high school newspapers 

74 served in s ^dent government 

30 Sang ,n a cho ^ group or cho,r, and 
226 participated i 

n community service "activities 

enrolled in I ^pII'c „ J 00 stLJ dents 

n Lase " s graduate programs. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Mandi 
Bulette Coakley or 
visit the website: 

Thirty Years Later: 

(Lto R) Class of 70 
alums Shirley Sparks 
Kersey, Marilyn Falsey 
Hanley, Joanna 
Marshall Doyle. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


o-5 Caroline Knoener- 

Skowronek participated in the 
Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the 
Cure, tallying 60 mile. Caroline writes: 
"In February 2009 I was diagnosed 
with breast cancer. I was fortunate to 
have had it detected early, and I can 
now say I am cancer free. During the 
walk, I met, walked and socialized with 
survivors, friends and family members. 
On the first day, I met three Lasell 
alums who were walking in honor of 
one of their mothers, a breast cancer 
survivor. We all had lunch on the Lasell 
athletic field. On the second day, I met 
up with Liz Kasa '03 who had waited 
two hours at a cheering station to see 
me. The three days of walking were 
hard, but the support from people who 
came out to cheer us on was a great 
pick-me-up. My current goal is to put 
my energies into working to help to 
defeat cancer." 

o a Our sincere condolences to 
Tracey Connor Young on 

the death of her father in May. 

oc Class Secretary 

Jill Blanchard Sommer 
501 E 87th Street, # 2H 
New York, NY 10128 

In the Berkshires: Five 
Class of '80 alums who 
are turning 50 this year 
get together regularly, 
most recently at The Red 
Lion Inn in Stockbridge, 
MA. Photographer 
Barbara Brearton Smith 
snapped lifelong friends 
(L to R) Julie Folan Lyver, 
Beth Porcaro Grady, 
Marcia Stascavage 
Notarangelo, Patty Bryson. 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

Jennifer Leonard says: "I am 
currently residing in West Milford, NJ 
with my five-year-old son. I am an 
artist and create as often as I can. 
Life gets better with age. I would 
love to hear from any classmates.", website 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

Julie McLaughlin works 
in information services at 
Massachusetts General Hospital, 
answering questions for patients 
and visitors. 


r\r\ Class Secretary 

Erin Andrews 
99 Oak Street 
Middleborough, MA 02346 

Meredith Byam Miller is getting 
ready to launch an internet selling 
presence for her vintage clothing store, 
Poor Little Rich Girl, which has 
locations in Boston, Cambridge and 
Somerville. Meredith has been married 
five years. 

Jessica Harrison received a certificate 
in Professional Baking and Pastries. She 
works for UPS in Maine and lives with 
her dog, Roxy. 

For the past six years, Heather 
Maling-Menard has been working as 
director of career services for Work 
Opportunities Unlimited. She lives in 
Arundel, ME with her husband and 
Welsh Corgi. 

From Vermont, Cathy Metivier 

Forrest sends an update: "I enjoy 
being a stay-at-home mom. This fall, 
my five-year-old daughter started 
kindergarten and my four-year-old son 
is in Pre-K." 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

ro Breeanna Barnes Beaupre 

and her husband celebrated 
their fifth anniversary. Breeana says, 
"We will soon begin a new chapter 
in our lives. We are expecting 
our first child." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
LvXjM coordinator John 

Gorniewicz or visit the 


Lasell Leaves • Fall 2010 

Class Notes 


Donna Mclntyre is a 

medical assistant in the 
Oncology/Hematology Department 
at Harvard Vanguard Medical 
Associates in Kenmore Square 
working with chemotherapy patients. 
She was recently accepted into the 
master's degree Nurse Practitioner 
program at the MGH Institute of 
Health Professions. 

Krystal Ortiz boasts, "This was my 
first season as junior varsity coach for 
7th and 8th grade girls' lacrosse. We 
posted the best record in the league, 
8-1." Krystal is going for her master's 
degree in Sports Administration and 
Leadership at Seattle University. 

r\Q Class Secretary 

Katelyn Hammond 
148 E Main Street, # 2R 
Marlborough, MA 01752 

Rachel Craft's experience with the 
AmeriCorps Volunteers in Apopka, FL 
has been so positive that she signed up 
for another year. She reports: "Florida is 
different from New England, but it is a 
nice change. Through this program 
I have been able to teach dance, start 
a chorus, learn about working at a 
non-profit and mentor children from 
different backgrounds. I am using a lot 
of the knowledge learned from classes 
at Lasell." 

Chris Johnson, a personal trainer, 
realized it was hard for people to 
find advice, events and information on 
their favorite fitness hobbies and sports 
from a personal trainer. With that 
consumer need in place, Chris created where people can 
share information and interact with a 
fitness instructor. The site allows visitors 
to create a profile, upload videos, chat 
live with an instant message feature 
and get discounts on 50 products. 
Check it out! 

Dresses from Crystal Noe's fashion 
collection were featured in Elias 
Polcheira's photography portfolio 
that was sent out to 1 00 companies 
including advertising agencies and 
local boutiques. 

Fashion designer Nara Paz was a judge 
for the Boston Symphony Orchestra's 
Project Tchaikovsky. For the contest, 
fashion students designed evening 
wear inspired by the music of 
Tchaikovsky. Two Lasell students, Fallon 
Coster '11 and Melissa Higgins '10, 
were finalists. 

Jon Shilalis is a real estate broker in 
metrowest Boston. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Samantha 
Plack or visit the website: 

i r\ Class Secretary 

Heather Obion 
190 Tulip Drive 
Meriden, CT 06450 

Michael Ansaldi is a help desk 
support specialist for Ntirety, Inc. 
based in Dedham and commutes to 
Nashua, NH where he lives. He and 
girlfriend, Renee Clarke, hang out 
with Leslie Hughes, Phil Viaud, 
and Danielle Wigmore 

Living in Watertown, MA with 
roommate Hayley Walter, Katelyn 

Arn is a merchandising assistant in 
the lingerie department at TJX 
Companies, Inc. 

Hospitality and Event Management 
major Scott Bacon is working the front 
desk at Courtyard by Marriott in New 
Haven. He says, "It is a good foot in 
the door." 


Aw &Bmmm\mw\ 

1 l ' .Am 



Who Knew? Jean Petrino '97, MSM '09 had an unusual twist to her wedding story. "For the 
last 10 years I have been hosting Lasell friends at a Thanksgiving dinner. My fiance Michael 
Muldowney and I decided that Thanksgiving Day 2009 was the day we wanted to get married. 
Our guests showed up for dinner as usual. Before dessert, a justice of the peace appeared and 
married us." Surprised guests included Lasell alums Marsha Greenstein '96, Patti Beck Bishop '97, 
Rayna Cascella Bouchard '99 and Lindsay Higgins Santolucito '99. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Class Notes 

Fenway Faithful: On a perfect-weather 
day in August, Cathy Correia '03 and 
Liz Kasa '03 were among the 50 alumni 
at a Boston Red Sox/Detroit Tigers game. 
After a nail-biting ninth inning, the Sox 
pulled through with a win. 

Currently, Kelly Barden is a student at 
Massachusetts School of Law. "In my 
spare time," she says, "I help out with 
the Lasell softball team." In August, 
Kelly went to Country Fest with 
Heather Lynch, Meghan 
McDonough and Nikki Slader. 

Renee Clarke works as a designer 
assistant for Dahlia's, a boutigue in 
Newton Centre, and does alterations 
at Allegria Bridal in Belmont. In 
October, she and Michael Ansaldi 
headed to Florida for a vacation. 

Kara Cooledge works part time doing 
activities with the residents of Lasell 
House, the nursing home associated 
with Lasell Village on the Lasell 
College campus. 

Meagan DeAndrade is an assistant 
global sourcing manager for Casual 
Man, a men's clothing store near 
Boston. Her interests include shopping, 
eating and partying. 

Assistant coach for men's basketball 
at Missouri Baptist University, Sean 
Joynes double teams as a graduate 
student. Sean keeps in touch with 
Jude Biton and Eddy Cruz. 

"Writing cover letters, improving my 
resume and looking for a job is how 
I spend my days," says Danielle Lisko. 
"I am also taking courses at New York's 
Fashion Institute of Technology in order 
to stay current." 

Heather Obion is a junior accountant 
for United Industrial Services. She and 
her brother also run a neighborhood 
lawn company. This summer Heather 
traveled to New Hampshire with her 
family and "had an amazing experience 
climbing Mt. Washington." She has a 
new beagle in her life named Delilah. 

All Smiles: Meg Lutz '10 at Reunion 2010. 

Samantha Plack is working as the 
regional marketing/sponsorship office 
coordinator at Mohegan Sun. 

Jennifer Santoro has been named 
energy services and communications 
coordinator for the Belmont Municipal 
Light Department in Belmont, MA. 
Her responsibilities include promoting 
and implementing energy conservation 
programs as well as effectively 
communicating with customers 
about energy services and programs. 

Lindsey Stewart is an accounts 
payable coordinator for Watermark. 
She is also studying for the CPA exam. 



The tradition of the Lasell Medallion was established in 1 968 by then-president 
Dr. Vincent DeBaun. The Medallion was created to honor outstanding members of 
the College community. The bronze Medallion award "may be made to any member 
of the Lasell family who, by virtue of distinguished service to the College or to society 
at large, has brought added honor to the name of Lasell." The 2010 Lasell Medallion 
recipients were Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59 and Nancy Burrows Putnam '50. 

To nominate someone for the 2011 Medallion, to be presented at the 
Reunion Convocation on Saturday, June 4, 2011, contact Director of Alumni 
Relations C. Chad Argotsinger at or 617-243-2139. 


Lasell Leaves «Fall 2010 


r±su v.. 

The Scoop from 
Lasell Alums 

Looking for the perfect 
gift for this holiday season? 
Leaves thought it would be fun to 
ask some talented and enterprising alums 
about their 2010 holiday faves 
(and get student illustrator 
Kristin Liberacki '11 to 
create some whimsical 
graphics). Enjoy! 

Headbands: Miraculous Decoy 

Headbands are everywhere! I consider them a genre of hair extensions, though 
more enhancing, colorful and comfortable. You can find a headband informal, 
plain or adorned with feathers, gems or flowers, at prices reasonable to extravagant. 

Michele Poirier Gorman '60, Educational Consultant, West Hartford, CT 

The Jersey Scarf: Cozy and Cool 

"This may be one of the most essential 
elements for the fall/winter season. It's a 
shield, yes, but it can also spruce up the most 
unfashionable men's outfit. Jersey scarves are 
really big right now with lots of texture; they 
are cozy and cool. " 

Christian DiPietro '10 
Design Assistant, 
Little Marc Jacobs 
New York, NY 

Snowboards: Take Flight 

"The new rocker-camber technology 
combines traditional camber shape 
with the spring-loaded rocker 
design and is found throughout 
the Burton line, for example, in the 
Custom Flying v"" snowboard with its 
crisp snap and added pop. " 

Amy Sundberg '04 

Buyer, Cadillac Mountain Sports 
Bar Harbor, ME 

Junior Director's Chair: Personal and Practical 

"When my son was born 28 years ago, I received an adorable 
junior director's chair with his name on it. It was lightweight, 
folded, doubled as a booster seat and always provided him with 
just the right size support for his little bottom. It's the perfect baby 
or young child gift and can be used until age four. " 

Susan Charlton '69 
Owner, Suzy Q Designs 
Needham, MA 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Nota Bene 



David Mclnnis '03 to Jessica Schultz 
Darcy Frye '04 to Jason Martin Saldo '04 
Heather Daigle '07 to Matthew Kopcza 
Chantel Daley '05/MSM '07 to Sherwin Grant 
Molly Fawcett '09 to Drew Gundlach '08 


Jean Petrino '97, MSM'09 to Michael 
Muldowney on November 2 1 , 2009 

Heather Maling '00 to Michael Menard 
on June 4, 2010 

Lindsay Smith '02 to Derek Kimball 
on August 22, 2009 

Rhiannon Camara '04 to Kevin Marchand 
on May 30, 2009 

Jen Cronin '05 to Dr. Matthew Martinez 
on June 27, 2009 

Amy Furniss '05 to George Brix 
on July 25, 2009 

Leigh Peltak '07 to Joseph Peters 
on September 5, 2009 

Angela Piranosian '07 to Philip Riffe 
on July 24, 2010 

Michelle Purington '08, MSM'09 to 

Andrew Pacilli on July 18, 2010 

Sarah Landry '09 to Richard Rodriguez 
in June 2010 


Jean Petrino '97, MSM'09, a son, 
Matthew Connor, on August 24, 20 1 

Indira Marti Ross '98, a son, Benjamin Rafael, 
on April 8, 2010 

Jodi Crafts Flaherty '99, a son, Hayden Charles, 
on April 21, 2010 

Deirdra Benson Lynch '00, twin sons, 
Braidyn and Wyatt, in May 2010 

Christina Mahoney Shamer '01, a son, 
Benjamin Thomas, on November 2, 2009 

C. Madalyn Patten Hoberg '27 on April 8, 2010 

Marguerite Boyd Greene '30 on May 24, 201 

(see below) 

Marjorie Walker '33 in December 2008 

Mabelle Hickcox Camp '34 on March 1 3, 201 

Dell Masterjohn '34 on June 10, 2010 

Mary DiRico Flavin '35 on April 12, 2010 

Gertrude McEvoy Rice '37 on April 6, 2010 

Priscilla Barker Neff '38 

Penny DeLaney Ogrinz '38 on August 21,2010 

Marjorie Furbush Gledhill '38 

Marie Phelan Burke '38 on April 6, 2010 

Elizabeth Putnam '38 on May 17, 2010 

Mildred Royce Piers '38 

Rosalie Winchell Cutler '39 on July 6, 2010 

Janet Norton Sonstroem '39 

on January 24, 2010 

Patricia Taylor Henderson '40 on July 12, 2010 

Ethel Boudreau Brown '41 

on September 19, 2010 

Virginia DeNyse '41 on May 30, 2010 
Jean Barnes '42 on January 4, 201 
Jean Hardy Canedy '42 on April 30. 2010 

A. Marion Johnson Drennen '42 

on May 31, 2010 

Gertrude Baninger Duquette '43 

on August 22, 2010 

Anita Mangels Sampson '43 in March 2010 
June Trani Hyssong '44 on May 8, 201 

Eleanor Bradway Lammers '45 

on August 27, 2010 

Gloria Dupuis Conchar '45 on July 27, 2010 
Nancy Gregg Kellas '45 on February 28, 2010 
Florence Lewis DuBois '46 on March 26, 2010 
Patricia O'Neil Messmore '46 on January 8, 2010 
Virginia Bowers Noyes '48 on July 24, 2010 

Joan Franzosa Leland '49 on July 7, 2009 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 

on February 6, 2010 

Joan Weiler Arnow '49 

on June 29, 2010 (see page 22) 

Lorraine Grontoft Sutton '50 

Jacquelyn "Jet" Temperley Jennings '50 

on June 20, 2010 

Sally Swainson Callahan '51 

on January 29, 2010 

Lois Armstrong Howland '52 

on February 20, 2010 

Janet Welch '54 on June 8, 201 

Jane Bailey Borden '55 on March 21, 2010 

Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55 on March 13, 2010 

Marguerite Cramer Cain '56 

on February 20, 2010 

Betty Hintze Pierson '56 on August 10, 2010 
Betsy Coulson Conrad '59 on August 27, 2010 
Sandra Istas Marsh '59 on May 29, 2010 

Charlotte Brown McDowell '60 

on April 29, 2010 

Elizabeth Bulger Dawson '60 

on September 9, 2009 

Ginger Martin Paradise '62 on October 2, 2008 
Jane Boyden Kropp '64 on March 2 1 , 201 

Meredith Gowdy Meislahn '65 

on March 8, 2010 

Jan Jacobs Hyde '68 in August 2009 

A. Perry Sager MacFarlane '68 on July 16, 2010 

Sharyn Brown Paris '70 on May 5, 2008 

Amy Pauker '73 on June 25, 2008 

Lillian Araujo '74 on March 17, 2010 

Nancy Nelson Beals '79 on August 29, 2010 

Rosalind "Roz" Deacon '82 on June 17, 2010 

Catherine Gill '92 on September 4, 2010 

Nancy Butler, former staff 

John "Jack" O'Connor, former public safety 
officer and postmaster, on October 8, 2010 

Marguerite (Peggy) Boyd Greene '30 

A longtime member of The Heritage Society, Marguerite (Peggy) Boyd Greene '30 
died on May 24, 2010, just a few months short of her 100th birthday, in Delray 
Beach, Florida. For many years, Greene divided her time between her native 
Gloversville, NY and Delray Beach, and for the last several years she resided at Abbey 
Delray South in Delray Beach. "Mother was a fabulous lady with tremendous grace, 
style and wit which she exhibited right to the end," her daughter, Sarah Peck of 
Wellington, FL, tells Leaves. "She treasured her lifelong and close relationship with 
Lasell." Greene is also survived by a son, Douglas Green of Vancouver, Washington, 
as well as several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A loyal and generous Lasell 
alumna, Greene was honored on her 90th birthday in 2000 with the naming of a 
staircase alcove in her former undergraduate residence, Gardner House. 

Lasell College 

Report On The Year 

July 1, 2009 -June 30, 2010 

Thanks, Dad 

David Maguire '10 salutes his father, 
Lasell Trustee John Maguire, during 
his speech at Commencement 2010. 

al Highlights 2009-20 1 

Academic Affairs 

• Began master of science degree in 
Sport Management and received final 
approval for master of education 
degree to begin January 201 1 

• Hired 10 full-time faculty for 
2010-1 1, a net increase of seven 

• Added two new undergraduate 
majors for Fall 201 0: Applied 
Mathematics and Fashion 
Communication and Promotion 

• Implemented capstones across 
all majors 

• Implemented a third international 
service learning program in Ecuador 

• In Fall 2010, implemented 
three-credit, First- Year Seminars 
for all first-year students 

Enrollment Management 

• For Fall 2010, increased full-time 
undergraduate student enrollment 
to 1,600 from 1,504 

• For the Fall 2010 reporting 
period, retention reached 
new highs for second-year 
and third-year students 

• Recruited incoming class for 
Fall 20J0 that is the strongest 
academically since the College 
became a four-year institution 

• Percentage of minorities increased 
to more than 19 percent; 
percentage of males, 36 percent 

• Launched new College website 
on June 30, 2010 

• Transitioned to federal Direct 
Student Loan Program 

Student Affairs 

• Increased health center coverage 
hours to include Monday evenings 

• Implemented recommendations 
from EACE Career Services report, 
including adding a Career 
Counselor/Coordinator of 
Employer Relations position 
for Fall 2010 

• Increased the number of students 
pating in health education 
ms to 450 (from 375 in 

Institutional Advancement 

• Increased Lasell Fund gifts to $774,71 1 

• Increased leadership donor gifts of 
$10,000 or more from 14 in FY09 
to 17 in FY10 

• 100 percent participation from 
Trustees in Lasell Fund giving 

• 100 percent participation from 
Trustees in pledges for Bridge to 
the Future fundraising initiative 

• Raised $4 million toward Bridge to 
the Future fundraising initiative, with 
$3 million toward the Donahue Center 
for Creative and Applied Arts 

• Boosted attendance for Reunion 
by 35 percent 

Business and Finance 

• Implemented recommendations from 
KPMG report including documentation 
of system of internal controls for 
Business Office 

• Selected a new investment advisor 
for invested portion of endowment 
beginning October 201 

• Opened EastAA/est residence halls, 
a connecting courtyard and a new 
fitness center in McClelland Hall 

• Broke ground on new Donahue Center 
for Creative and Applied Arts 

• Renovated Hoag and McClelland 
residence halls 

• Implemented single-stream recycling 
on campus 

Lasell Village 

• Presented health care feasibility 
report to residents 

• Renewed master agreement 
with College 

• Planned and conducted 

1 0th-anniversary events/celebration 

• Developed Trustee manual and 
held Trustee orientation for Lasell 
Village Trustees 

Keynote Speaker: Josh Kraft, president and CEO 
of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, addresses 
Lasell's 156th Commencement ceremony. 

Financial Year in Review 

Operating Revenues and Expenditures, Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010 

2.3%^ r—1.6% 


Tuition and Fees 



Room and Board 



Aux Enterprises* 



Gifts and Grants 



Investment Income 


1 .6% 

Other Income 






21.8% — i 


1 .0% 




Financial Aid 









Room and Board 




Student Support 








Aux Enterprises 





Surplus $2,450,726 



Income generated by the rental of College facilities, the Holway Child Study Centers, 
the management contracts with Lasell Village and the associated expenses. 



1 1 .9% 



Board Memberships 2009-2010 

Board of Trustees 

Eric M. Turner 

Susan Hass 

Marisa L. Mascara 

Keith D. Bilezerian 

Richard K. Blankstein 

Rena Clark 

RoseMary B. Fuss 

Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 

Helena Bentz Hartnett 

Kathleen D. Hegenbart 

Lemuel Lanier 

Jackie Hoffmeier Lee '68 

John F. Leonard 

Michael Maggiacomo 

John Maguire P'10 

Susan Moran P'1 1 

Ellen S. Offner 

Francis J. Perry, III 

John V. Pilitsis 

Elisse Allinson Share '65 

Erik J. Stapper 

Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle '36/H'96 

Kathryn West 

Judith B. Wittenberg 

Ex Officio 

Michael B. Alexander 
Patricia Beck Bishop '97 
Crista Cannata '04 

Trustees Emeriti 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42/H'92 
Nancy Lawson Donahue '49/H'98 
Richards. Holway H'01 
Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46 
Donald J. Winslow (d) 


Patricia Beck Bishop '97 

Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59 

Sally M. Andrews 
Virginia Thomas Baxter '39 
Carol C. Cacciamani '65 
Jean Campbell '44 
Coleman H. Casey 
Urit Chaimovitz '98 
Edward J. Christiansen 
Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 
Patricia Gura Conroy '55 
Marjorie Westgate Doran '37 
Susan Rinklin Dunne '82 
Sharon Carley Fitts '62 
Thelma Greenberg Florin '54 
Shirley Vara Gallerani '53 
Jewell Ward Ganger '49 
Patricia Torbron Geoghegan '68 
Nancy L. Goodale '66 
Felice W. Gordis 
Priscilla Spence Hall '43 
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50 
Jane Wadhams Hazen '49 
Heidi Watkins Helwig '96 
Robert H. Huntington 
Sally Ishihara 
Laura Jensen '61 
Susan S. Kaplan 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 
William Klingbeil 
Clara Silsby Lamperti '50 
Chester K. Lasell 
Sharon K. LeVan '66 
Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67 
Gloria Boyd Major-Brown '44 
Dominic F. Mammola P'1 2 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51 
Dorothy Cooke Merchant '40 
Ann J. Mignosa '87 
Barbara Stickle Mode '47 
Sharyn Neble 

Joan Deshefy Patenaude '57 
Jean Michael Petersen '39 
Nancy Burrows Putnam '50 
Ruth Fulton Rardin '40 

Joy Stewart Rice '55 

Alan H. Robbins 

William D. Roddy 

Robin Sherman MSM '06 

Linda Telfer '60 

Marsha Keyes Tucker '64 

Lisa Vasiloff 

Tamara Bettcher Walker 78/P'10 

Joan Howe Weber '51 

Harriet Markham Wedeman '48/H'10 

Charlotte Lindgren Winslow 

Lasell Alumni, Inc. 
Board of Management 


Crista Cannata '04 

Amy Pilat Weksner '04/MSM'08 
Vice President 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67 

Jessica Anthony '98 

Patricia Beck Bishop '97 

Urit Chaimovitz '98 

Chantel Daley '05 

Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 

Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50 

Ann J. Mignosa '87 

Casey Rich '07 

Katherine McDonough Ryan '67 

Gloria Drulie Schluntz '50 

Jennifer Toscano Seibert '04 

Linda Telfer '60 

Marsha Keyes Tucker '64 

Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46 

Bonnie Berman Wugman '72 

Sustaining Members 

Sharon Carley Fitts '62 
Barbara Stickle Mode '47 


Ruth Turner Crosby '42/H'92 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1 , 2009 - June 30, 201 

Edward Lasell Leadership Circle 

Leadership Annual Giving Honor Roll 

Lasell Fund donors at leadership 
levels of $ 1 ,000 or more honor 
Edward Lasell's legacy of 
providing a progressive and professionally focused education 
to motivated young people. We are profoundly thankful to the 
members of the Edward Lasell Leadership Circle for their deep 
commitment and wonderful investment in Lasell College. 
Members of the Edward Lasell Leadership Circle share a link 
with the early investors in Lasell, continuing a strong tradition 

of philanthropy and connecting our notable past to our 
remarkable present. Their generosity allows the College to 
provide financial aid to an increasing number of students 
while also providing library resources, strengthening athletic 
programs and enhancing academics through the ability to 
add members of the faculty and increase course offerings. 
This leadership and philanthropy make a significant 
difference in the education, and lives, of Lasell's students. 
We are deeply grateful. 

1851 Society ($25,000- 

Michael B. Alexander and Mary Barbara Alexander 
Joan Weiler Arnow '49 (d)* and Robert H. Arnow* 
Nancy Lawson Donahue '49/P'78/H'98* 

and Richard K. Donahue P'78* 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. McDonough P'10 
Lucille Salhany P' 1 2 and John Polcari P' 1 2 
The Saunders Foundation 
Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle '36/H'96* 

Chairman's Council ($1 0,000-$24,999) President's Club ($5,000-$9,999) 


RoseMary B. Fuss* 

George Hornig 

Richard S. Holway H'01 * and Jeannine Holway* 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45* and William Klingbeil* 

James P. Lape 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Moran P'1 1 

Nancy Burrows Putnam '50* and George Putnam* 

Joan Howe Weber '51 

Judith B. Wittenberg and Jack Wittenberg 

Kyo Yamawaki 

Susan Rinklin Dunne '82 

Eugenia Cooney Glow '45 

Mr. & Mrs. John Maguire P'10 

Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59* 

Sharon A. Neble and George R. Neble 

Jean Davies Stanley '50* 

The Prudential Foundation 

Harriet Markham Wedeman '48/H'10* 

Winslow Society ($2,500-$4,999) 

Shirley Hannafin Adams '51 * 

Richard K. Blankstein 

Marcia James Carthaus '57* 

Urit Chaimovitz '98 

Rena Clark 

George DeArment Trust 

Martha Stonebraker Ely '45* 

Estate of Dorothy Thomas Thomas '38 

Victoria Tenney Graboys '67 
Carol Hill Hart '44* 
Helena Bentz Hartnett* 
Susan Hass 

Kathleen D. Hegenbart* 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe '38* 
Clara Silsby Lamperti '50* 
Mr. & Mrs. David Langstaff 

Lemuel S. Lanier 

Chester K. Lasell 

Ellen S. Offner 

James Ostrow* and Christine Ostrow* 

Margaret Beach Otis '47 

Paula DeAngelis Panchuck 

John V Pilitsis 

Diane Jacobson Rosenberg '56* 

Elisse Allinson Share '65* 

and Neil E. Share* 
Ruth Blaisdell Simmons '44* 
Erik J. Stapper 
Eric M. Turner 
Kathryn West 
John Woodward 

Torchbearers Club ($1,000-$2,499) 


Freda Alexander '48* 

Sally M. Andrews* 

Kathryn Johnston Berardi '71 

Keith D. Bilezerian 

Marjorie Ray Blackett '42* 

Jane Kremer Bray '60* 

Elizabeth Ann Lindsay Buhler '54* 

Carol C Cacciamani '65 

Patricia Ryan Cantin '63 

David A. Carlson 

Patricia Gura Conroy '55* 

Ada Burns Crampton '47* 

Deloitte Foundation, Inc. 

Thomas E.J. deWitt H'07* 

and Margaret E. Ward H'07* 
Marjorie Westgate Doran '37* 
Elisabeth M. Drake 
Pamela Faria 

Thelma Greenberg Florin '54* 
FM Global Foundation 
Charlotte Frye '54 
Vivien Ash Gallagher '64* 

Shirley Vara Gallerani '53* 
Jewell Ward Ganger '49* 
Joanne Monahan Garrity '51* 
Janet Murphy George '50* 
Ann Preuss Gillerlain '43* 
Elizabeth Backus Girard '60 
Dorothea F. Godfrey '42 * 
Rona Ruderman Goldstein '61* 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49* 
Marion Day Grosjean '57 
Priscilla Spence Hall '43* 
Neil Hatem 

Jane Wadhams Hazen '49* 
Joan Dorau Hohorst '50* 
Houghton Mifflin Company 
Theresa Bergeron Hoyt '45* 
Robert H. Huntington* 

and Susan McCafferty* 
Mary Hobler Hyson '71* 
Laura Jensen '61 
Rebecca Kennedy 

and James Kennedy 

Margaret Schwingel Kraft '56* 

and Rudolph Kraft* 
Susan F. Lillywhite '67* 
Angela Paolantonio Lowy '74 
Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67* 
Barbara Caron MacLean '66* 
Mr. & Mrs. James Mahoney, Jr. 
Gloria Boyd Major-Brown '44* 
Marisa L. Mascaro 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51 * 

and Dwight Massey* 
Arthur P. Menard 
Dorothy Cooke Merchant '40 
Katherine E. Meredith '94 
M. Virginia Zipf Metzler '57* 
The Millipore Foundation 
Lela Graham Moses '61* 
Joan Deshefy Patenaude '57* 
Jane A. Perry '50* 
Jean Michael Petersen '39* 
Sybil Moore Pinkham '54* 
Catherine Nannery Rafferty '42 

Alan H. Robbins 

and Jerye Ann Robbins 
Barbara Berry Roberts '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Sackman P'10 
James A. Shanahan 
Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury '49* 
Ruth S. Shuman* 
Marion Ettinger Steinmetz '50* 
Judith George Stephens '58* 
Marian Fitts Sternkopf '41 * 
Linda Telfer '60* 
Texas Instruments Foundation 
Katharine Urner-Jones '83* 

and Lawrence Jones 
Lisa Vasiloff 
Tamara Bettcher Walker '78/P' 1 

and Thomas Walker P'10 
Linda Muller Weiss '69 
Donald J. Winslow (d) 

and Charlotte Winslow 
Gloria Black Woodbury '66 

*Denotes donors with 10+ years of consecutive support of the Lasell Fund, (d) deceased, boldface indicates Torchbearers or above 


Donor Report 

Bragdon Associates 
($500 - $999) 

Shirley Sherwood Adams '54* 
Joseph Aieta, III* 
Susan March Allen '63* 
Margaretta Arnold H'07* 
Diane M. Austin* 
The Avon Family Foundation, Inc. 
Robert A. Barrows 
Virginia Thomas Baxter '39* 
MaryAnn Mitchell Beaver '69* 
Nancy B. Black '66* 
Beverly Landros Bley '64* 
Elaine Vogel Cartland 72 
Shelley Carton 72 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cheever P'1 1 
Nancy Crowell Coleman '59 
Betsy Coulson Conrad '59* 
Cynthia Rardin Crawford '68 
Rosemary O'Brien deBelay '50 
Samir Desai 

and Nilima Desai 
Joan Rabbitt Downey '54* 
Nancy Argast Drake '56 
Carolyn Davis Fish '66* 
Nora Jean Ganslen 70* 
Daniel R. Gant 
General Electric Foundation 
Sandra Lund Grouten '60 
Marcia Corey Hanson '42* 
Anne Nancy Wells Harris '43 

and David Harris 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman '47* 
Heidi Watkins Helwig '96 
Carol Rofer Hofmann '54* 
Jeanne A. Johnsen 72* 
Janet Young LaCava '65* 
Jackie Hoffmeier Lee '68 
John F. Leonard 
Sharon K. LeVan '66* 
Ann August Marcus '56* 
Bonnie Kamerdiner Marsano '67 
Eleanor Pfaff Martin '41 * 
Merck Partnership for Giving 
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. 
Barbara Stickle Mode '47 
Winifred Northrup Mudge '42* 
Joan Sycle Norwitz '59* 
Kathleen M. O'Connor* 
Ruth Richardson Pease '30 
Jean Bohacket Pegram '41 * 
Pfizer Inc. 

Dianne Tuzik Pingree '55 
Susan P. Posner '67* 
Carol Ann Hess Recco '51 
Sally Quicke Reiss '56* 
Barbara Bickley Rieger '46 
Marilyn Barette Roberts '58 
Ann Stern Russo '64* 
James E. Samels 
Margaret Benoit Sapia 77 
Stephen N. Sarikas 

and Marlena Yannetti 
Margot Bergstrom Semonian '50* 
Beverly Dansky Singer '58* 
Roger Sonstroem 
Priscilla Robbins Stahl '45* 
Antoinette Ruinen Stapper '56* 
Nancy Peterson Strain '46* 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38* 
Betty Ann Mahoney Themal '48* 
Merilyn Budlong Trocino '54 
Carolyn Lewis Tufts '47* 

Brenda Flavin Warshaw 
Michael Weigensberg 
Lois Hutchinson Woodward '51 
Virginia Fletcher Yagovane '62 

Lasell Associates 
($250 - $499) 

Judy Caswell Allen '56* 
John E. Amorello 
Patricia L. Anderson '47* 
Kaye Mackler Aronson '56 
Mark Aronson 

Norma Treiberg Barnidge '46 
Jeanne Franklin Bates '47* 
Margaret Olson Belden '50* 
Patti Lockwood Blanchette '56 
Betty Jean Jones Bolton '50* 
Ann Van der Veer Bradley '51 
Betty McGrath Brown '41 * 
Marian Fletcher Buckley 74* 
Jane Trott Burgon '47* 
Ellen Smith Burton '61 
Carolee Scribner Cain '56 
Hazel Schoppy Callahan '55* 
Rayna Lee Caplan '60 
Judith Littlefield Clark '56* 
Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57* 
Martha Clark Corson '44* 
Millicent Entwistle Crawford '47* 
Helen Hamilton Croot '49 
Joan Whitten Cummings '50 
Mr. & Mrs. James DeMieri P'10 
Sally A. Drachman 
Karla Robinson Dunham '61 * 
Dorothea Karnheim Eagleson '40 
Barbara Hammett Elkinton '55 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley '49* 
Haegan Forrest 

and Kristen Forrest 
Barbara Ronan Gallagher '53 
Pamela Parker Gartin 70* 
Felice W. Gordis 
Rosanna Cafarella Greco 75* 
Cynthia Boynton Green '59* 
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Gruverman 
Nancy Hoey Hanson '60 
Joyce Davies Harrison '50 
Virginia Weeks Hatch '42* 
David Hennessey 
Constance Hatch Herron '38 
Michael Hoyle 
Jean Mitchell Hunter '45* 
Donna Ross Hurley '53 
International Business 

Machines Corporation 
Gail Jacobsen Isaksen '65 
Lucinda Nolin Johnson '55/77* 
Patricia A. Johnson '42* 
Mr. & Mrs. John Kana 
Maureen A. Kane '51* 
Barbara McAlary Kashar '60 
Beverly French Keigwin '61 
Jane A. Kendrigan '61 
Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc. 
Susan Humphreys Klein '64 
Marjorie Gilbert Knipper '50 
Frances Nettleton Konsella '56* 
Ruth Koritzky Kopelman '36 
KPMG Foundation 
Leonora Coronella Krueger '53* 
Judith Noveck Lamoin '67* 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser '42* 
Elizabeth Reitman Lowenstein '66 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Lyons P'11 

Ian B. MacCallum, Jr. 
Michael A. Maggiacomo 
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic 
F. Mammola P'11 
Nancy Smith Marchese '56 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan '47* 
MeadWestvaco Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Ellen Margolis Monk '68 
Dorothy E. Musche '61 
National Grid 
Northeast Utilities System 
Frances Lee Osborne '48* 
Joyce Andrews Phelps '50* 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Pietrafitta, Jr. P'1 1 
Malini Pillai 

Patricia Perry Polidor '64* 
Joanne Harrington Price '50* 
Betsy Levine Printz '64 
Margaret Catalano Quigley 71 * 
Barbara Pluta Randall 71 
Joy Stewart Rice '55* 
Phyllis Gleason Riley '52* 
Clesson A. Robbins 
Jane McKee Rozes '64 
Barbara Jankowski Rusch '51 * 
Ann Bidwell Sanborn '57* 
Ann Ashley Sanderson '49* 
Lorraine E. Saunders '56* 
Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc. 
Leah Smith Schneier '69 
Mark Sciegaj 

Joan Polidor Selander '56* 
JoAnn Brooks Shaffer '50 
Bette Perlstein Shapiro '56 
Marie Pengue Sheets 79 
Linda Werner Simon '64* 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Skelton P'1 3 
Lee Smith '54* 
Marsha Fall Stuart 72 
Doris Stewart Sutton '51 * 
Carol Phalen Swiggett '56 
Lee Dunstane Vandermark '64* 
Verizon Foundation 
Frances Oden Werly '47* 
Susan Thomas Wiard '55* 
Russell A. Winslow 
Elizabeth Shurtleff Winter 70/H'08* 
Anita Ramirez Zayas '60 

Founders Club 
($150 -$249) 


Mary Louise Burke Alexander '53 
Mr. & Ms. Jeffrey Allen 
Emogene Starrett Anderson '49* 
C. Chad Argotsinger 
Jonathan J. Am P'10 
Nancy Larsen Bailey '48* 
Judith Ready Baird '61 
Pamela Porter Barefoot '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barreiro 
Linda Teich Bennett '60* 
Victoria Tennant Bettes '68 
Drucilla Roberts Bickford '45 
Mr. & Mrs. David Bicknell P'1 4 
Lucile Merrill Birch '49 
Nancy Bailey Black '40 
Joan Bennett-Bryant '53 
Faith Bowker-Maloney '60 
Mary Burke Brinn '53* 
Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Foundation, Inc. 

Donna Livingston Brown '62 
Linda S. Bruenjes 
Marie E. Bruninghaus P'12 
Shirley Sturm Bullard '48* 
Gail Winalski Burd '58* 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell '51* 
Patricia Grodsky Caplan '60 
Jill Carey 
Janet Caserio '60 
Coleman H. Casey 
Lois Sawyer Caulfield '66* 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg '52* 
Mandi Bulette Coakley '81* 
Nancy Gotz Cohn '59 
Dr. &Mrs. Sergio Collado P'1 2 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier '43* 
Louise Freeman Coombs '42 
Betty Fleer Cooper '44* 
Joan Kearney Cormay '51 
Nancy Cromer-Grayson '69 
Patricia Raeder Crone '51 * 
Joan Sastavickas Curtin '62* 
Janet Guertin Daigle 77* 
Judith Gardner Davis '53* 
Carol Haye Deal '50 
Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal '50* 
Shanna M. DeCapitani '05 
Sally Herman DeRosa '56 
Jeanne Hackett Desmond '50 
Paula Dincecco-Morthanos 72 
Theresa D'lnnocenzo 78 
Julia Davidson Dobson '60 
Carol Failla Doughman '60 
Pamela Ross Dunham 72* 
Frances Peters Dunlevy '52* 
Jane Burnham Eliason '45 
Arlene Kelly Erdman '51 
Helen Woodward Fassett '40* 
Gay Urban Ferrie '65 
Champe A. Fisher* 
Sharon Carley Fitts '62 
Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52* 
Michele Forte-Cruz P'14 
Suzanne C. Fortin 79* 
Diane Benfield Foye '52* 
Dr. & Mrs. Fred H. Frankel 
Priscilla Scruton Fuller '46* 
Althea Janke Gardner '53 
Janet Muir Garrity '65* 
Dorothy Sherwood Gavin '40 
Ellen Kenerson Gelotte '48* 
Patricia Torbron Geoghegan '68 
Laura Glass '69 
Linda Gagne Glasser 70 
Gail Seibert Glover '58* 
Jean Walters Goble '42* 
Jean Stearns Gorman '50 
Mr. & Mrs. John Gosselin P'1 4 
Diane Raymond Grillone '82 
Helen Peters Guy '55* 
Virginia Rolfe Guy '45 
Barbara Carberry Haddad '61 * 
Elizabeth Andrews Haidet 72* 
Laurie Craven Halpin 75 
Marilyn Morse Harris '50* 
Martha Thomas Hasak '52 
Anita Triantafel Hatzis '47* 
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50* 
Marcia Madden Heist '62 
Mary Miller Henrique '52 
Mr. &Mrs. Gary J. HesslerP'12 
Augusta Williamson Hopkins '37 
Melissa Smith Hubbard '68* 

Ann Harris Hughes '55* 
Sally Ishihara 

Jacquelyn Smith Johnson '58 
Kathleen Moshure Johnson '66 
Denise Koules Katsaros '67* 
Beverly Splitt Keller '48* 
Carol Cunningham Kiley '55 
Marylyn Tomancak Kirchhoefer '5f 
Elsie Knaus Klemt '53* 
Linda L. Koed '69* 
Anita Angelus Koulopoulos '50* 
Barbara Trout Krohn '52* 
Shelley Gray Krug '69 
Dorothea Chung Lang '47* 
Louise Pool Langley '46 
Kristina A. Leclaire 78 
Barbara Ann Weidlich Lee '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Pompeo Leone P'1 2 
Ann Bowerman Logan '54 
Judith Locke Lorenzo '67 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe '57* 
Marcia Staats Lusardi '51 
Janet White MacLure '49* 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mancari P'1 1 
Patricia Washburn Mancivalano '6- 
June Carew Mange '44 
Marsha Singer Marshall '58* 
Priscilla Freeman Martin '51 
Sandra Hathorne Mazaika 77 
Susan McKay McConville '82 
Janice McGoughran '50 
Carol Healy McKinnon '61 * 
Susan Sydow Mitchell '61 * 
Caroline Killam Moller '57* 
Muriel Monroy-Conway 77 
Nancy J. Morrison '68 
Linda Chiaramonte Mount '60* 
Muriel Webb Moyer '52 
Madeline Vivian Murphy '41 * 
Doris Fern Musselman '42* 
Betty Lou Shattuck Musser '51 * 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Nestor, III P'1 2 ! 
Judith Broggi Nicolosi '61 
Jean Macdonald Nicoson '42 
Janet Gleason Nolan '53 
Nancy Bunn Oakes '63 
Caroljean Somers Ogrodnik '55* 
Linda Wilson Olson '65* 
Mary-Ida Hanson Olson '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Osier P'1 2 
Virginia Michelini Parks '54 
Diane Cassata Pillman '61 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Powell P'1 2 
Kathleen MacGregor Randolph '53 
Susan Sarris Redente 78 
Joan Antun Rednor '50* 
Marcia Moore Reed '66 
Mr. & Mrs. John Ribeiro 
Carol Corning Richard '56* 
Cathy York Richards 71 
Esther Snowden Richmond '50* 
Jo-Anne Secor Rier '50 
Christine Flach Ristaino 71 
Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Robinson P'1 2 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Roddy 
Elaine Orth Rodey '50* 
Nancy Bowne Rollinson '60 
Joan Walker Runge '46 
Jane Bishop Russell '41* 
Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan '41 * 
Donna Brown Safran '68 
Helena Santos 
Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian '50* 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1 , 2009 - June 30, 2010 

Donor Report 

Ruth Eastman Schlichting '45* 
Deborah Kimerling Schneider '70* 
Jacqueline Cain Sheils '55* 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
Cathryn Reynolds Simpson '63 
Dorothy Delasco Sines '51 * 
Jennifer McGran Sinha '91 
Lee P. Smith* 

Elizabeth Allison Smuts '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Sowles P' 1 3 
Lucille Wielandt Speight '41 * 
Susann York Stadtfeld '60* 
Francine Doria Stanley 73 
Carrol McKay Stephens '60 
Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan '61* 
Katharine H. Taft '56* 
Stephen G. Thein P'12 
Margaret Schneider Thieringer '39* 
Barbara Hilliard Tracey '55 
M. Elaine Quavillon Tull '51* 
Ann Sterner Tyler '68 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman '60* 
Suzanne La Coe Valade '69 
Anne Vallely 

Pamela Capuano Veek '62 
Theodore A. von Glahn, Jr.* 
Marion Blunt Von Heisermann '62 
Nancy R. Waldron 
Sandra Bristol Walters '57 
Mary Waterman Weaving '55 
Jean Watson Wetrich '46 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler '39 
Evelyn Frye White '49* 
Geraldine Weidman Wight '61 
Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46* 
Lynn Fager Worthington '61 
Tracey Connor Young '84 

Alumni Donors 

More than 2,000 alumni 
contributed to the success of 
Lasell College in 2009-2010. Gifts 
to the Lasell Fund (see page 39) 
provided the resources that enable 
our students and faculty to thrive in 
the classroom, on the playing field 
and in service to the community. 
Other gifts, including those to the 
Bridge to the Future Campaign 
(see page 43), helped strengthen 
Lasell's endowment and program 
support and make possible much- 
needed additional space for faculty 
and students, particularly within 
the creative and applied arts. 


Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Marguerite Boyd Greene (d) 

Lasell Fund 

Ruth Richardson Pease 


Camilla Roy Jewett 


Louise Newell Audette 
Sybil Thomas Ryder 


Bettina Potter Jeffrey* 


Lydia Barnes Smith 
Harriet Colwell Reeves 


Total Gifts: $60,475 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle 

Lasell Fund 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman 

Marjorie Reed Colley 

Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle* 

Ruth Upham Petremont* 


Total Gifts: $1,493 

Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow* 
Priscilla Greig Linnell 
Constance Griffin Lehoux* 
Gertrude McEvoy Rice (d) 
Jean Pratt Sanborn 
Meredith Tillotson Richardson 
Marjorie Westgate Doran* 
Augusta Williamson Hopkins 
Elizabeth Ann Wisdom 
Elizabeth York Anderson* 


Total Gifts: $3,750 

Eleanor Ayers Evans* 
Penny DeLaney Ogrinz* 
Martha Driscoll Hogan 
Constance Hatch Herron 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe* 
Eleanore Loeffler Olsen 
Faye Wadhams Smith* 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester* 


Total Gifts: $27,944 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Virginia Thomas Baxter 

Lasell Fund 

Mary Margaret Corcoran Franich 
Mary Curtin Duane 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Katharine Farnell Guay* 
Jean Michael Petersen* 
Cora Pratt Adams 
Jane Robinson Williams* 
Margaret Schneider Thieringer* 
Virginia Thomas Baxter* 
Laurie Wilson Wightman 


Total Gifts: $28,255 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Marjorie Borden Hayward 
Dorothy Cooke Merchant 

Lasell Fund 

Nancy Bailey Black 
Marguerite Bird Thursland* 
Ruth Bowman Burrough 
Dorothy Cooke Merchant 

Marion Gray Persons 
Jane Jones Freeman 
Dorothea Karnheim Eagleson 
Sibyl Lander Labonte 
Dorothy Sherwood Gavin 
Doris Somerville Krom 
Miriam Tappan Gilbert 
Helen Woodward Fassett* 


Total Gifts: $3,610 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan* 
Katherine Annino D'Andraia 
Jane Bishop Russell* 
Jean Bohacket Pegram* 
Nancy Bommer* 
Elisabeth Dungan Norden 
Marian Fitts Sternkopf* 
Lora Green Moses 
Meredith Ingalls Geary* 
Karolyn A. Kemp 
Janet Lowe Kammire 
Ellen Marron Hochmuth* 
Ruth Mattson Swanberg 
Betty McGrath Brown* 
Eleanor Pfaff Martin* 
Justine Ransom Goebel 
Madeline Vivian Murphy* 
Lucille Wielandt Speight* 
Marjorie Williams Horton 


Total Gifts: $7,435 

Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff 
Doris Bracher Jenkins* 
June Cherry Bruns* 
Marcia Corey Hanson* 
Doris Fern Musselman* 
Louise Freeman Coombs 
Dorothea F. Godfrey* 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Dorothy Higson White 
Patricia A. Johnson* 
Dorothy Lutz Fowler 
Jean Macdonald Nicoson 
Anne MacNeil Darrel 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Catherine Nannery Rafferty 
Winifred Northrup Mudge* 
Mary Polhemus Davies 
Marjorie Ray Blackett* 
Elaine Robins Albert* 
Barbara Rockwell Carlstrand* 
Gertrude Ruch Kauffman* 
Peggy Smitt Frank 
Muriel Stark Goldsmith* 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser* 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Jean Walters Goble* 
Virginia Weeks Hatch* 


Total Gifts: $13,010 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Priscilla Spence Hall 

Lasell Fund 

Jean Behrle Wagner* 
Margaret Bosworth Logee 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 
E. Virginia Collins Canavan 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier* 
Valeria Graybill Rellstab 
Edith Harrington Harcum 
Nancy Leavis Bailey 
Ruth Meyrowitz Shaw* 
Dorothy Mitchell Patti* 
Florence Pechilis Caramihas* 
Ann Preuss Gillerlain* 
Janet Reid Richards 
Jeanne A. Revene* 

Barbara Seward Hood 
Virginia Shaw* 
Priscilla Spence Hall* 

Rosemary Staples Conard* 
Christine Turnbull Buehler 
Carol Wadhams Wolcott 
Anne Nancy Wells Harris* 


Total Gifts: $9,265 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Gloria Boyd Major-Brown 

Lasell Fund 

Ruth Blaisdell Simmons* 

Gloria Boyd Major-Brown* 

June Carew Mange 
Jane Carmody Davison 
Martha Clark Corson* 
Gloria Clifford Gifford* 
Natalie B. Dowse* 
Jacqueline Eldridge Holihan* 
Betty Fleer Cooper* 
Shirley Haviland Woody 
Carol Hill Hart* 
Eleanor Laing Greenhalgh-Kilty* 
Myrtle Morrill Spann 
Harriet Sears Sheaff 
Elizabeth Shellenback Riedy 
Ruth Skinner Bauer* 
Dorothy Smith Williams 
Betty Strickler Mertz* 
Natalie Vogel Lawton* 


Total Gifts: $22,411 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil 

Lasell Fund 

Lorraine Anderson Crabtree* 
Marjorie Beebe Dill 
Theresa Bergeron Hoyt* 
Jane Burnham Eliason 
Jane Calderwood Price* 
Janet Chesson Hale 
Gloria Condon Delmolino* 
Eugenia Cooney Glow 
Bernice Coyne Boon* 
Ruth Davis Burk 
Dorothy Domina Willard* 
Ruth Eastman Schlichting* 
Janet Eaton Maynard 
Nan Flanigan Curley 
Nancy Gregg Kellas (d) 
Dorothy Holman Rich 
Phyllis Kenney Anthony 
Harriet Klebenov Canavan* 
Elaine Macdonald Aldrich* 
Rosamond McCorkindale 

Jean Mitchell Hunter* 
Marion Munro Waitt* 
Ann Parker Spaulding 
Isabel Pollard Oleson 
Eunice Powers Buxton* 
Barbara Preuss Reynolds* 
Priscilla RobbinsStahl* 
Drucilla Roberts Bickford 
Virginia Rolfe Guy 
Elsie Simonds Follett 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil* 
Martha Stonebraker Ely* 

Ruth Sudhoff Sutherland 
Althea Taylor Goldberg 
Virginia Von Lynn Seavy* 
Doris Winkemeier Dieffenbach* 


Total Gifts: $3,440 

Jane Bergwall Shattuck 
Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Lynn Blodgett Williamson* 
Raemary Chase Duryea* 
Dorothy Crathern French 
Doris Crocker Easter* 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth* 
Constance DiPietro Lenge 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Marjorie Fuller Wagoner* 
Margaret Hale Sawyer* 
Joan Hanson Blake* 
Barbara Harris Ryan 
Audrey Hill Kennison 
Jean Hopkins Goin* 
Naomi Kahrimanian Kuzoian* 
Florence Lewis DuBois (d) 
Elizabeth MacDonald Anderson 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Marjorie Mosher Masch 
Sarah Myers McCormick 
Dorothy Nelson Whiting* 
Marjorie Norris Harris 
Nancy Peterson Strain* 
Louise Pool Langley 
Muriel Ross Benshimol* 
Janice Schuelke Test* 
Betty Scrimgeour Williams* 
Priscilla Scruton Fuller* 
Betty Simmons Kurkulos 
Nan Somerville Blowney* 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Norma Treiberg Barnidge 
Janet Vaill Maus 
Joan Walker Runge* 
Jean Watson Wetrich 
Betty Wilks Hulbert* 


Total Gifts: $9,770 

Anne Alger Ehrlich* 
Priscilla Ames Ruggles 
Patricia L. Anderson* 
Margaret Beach Otis 
Mary Brown Gorman* 
Patricia BrunnerThiede 
Ada Burns Crampton* 
Dorothea Chung Lang* 
Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Esther Cornwell Osborne 
Millicent Entwistle Crawford* 
Jeanne Franklin Bates* 
Mary-Ida Hanson Olson* 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt* 
Joyce Hayes Whitman 
Vesta Horton Kent* 
Genevieve Hurley Cummings* 
Marianne Kochli Andrews* 
Joanna Lamb Kingsley* 
Carolyn Lewis Tufts* 
Joanne McMillan Mars* 
Mary Kay Murray Sutton* 
Frances Oden Werly* 
Jacquelyn Pettine Brett 
Lois Seidel Newell 
Barbara Stickle Mode 
Gloria Sylvia Paolella* 

*Denotes donors with 10+ years of consecutive support of the Lasell Fund, (d) deceased, boldface indicates Torchbearers or above 


Donor Report 

Anita Triantafel Hatzis* 
Jane Trott Burgon* 
Beverly Tucker Bowen* 
Sally Waring Buffinton* 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman* 
Doris Wemmell Still 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan* 


Total Gifts: $78,777 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Nancy Larsen Bailey 
Harriet Markham Wedeman 

Lasell Fund 
Freda Alexander* 

Joanne Bossi True 

Virginia Bowers Noyes* 

Elaine Burrell King* 

Anne Chapman Berl 

Roberta Cohan Shack 

Hazel Comeau Hicks* 

Loraine Comeau Butler 

Barbara Cumming Hadley* 

Ann Cummings Clark* 

Betsy Jane Curtis Winquist* 

Barbara Davis Whipple* 

Paula Drake Hodgdon* 

Joan Eaton Friborg 

Barbara Ershler Levy 

D. JoAnn Hanson Long 

Florence Keeney Havens* 

Ellen Kenerson Gelotte* 

Linnea Kneller Mix* 

Nancy Larsen Bailey* 

Frances Lee Osborne* 

Betty Ann Mahoney Themal* 

Harriet Markham Wedeman* 

Ruth Marvin Nicholas 

Janet McLaughlin Stockton 

Lois McLucas Martin* 

Patricia Mertz Manning 

M. Jeanne Meyer Bird 

Ann Myers Beck* 

Mary Rogan Finn* 

Alyce Sanders Poe 

Marjorie Santerson Barrett* 

June Sherter Krevor 

Cynthia Smith Loeper-Wallace* 

June Smith Noreen* 

Barbara Snook Haggerty* 

Sophia Sofronas Johnson 

Beverly Splitt Keller* 

Barbara Street Berry* 

Shirley Sturm Bullard* 

Ann Truex Dickinson* 

Lucile Tucker Anderson* 

Muriel Ward Owler 

Dorothy Whittemore Schlobohm , ' 

Dolores S. Winslow* 

Gloria Wurth Harrison 

Mary Young Jacobs 


Total Gifts: $329,420 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 

Lasell Fund 

Delores Anderson Musgrave 
Ann Ashley Sanderson* 
Barbara Berry Roberts 

Phyllis Burckett Ulicny* 

Corinne Capone McGuiggan* 
Mona Carson Bumpus 
Nancy Colman Hill* 
Nancy Curtis Grellier* 
Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury* 
Ann Fletcher Simonds 
Marie Foster Elmer 
Evelyn Frye White* 
Jean Grant Walter 
June Gray Taylor 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley* 
Helen Hamilton Croot 
Barbara Hickey Carvin 
Ann Hollett Munro* 
Elizabeth Honywill Horgan* 
Martha Hurd Davenport* 
Nancy Irwin Van Dorn 
Pamela Johns Barry 
Anne Kendall Baldacci 
Natalie Knight Rogers* 
Eeva Laitinen Stromski 
Nancy Lawson Donahue* 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings* 
Polly Martini Baglieri 
Patricia McCarthy Treat* 
Lucile Merrill Birch 
Barbara Milne Lynch* 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Patricia Quirk Jones* 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore* 
Josephine Sanborn Hickey 
Meredith Sisson Wannie 
Joyce Stanley Pederzini 
Emogene Starrett Anderson* 
B. J. Stephenson Riedel 
Jane Wadhams Hazen* 
Jewell Ward Ganger* 
Marilyn Weeden Davidson 
Joan Weiler Arnow (d)* 
Janet White MacLure* 
Boydes Wilson Smith* 
Joan Wolfe Wickham 
Jacquelyn Word Stallings 
Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen* 


Total Gifts: $33,320 

Joyce Andrews Phelps* 

Anita Angelus Koulopoulos* 

Joan Antun Rednor* 

Eleanor E. Barton 

Janet Bell Luening* 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian* 

JoAnn Brooks Shaffer 

Nancy Burrows Putnam* 

Cynthia Butler Barnes* 

Anne Carpenter Towle* 

Nancy Copeland 

Mary Jane Corrallo Noel 

Jean Davies Stanley* 

Joyce Davies Harrison 

Mary Claire Dodge Davis* 

Joan Dorau Hohorst* 

Gloria Drulie Schluntz* 

Mary Louise Dunham Weyand* 

Marion Ettinger Steinmetz* 

Diana Ewing Bowser* 

Janet Foley* 

Beverley Fortye Armstrong 

Nancy Frank Marks 

Clare Gammons McMullan* 

Marjorie Gilbert Knipper 

Joy Gustavson Smith 

Jeanne Hackett Desmond 
Joanne Harrington Price* 
Carol Haye Deal 
Virginia Hopson Griffin 
Phyllis Howard Conner 
Patricia Hyde Billett 
Betty Jean Jones Bolton* 
Ariel Leonard Robinson 
Lois Lincoln Dugdale 
Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal* 
Anne Mastin Egner* 
Colleen McCarty Romann 
Joanne McDonald Prouty 
Janice McGoughran 
Joan McKinney Aldrich 
Barbara McNeish Mancuso 
Marilyn Morse Harris* 
Ruth Mount Garry 
Janet Murphy George* 
Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian* 
Nancy Nelson Weiss 
E. Anne Nettleship Teets* 
Ellen O'Brien Montemurro* 
Janice O'Brien Almond 
Rosemary O'Brien deBelay 
A. Christine Oliveto Davis 
Margaret Olson Belden* 
Elaine Orth Rodey* 
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser* 
Jane A. Perry* 
Nancy Pryor Baker 
Shirley Richman Miller 
Joan Robilotto Gibson* 
Ruth Rosebrock Tobias* 
Marylin Sargent Babineau 
Lois Schaller Toegemann* 
Iris Schofield McDonough 
Jo-Anne Secor Rier 
Orilla Shaw Skinner* 
Clara Silsby Lamperti* 
Carolyn Snook Rauscher* 
Esther Snowden Richmond* 
Jean Stearns Gorman 
Beverly Walker Ward* 
Joan Wallace Billings 
Joan Whitten Cummings 
Nancy A. Wilson 
Jean Woods McNeilly* 


Total Gifts: $30,148 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Shirley Hannafin Adams 

Lasell Fund 

Elizabeth Allison Smuts 
Marie Arnold Wilson 
Kathrine Aslanian Sivazlian* 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos 
Kathleen Ballard Heck* 
Sallyann Bartlett Abel* 
Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne 
Dorothy Delasco Sines* 
Janet Fornoff Hauber* 
Catherine Fouhy 
Priscilla Freeman Martin 
Shirley Hannafin Adams* 
Linda Heather Venezia 
Carol Ann Hess Recco 
Joan Howe Weber 
Lois Hutchinson Woodward 
Barbara Jankowski Rusch* 

Jean Johnson Knowlton* 
Maureen A. Kane* 
Joan Kearney Cormay 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell* 
Arlene Kelly Erdman 
Jean Kilgore Owen* 
Charlotte Killam Wild 
Marie Kohaut Dougherty 
Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 
Barbara McRoberts Collingwood* 
Joanne Monahan Garrity* 
Ann Murray Reynolds 
Diane Nelson Cowan 
Beverly Pink Reynolds 
Patricia Preble Robison* 
M. Elaine Quavillon Tull* 
Patricia Raeder Crone* 
Harriet Schwarz Ryan 
Joanne Seremeth Teague 
Betty Lou Shattuck Musser* 
Marcia Staats Lusardi 
Isabell Stanley Davis 
Anna Stevenson Mangano 
Doris Stewart Sutton* 
Alice Stover Kiehl 
Janet Underwood Wall 
Ann Van der Veer Bradley 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey* 
Nancy Webb Canepa 
Joyce Weitzel Flanagan 
Janice Weyls Moore* 
Mary Jane White Miller-Puckett* 
Joan Williams Arnold* 
Jeanine Wortman Post* 


Total Gifts: $3,009 

Nancy Allen Banks 
A. Lois Armstrong Howland (d) 
Alice Baker Alexander 
Vilma Barbuto Herrick* 
Diane Benfield Foye* 
Peggy Bostwick Farnsworth 
Joyce Carroll Mulcahy 
Chloe Comstock Singarella* 
Adrienne DeMaria White 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg* 
Virginia Easton Simpson 
Betty Lou Foy Reid* 
Ina Friedman Steinhauser 
Bernardine Gill Smith* 
Phyllis Gleason Riley* 
Elizabeth Griffin Wetzel 
Mary Grill Turton* 
Virginia Johnson Irwin 
Nancy Marcus Golden 
Marilyn McGuire 
Audrey McKay Prince* 
Mary Miller Henrique 
Geraldine Paulmier Hazell* 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Frances Peters Dunlevy* 
Carolyn Powers Fontaine* 
Joeyna Raynal Rearwin* 
Barbara Sieder Treadway 
Virginia Smibert Swanson 
Virginia Snedaker Marschall* 
Martha Thomas Hasak 
Barbara Trout Krohn* 
Mary Violet Retsinas 
Dorothy Webb Slack 
Muriel Webb Moyer 
Mary Lou Woodward Robinson* 


Total Gifts: $4,620 

Margaret Angus Christman* 
Joan Bennett-Bryant Bryant 
Carol Bridgetts Cadmus* 
Barbara Brigham Bonvallat (d) 
Eva Bunzel Bulman 
Mary Burke Brinn* 
Mary Louise Burke Alexander 
Janet Chase Ash* 
Elinor Cohen Goldman 
Mary Lou Cooke MacKnight* 
Jane Corbin Post 
Leonora Coronella Krueger* 
Louise Crank Graham 
Constance Cullman Broderick 
Joan Darelius Chirnside* 
Louise Dawe Turner* 
Jean DiFrancesco Ruland 
Marie DiSilva Stocki* 
Mary Ann Donahue 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Maureen Fagan Hollfelder* 
Karen Floberg Levis 
Judith Gardner Davis* 
Janet Gleason Nolan 
Barbara E. Howell* 
Althea Janke Gardner 
Mary Kelly Williamson 
Nancy Kittell Martin-Johnson* 
Elsie Knaus Klemt* 
Kathleen MacGregor Randolph 
June Martin Godfrey 
A. Cynthia McCoy Fairweather* 
Barbara Palumbo Howe 
Janet Pearson Hauck* 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger* 
Ann Pockwinse Fudge 
Jeanette Roberts Mann* 
Barbara Ronan Gallagher 
Donna Ross Hurley 
Mary Thomas Justice 
Audrey Thompson Rielle* 
Joy Ufford Penderville* 
Shirley Vara Gallerani* 
Joan Wilckens Pittis* 
Virginia Wilder Melitz* 
Nancy Yager Weiler 


Total Gifts: $11,130 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Thelma Greenberg Florin 

Lasell Fund 

Barbara Adams Owen 
Nancy Atwood Cook* 
Ann Bowerman Logan 
Merilyn Budlong Trocino 
Ann Chidsey Moebius 
Susan Cluett LaGrange* 
Corinne Coyle Lydem* 
Mary Cummings Hunter 
Annette Dufton Dagg 
Hope Duguid Dauwalter* 
Kama Erickson Feltham* 
Cynthia Fisher MacDonald 
Patricia Flett Lowe 
Charlotte Frye 
Thelma Greenberg Florin* 
Judith Hansen* 
Marilyn Hardacre Sell 
Faith Harvey Fisler* 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1, 2009 -June 30, 2010 

Janet Hatch Hamilton* 

Many Hayden Durkee* 

Priscilla Head Davis* 

Nancy Hedtler Ford 

Nancy P. Horton* 

Nancy Husted Koerner* 

Susan Johnson Keane 

Rita Keevers Claflin 

Anne Kempel Green 

Ann Kennedy Duncan* 

Joy Lanner Left 

Elizabeth Ann Lindsay Buhler* 

Roberta Loud Huh 

Jean MacDonald Dulude 

Jeannette Marchant Pierce 

Carolyn Marino Zentmaier 

Jeanette Marvin Brown* 

Carole Mattucci Wall 

Mary McCulloch Bush 

Judith Messier Howard* 

Virginia Michelini Parks 

Frances Mitchell Sherman* 

Sybil Moore Pinkham* 

Ruth Murdick Walker 

Catherine A. Murray* 

Lorraine Nelson Stevens 

Nancy Notte Smith* 

Ann Olsen Griggs 

Ruth Paetz Braun 

Suzanne Palmer Lee* 

Nancy Perry Voll* 

Deborah Potter Waugh* 

Marjorie Price Johnson* 

Joan Rabbitt Downey* 

Shirley Read Lupien 

Sandra Reynolds Grant* 

Orelyn Rice Emerson 

Carol Rofer Hofmann* 

Sara Rojas Casarella 

Shirley Sherwood Adams* 

Lee Smith* 

Virginia Smith Grady 

Nancy Swanson Horsfield* 

Joan Trenholm Morris* 

Joanna Ward* 

June Weidner Burns 


Total Gifts: $6,392 

June Anderten Dekar* 
Thelma Appel Kaplan* 
Theresa Brossi Ciarcia 
Jacqueline Cain Sheils* 
Carolyn Chapin Snyder 
Jane Clark Minear 
Suzanne Clark Johnson 
Carol Cunningham Kiley 
Nancy Curtis Kern* 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco* 
Mary Alice Everett Yurko 
Priscilla Fenton Abercrormbie* 
Elaine Gaysunas Coppinger 
Donna Gearhart Leo 
Elizabeth R. Goetz 
Amalia T. Gori 
Mary Lee Gowdy Belcourt* 
Patricia Gura Conroy* 
Carolyn Hall Browning* 
Barbara Hammett Elkinton 
Ann Harris Hughes* 
Anne Hartnett Lohnes 
Diana Hendley Cooper* 
Barbara Hilliard Tracey 
Barbara Judd Ozinga* 

*Denotes donors with 10+ yea 

Jean Kellner Kyser 
Beverly Kimball Lamburn 
Sandra Lally Hovey* 
Helen LeFaivre Russo* 
Lucille Marden Randall* 
June McLaughlin Lombino 
Carol Merwin Robinson* 
Jean Mills Einarson 
Mildred Monahan Regan 
Valerie Montanez Barto 
Joan Murano Swanson* 
Lucinda Nolin Johnson* 
Bernice Nutt LaVake 
Helen Peters Guy* 
Carol Phelps Wilk 
Hazel Schoppy Callahan* 
Maxine Seidel Lyle 
Joan Shanley Verdile 
Susan Shepardson Buchanan* 
Sally Sherman Pulfer 
Audrey Silver Rogers* 
Caroljean Somers Ogrodnik* 
Joy Stewart Rice* 
Sandra Stone Myerow* 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri* 
Angela Tabellario Mitchell* 
Susan Thomas Wiard* 
Cynthia Tredeau Wegerdt 
Dianne Tuzik Pingree 
Marilyn Valter Maclay* 
Jean Van Buskirk Swanfeldt 
Adnenne Vitali Stewart 
Mary Waterman Weaving 


Total Gifts: 11,895 

Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Nancy Argast Drake 
Mary Augur Wallace* 
Ann August Marcus* 
Elaine Bertini Roske 
Deborah Beuttel Gore 
Joyce Bliss Doyle 
Elaine Card LeFort 
Judy Caswell Allen* 
Jane Chisholm Glynn 
Joan Conley Eid* 
Carol Corning Richard* 
Dorothy Craig Kochli 
Beverly Danks Rieckers* 
Deanne Dario Sferrino 
Sandra Davis Hudson* 
Adele DeFrancesco Towle 
Hanna Den Hartog Abrahams 
Agnes di Zerega Cook 
Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell 
Joan Fleming Dudek 
Gail Frank Wells* 
Nancy Freud Harring 
Gail Gelinas Nixon* 
Ruth Grossman Goldman 
Eugenia Halkiotis Contopoulos 
Ann Hastings Peterson* 
Patricia Hayes Schoeller* 
Ann Hekemian Krikorian 
Sally Herman DeRosa 
Nancy Hietala Grammas 
Diane Jacobson Rosenberg* 
Cynthia Kane Bender 
Leanne Kessler Kobin 
Therese Kilgore Mannix 
Sandra Lavine Kanosky 
Sara Lester Verbeck* 
(continues on page 44) 
rs of consecutive support of the 

Bridge to the Future Fundraising Initiative 

Bridge to the Future is a three-year fundraising initiative launched in fiscal year 
2010 to provide for Lasell's facility and operating needs, which have resulted 
from the College's tremendous growth in recent years. Its three core objectives 
are to raise $5 million dollars to build the new Donahue Center for Creative 
and Applied Arts (below) and to support other current building projects 
underway; to raise $3 million dollars for Lasell's endowment (primarily through 
planned gifts); and to raise at least $2 million in gifts over the three-year period 
in support of the Lasell Fund. 

The following list includes those generous donors who have made special gifts 
and pledges, in addition to their Lasell Fund donations, in support of the Bridge 
to the Future Fundraising Initiative. 

Shirley Hannafin Adams '51 

and Robert Adams 
Michael B. Alexander 

and Mary Barbara Alexander 
Nancy Larsen Bailey '48 and James Bailey 
Virginia Thomas Baxter '39 
Keith D. Bilezerian 
Richard K. Blankstein 
Calvin R. Carver, Jr. 
Urit Chaimovitz '98 
Rena Clark 
Nancy Lawson Donahue '49/P'78/H'98 

and Richard K. Donahue P'78 
Albert Donatio 
Pamela Faria 
Thelma Greenberg Florin '54 

and Richard Florin 
Ginger Fragnito 
RoseMary B. Fuss 
Marguerite Boyd Greene '30 (d) 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 
Priscilla Spence Hall '43 
Dana A. Hamel 
Helena Bentz Hartnett 
Susan Hass 

Marjorie Borden Hayward '40 
Kathleen D. Hegenbart 
Michael Hoyle 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 

and William Klingbeil 
Thomas Koerber 
John F. Leonard 
Darryl F. Madey 
Michael A. Maggiacomo 
John and Linda Maguire P'10 
Gloria Boyd Major-Brown '44 
Marisa L. Mascaro 

Thomas and Olivia McDonough P'10 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin '59 
Dorothy Cooke Merchant '40 
Ina S. Moses 
Charles and Susan Moran P'1 1 

Kathleen M. O'Connor 

Ellen S. Offner 

James Ostrow and Christine Ostrow 

John V. Pilitsis 

Elisse Allinson Share '65/P'98 

Ruth S. Shuman 

Sally Remley Southmayd '62 

Erik J. Stapper 

Eric M. Turner and Wanda Whitmore 

Katharine Urner-Jones '83 

and Lawrence Jones 
Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle '36/H'96 
Harriet Markham Wedeman '48/H'10 
Kathryn E. West 

Charlotte and Donald J. Winslow (d) 
Judith B. Wittenberg and Jack Wittenberg 


Boston Foundation 
Carver/Delaney Families Foundation 
Andrew Delaney Foundation 
Richard & Nancy Donahue 
Charitable Foundation 
Florin Family Foundation, Inc. 
Gift4Giving Program 
D. A. Hamel Family Charitable Trust 
MBA3 Foundation of the Ayco Charitable 

McDonough Family Fund 
The Millipore Foundation 


Estate of Jean B. Adams '40 
Estate of Lucille Huse Chappell '37 
Estate of Jean Sargent Lee '49 
Estate of Joan Lindeman '54 
Estate of Grace Crossland Spurr '44 

Donor Report 

Elane Lindstrom Williams 
Judith Littlefield Clark* 
Patti Lockwood Blanchette 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 
Joyce Maroni Gomes 
Katherine Mayo McAllister 
Joan McDonald Delmore* 
Judith Metcalf Daniels 
Barbara Murdock Woods 
Constance Nastasi Mehos 
Frances Nettleton Konsella* 
Diana Neusner Shapiro 
Barbara O'Keefe Fornes 
Patricia O'Shea-Pappas 
Mary Panetta Thomas 
Virginia Paolillo Lawlor 
Mary Parmakian Bauer 
Janet Parmenter Bogardus 
Ann Pasquale Kibort* 
Angel Pennio Algeri 
Bette Perlstein Shapiro 
Carol Phalen Swiggett 
Joan Polidor Selander* 
Sally Quicke Reiss* 
M. Patricia Quinn Gamerdinger 
Penny Rafkin Blake* 
Joan Raymond Healey 
Barbara Richman Elliot 
Antoinette Ruinen Stapper* 
Lorraine E. Saunders* 
Carolyn Scherer Butler 
Margaret Schwingel Kraft* 
Frances Scott Simmons 
Carolee Scribner Cain 
Nancy Shook Bender 
Nancy Smith Marchese 
Sandra Smith Swain* 
Nanci Sullivan Hancock 
Katharine H. Taft* 
Sally Thompson Carr 
Marylyn Tomancak Kirchhoefer* 
Ann Tucker Lojzim 
Valerie M. Van Drooge 
Bette L. Walsh* 
Janet Whitney Buck 


Total Gifts: $10,385 

Sonia Altland Griffith* 
Edith Berger Kaplan 
Ann Bidwell Sanborn* 
Sandra Bristol Walters 
Marilyn Brown Stover 
Cynthia Clark Rose-Frazee 
Joyce Conza Swaine* 
Jane Coulter Langmaid* 
Marion Day Grosjean 
Joan Deshefy Patenaude* 
Ann Donnelly Murphy 
Dorothy Fenley Manning 
Elizabeth C. Fenn 
Barbara Flint Gerald 
Suzanne Fournier Solis 
Sue Scott Garratt* 
Lenore Hagopian Arabian 
Margaret Hubbard Higgins 
Marcia James Carthaus* 
Marcia Jones Leighton 
Peggy Ann Kenison Glaister 
Caroline Killam Moller* 
Katherine Knowles Wright 
Patricia Koules Kandianis 
Joan Kramer Edelman 
Virginia Krauss White 

Chonghyo Lee Shin 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe* 
Sheila Miller Cohen 
Rosemary Pellegrino Eichenfield 
Joan Pethybridge Thompson* 
Janet L. Pockwinse 
Barbara Polidor Kubichek* 
Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson 
Evelyn Sanders Brewster* 
Sue Stroup Gilbert 
Barbara Sturges Kraus 
Carol Swartz Kumin* 
Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone 
Nancye Van Deusen Connor* 
Jean Warren Tredwell 
Ada Whitmore Suydam* 
M. Virginia Zipf Metzler* 


Total Gifts: $5,940 

Betty Anderson Fairchild 
Constance Baker George* 
Marilyn Barette Roberts 
Joan Bates Andersen 
Barbara Batty Brown* 
Harriet Beard Ackerman 
Bonnie Beckwith Morrison 
Audrey Biggerstaff 
Andrea Bischoff Houser* 
Jeanne Bradner Morgan* 
Linda Braslow Lefkowitz* 
Judith Butler Weppel 
Millicent Carlson O'Brien 
Carol M. Christopher 
Nancy Cincotti Emmons* 
Cynthia Clary Hoyt 
Beverly Dansky Singer* 
Barbara Elm Symington* 
Laurie Ferrante Cannon* 
Mary Ann Fuller Young 
Judith George Stephens* 
Susan Greenhut Kamras 
Marion Heinsohn Mitchell 
Janet Hicks McCoy 
Marian Hume Tibbetts 
Sandi Lerner Holzman 
Ellen Mahoney Simmonds 
Elizabeth Mann Fountain 
Janet McPherson Pretto* 
Gladys Mettler Biasotto 
Jeanne Mitchell Leeber 
Portia Pantages 
Ann Reeves Burton* 
Sarah Requa Guthridge* 
Gail Seibert Glover* 
Elaine Shanken Fischer 
Sandra Sheller Alessi 
Meade Simpson Fasciano* 
Marsha Singer Marshall* 
Jacquelyn Smith Johnson 
Nancy Sonshine Kerstein 
Nancy Spargo Goodridge 
Barbara Stannard Riedinger 
Leila-Kay Steen Tickner 
Joyce Stirling Wyatt 
Kate Tobin Yelle* 
Betty Tognazzi Hennessy 
Linda Truell Good 
Marilyn Welter Jopp 
Barbara Wenzel Carroll 
Gail Winalski Burd* 
Patricia Woolley Cronin 
Jean Wynott Delahunt 


Total Gifts: $17,513 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Joan Conradi McLaughlin 

Lasell Fund 

Sondra 0. Allen* 
Junis Anderson Nicholson 
Barbara Baldauf Rice 
Linda Barber Morgan 
Patricia Bowen White 
Cynthia Boynton Green* 
Susan Bravman Uretsky* 
Barbara Case Lipke* 
Elinor Castano Duffy 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin* 
Betsy Coulson Conrad* 
Nancy Crowell Coleman 
Carol Cunningham Hoyt 
Joanne Curtis Island* 
Karen Daniels Dorney 
Marcelle Delaney Nolan 
Janet Detwiler Detwiler 
Ann Douglass Wood* 
Nancy Ferguson* 
Lillian Goncalo Silvia 
Joyce Goss Strickler 
Nancy Gotz Cohn 
Martha Grearson Herbert 
Carole Grieve Bilafer* 
Elizabeth Healy Shelby 
Maryellen Hess 
Carol Hetherington Tihen 
Carlene Hintlian Newell 
Mary Howard Kells 
Barbara Howell Talbott 
Melisse Jenkins Bailey 
Barbara Kirshman Goddard* 
Linda Larson Behrendt 
Marcia Lietz Sweeney 
Barbara Maurer Mazzanovich 
Susan McComb Powers 
Sandra Nider Challant* 
Frances Reid Smith 
Judith Robinson Wilkins 
Nancy Rotman Duffy* 
Suzanne Saunders Doyle* 
Judith Sias Fudge 
Carroll Spelke Dawson 
Diane Strawhince Longley 
Joan Sycle Norwitz* 
Joan Valentine Glasson* 
Carolyn Wood Brox 


Total Gifts: $9,230 

Jean Anderson Spragg 
Sarah Anderson Olsen 
Elizabeth Backus Girard 

Polly Bergstrom Barnes* 

Barbara Beuth Nelson 

Elizabeth Bigelow George 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg* 

Faith Bowker-Maloney 

Nancy Bowne Rollinson 

Nancy A. Boyd* 

Charlotte Brown McDowell (d) 

Susan Bullock Larson 

Rayna Lee Caplan 

Janet Caserio 

Linda Chiaramonte Mount* 

Chrust Goodman 

Joan Corthouts McCormick 

Julia Davidson Dobson 
Marcia Dodson Morley 
Susan Elsbree Warren 
Carol Failla Doughman 
Frances Fleming Kennedy 
Sallie Flowers Brigham 
Lynn FlusserTull 
Marsha Frommer Crowley* 
Susan Gage Barros 
Elaine Gagnon Wheaton 
Minna Golden Levin* 
Sheila Gordon Stein 
Judith Grace Lazarus 
Lynda Green Scourtis 
Patricia Grodsky Caplan 
Nancy Hoey Hanson 
Wendy Holmes-Pearson 
Ruth Katz Goodsnyder 
Sally Kemp Scammon 
Karen Kirk Macintosh 
Jane Kremer Bray* 
Colleen Light Mette 
Sandra Lund Grouten 
Mary Alice MacCallum Gozzi 
Barbara McAlary Kashar 
Mary McCartney Kuhrtz* 
Carrol McKay Stephens 
Esmilta Oro Cohen 
Michele Poirier Gorman 
Barbara Rahner Reese 
Anita Ramirez Zayas 
Marilyn Senior Legg 
Ellen C. Smith 
Bobette Spiegel Davison 
Constance T. Sprague 
Claire Sullivan Gaylord 
Linda Teich Bennett* 
Linda Telfer* 
Jean Terrell Jones 
K. Louise Thomson Mitchell 
Carol Vincent Cook 
Justine Waite Chandler 
Elaine Waters Shaunessy 
Joyce Wheeler Gardner 
Joan White Martin 
Judith Williams LaValle 
Susann York Stadtfeld* 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman* 


Total Gifts: $9,064 

Janice Bateman Burnes 
Georgia Beaumont 

Judith Broggi Nicolosi 
Carol Brooke Cudia 
Andrea Busch Niewenhous 
Barbara Carberry Haddad* 
Diane Cassata Pillman 
Lynne Clark Kent 
Barbara Davis Delano 
Susan Dennison Harmon* 
Lynn Fager Worthington 
Linda Fait York* 
Joan Franke Neustaedter 
Beverly French Keigwin 
Lela Graham Moses* 
Sharon Handley House 
Carol Healy McKinnon* 
Carol Henderson Bishop 
Elizabeth C. Hood* 
Laura Jensen 
Gwen Johnson Redding 
Jane A. Kendrigan 

Carole Kirschner Wilson 
Eleanor Laney Afflitto 
Linda Leser Hughes 
Concetta R. Luppino 
Celeste Mayo Shannon* 
Barbara Mersky Miller* 
Phyllis Milano* 
Elizabeth Miller Gay* 
Joan Moeller Thompson 
Louise Motta Shimkin 
Dorothy E. Musche 
Linda Norwell Coburn 
Valerie Orcutt Sirignano 
Judith Ready Baird 
Karla Robinson Dunham* 
Rona Ruderman Goldstein* 
Susan Schenker Portnoy* 
Carol Schumacher Dougherty 
Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan* 
Janet Scott Mitchell 
Susan Shaw Abbott 
Donna Skillings Kessler 
Ellen Smith Burton 
Barbara Swiatek Vangsness 
Susan Sydow Mitchell* 
Donna Szarek Sullivan* 
Nancy Thomas Dudek 
Geraldine Weidman Wight 
Wendy Wolfenden 
Virginia Wollinger Fisher* 


Total Gifts: $2,735 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Sally Remley Southmayd 

Lasell Fund 

F. Lynne Andrews Scielzo* 
Linda Bald Lathrop* 
Elizabeth Behre Mulligan 
Muriel Bloom Bruskin 
Marion Blunt Von Heisermann 
Marybeth Brossman Mortimer 
Patricia Buxton 
Pamela Capuano Veek 
Sharon Carley Fitts 
M. Jane Fallona Sheehan 
M. Kathleen Falvey Garrity 
Virginia Fletcher Yagovane 
Patricia Gath Moessinger* 
Carolyn Grant Leary 
Beryl Hamlen Morrisey* 
Ingrid Jonason Burch 
Joan Killian Wronsky 
Donna Livingston Brown 
Janet Lopaus Starkes 
Marcia Madden Heist 
Karen Mandel Marschall 
Roberta Mulford Walker 
Priscilla Phelan Satterfield 
Tracy Potter Vangermeersch 
Nancy Quattrocchi Soule 
Bonnie A. Reimann* 
Linda Resnick Baer 
Carol Rzeznikiewicz Russell* 
Joan Sastavickas Curtin* 
M. Pamela Sherry Creed 
Karen Smith Graver* 
Nancy Sporborg Green* 
Elaine Sproul Belham 
Linda Strecker Thorn 
Carol Swanson Evans* 
Virginia Tsouros Taylor 
Kathryn Tullock Godwin 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1 , 2009 - June 30, 201 

Donor Report 


Total Gifts: S3.325 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Patricia Rvan Cantm 

Lasell Fund 

Genevieve Abbot McNamara 
Brenda Altman Berman 
Dorothy Andler Silber* 
Kathleen Baker Taylor 
Suzanne B. Banghart 
Joan Barry Lane 
Deborah Begg McKinney 
Cornelia Bessemer Hatfield 
Nancy Bunn Oakes 
Jeanne Chase Peckham* 
Barbara Christiansen Haimann 
Bette Cole Greene 
Geraldme Cnvello Giuntoli 
Priscilla Dorman Kirby 
Judith Firth Haggett 
Margo Hicks Waite* 
Judith Higgms Schlegel 
Sarah Hirst-Pitts* 
JoAnn Jacobson* 
Arlene A. Jacopian* 
Linda E. Kaiser 

Marian Sue Kerstem Sherman* 
Claire Lipton Zimmers* 
Susan March Allen* 
Pamela Marden Ramberg 
Sharon Merrill Currier 
Rita Mooney Dubow 
Barbara Moulton Smith 
Barbara Noongian Meehan 
Virginia A. Orsi* 
Marjory Prezioso Delaney* 
Cathryn Reynolds Simpson 
Patricia Ryan Cantin 
Daryl Anne Schmid Anderson 
Joan Seibert Agnacian* 
Lenore Silvestro Stein 
Nancy Spelman Moyer 
Sandra Stahl Thomas 
Linda Stevens Roeder 
Joan Teachout Beard 
Anne Thiessen Sullivan 
Irene Tuttle Monne 
Amy S. Ullman* 
Linda Welt Horowitz* 
Susan Woodruff Bieling 
Judith Young Knight 


Total Gifts: $7,085 

Susan Alford Ross 
Vivien Ash Gallagher* 

Karen Asklar Grow 
Jane Boyden Kropp (d)* 
Carol Bradley Sullivan 
Penny Brewster Martyn 
Susan Childs Merrick* 
Susan Coster Malsin* 
Elizabeth Daigneau Marshall* 
Nina Dotterer 

Lee Dunstane Vandermark* 
Amey Eckles Dodge* 
Kathleen Etz Venier* 
Arlene Ferreira Rego 
Terry Fleming Cox* 
Margery Flowers Baston* 
Susan Gilland Smith* 
Felice Goldman Resko* 

Susan Gorfinkle 

Marsha Graziano Ballantyne 

Kathleen Hayes Panos 

Susan Humphreys Klein 

Alison Johnston Johnston 

Susan Kaplan Floman 

Marsha Keyes Tucker* 

Paula Lally O'Brien 

Beverly Landros Bley* 

Betsy Levine Printz 

Marcia Mactavish Syer 

Jane McKee Rozes 

Karen Metcalf Sommer 

Susan Mills Armstrong 

Joanne Oliver Page* 

Kay Oppenheim Loomstem 

Sara Jane Osborne* 

Antoinette Palmer Overacker 

Linda Parmenter Goulding 

Patricia Perry Polidor* 

Linda Pillarella West* 

Victoria Poole Givler 

Patricia Pugliese Streibel 

Janet Ramsbotham Blake* 

Kathleen Rebmann Royka 

Elinor Rosen Rouff* 

Lynn Rosenbush Davidov* 

Linda Salvati Ladd 

Ruth Sawyer Staley 

Andrea Siegal Cohen 

Jan Slocum 

Helene Smith Shippen 

Ann Stern Russo* 

Judith Stone Matthews 

Robin Strauss Shapiro 

Patricia Washburn Mancivalano* 

Linda Werner Simon* 

Donna Whiteley Sieverts 


Total Gifts: S8,040 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Elisse Allinson Share 

Lasell Fund 

Rhoda Adelman Moskowitz 
Elisse Allinson Share* 

Nancy Almgren Killam 
Cynthia Ames Gardiner 
Gretchen Boyer Stengel 
Carol C. Cacciamani 

Sheryl Chapman Kammer 
Elizabeth Clapp Champlin 
Susan Constantine Buonocore 
Sandra Cramblet Cox 
Sunny Gould Macmillan 
Kathleen Goulder Plante 
Mary Harrison Lansing* 
Sara-Jane Hayes Kiesling 
Katherine Healey Marella 
Jean Hill Johnson* 
Gail Jacobsen Isaksen 
Eleanor Lamson Brewster* 
Susan Layng Bogle 
Lynne Lockhart 
Marcia Lundgren Johns 
Hetty Magill Dolgin 
Ann Mattioli 
Suzanne Mohn Noll 
Lydia Moissides Hines 
Janet Muir Garrity* 
Marilynn Paganelh Ugalde 
Karen Pedersen Silverthom* 

Virginia Pedrick Searle* 
Pamela Porter Barefoot 
Karin Rohleder Kline* 
Sibyl Ryan Piccone 
Catherine Sanford Nurmi 
Dorothy Searles Woods 
Marjorie Story Brown 
Ellen Sweeney Fox 
Elizabeth Tomlinson Namerow 
Gay Urban Ferrie 
Lynn Wemple Biggers* 
Susan Williams Shanbar 
Linda Wilson Olson 
Ann Woodbury McWilliams 
Elizabeth Wright Frappier 
Diane Yacovone Aurigemma* 
Margo Yonker MacKenzie 
Janet Young LaCava* 


Total Gifts: $4,000 

Gloria Black Woodbury 

Nancy B. Black* 

Bonnie J. Broe 

Barbara Caron MacLean* 

Colette Cavanaugh Clark 
Susan Coe Howe 
Katherine Conners Novak* 
Carolyn Crayton McVoy* 
Carolyn Davis Fish* 
Matilda Embree Kanagaki 
Deborah Fineberg 
Elizabeth FitzGerald Donovan 
Jackie Frank Paulson 
Nancy L. Goodale* 
Marsha Howe Neubert* 
Sharon K. LeVan* 
Deborah Markey Sayles 
Marcia Moore Reed 
Kathleen Moshure Johnson 
Sandra Oakes Hammond 
Nancy Palmer Brandston* 
Paula Quattrocchi Tingley* 
Elizabeth Reitman Lowenstein 
Susan Ritchie Clark* 
Lois Sawyer Caulfield* 
Katherine Steinmetz Dater 
Donna Terwilliger Moor* 
Barbara Ann Weidlich Lee 
Marion Wheeler Kimball* 
Carolyn White Amdurer 


Total Gifts: $7,870 

Elspeth Anderson Roy 
Martha Begley Hertel* 
Diane Benson Goldstein 
Marsha Breiner Liskov 
Margaret Brooks Pilachowski 
Sandra Chavez Hudson* 
Christine Chirgotis Theuerkauf* 
Marcia Clarke Young 
Sandra Erkis Summer 
Wendy Foster Cote* 
Donna Garrow Johnson* 
Gwynne Gates Cosgriff 
Cheryl Glockner Lappen 
Ann Hudson North* 
Susan Joiner Rudloff 
Bonnie Kamerdiner Marsano 
Margaret S. Keller 
Denise Koules Katsaros* 
Susan F. Lillywhite* 
Deborah Lind Mahony 

Judith Locke Lorenzo 
Patricia Mahony Hanson 
Suzanne Marek Kohanski 
Elizabeth Marsh Hanson 
Katherine McDonough Ryan* 
Mary McLaughlin Streeter 
Kathryn Morgan Lucey* 
Nancy Murray Charlton 
Judith Noveck Lamoin* 
Elaine Pierce Kurau 
Susan P. Posner* 
Judith Preston Waters 
Margaret Rebmann LeMa- 

Janice Reynolds Olson 
A. Lynn Rogers Stillman 
Martha Rorty Boiardi 
Carol A. Shapiro 
Miriam Shurkin Heyman 
Victoria Tenney Graboys 
Susan E. Thompson 
Ellen Wagner Call 
Fay White LaBrecque 


Total Gifts: $4,350 

Linda Bamberger Kirsch 
Donna Brown Safran 
Elizabeth Brown Koss 
Christine Copeland Johnson* 
Nancy A. Deveno 
Karen Duchesneau Blanck 
K. Bonnie Edwards Kregling 
Priscilla Fales* 
Sherry Federman Stein 
Heather Heath Reed 
Heather Hines Peterson* 
Jackie Hoffmeier Lee 
Edith Hogsett Whitney 
Laurie Kanters Micheau 
Christine Kinney McCann 
Judith Lipkins Ness* 
Cathy Lutz Laneri 
Ellen Margolis Monk 
Adrianne Millar Lajoie 
Nancy J. Morrison 
Meredith Morton Hill 
Roberta Munce Nelson 
Kathleen Nelson McGee 
Barbara R. Palmer 
Susan Pegues Owen 
Stephanie Pendleton 
Keena Price 
Donna C. Quattrocchi* 
Cynthia Rardin Crawford 
Mary Lou Rossano-Collier 
Cheryl Silvers Park 
Melissa Smith Hubbard* 
Ann Sterner Tyler 
Laura Struckhoff Cline 
Sherry Swain Dey* 
Janice Taylor Perruzzi* 
Kathleen Taylor-Merryman 
Victoria Tennant Bettes 
Patricia Torbron Geoghegan 
Dale Tufts Yale 
Ann VerPlanck Teese 
Candace Watson Burnham* 
Ruthanne Woods Thibodeau 


Total Gifts: $4,548 


Nancy Alterman Walker 
S. Ronna Blumenthal 
Judith Chambers DeWitt 
Mary Beth Clark Mollica 
Mary Anne Conboy 
Kathleen H. Conway* 
Dana Cooper Purvis 
Kathleen Cooper McElroy 
Melanie Correnti Kooris 
Nancy Cromer-Grayson 
Jane Davis Franchot 
Audrey Eicoff Franzblau 
Betsy Gimbel Ratner 
Laura Glass 
Jane Gordan Cobban* 
Shelley Gray Krug 
Deirdre Greene Malone 
Susan Judd Griswold 
Linda L. Koed* 
Suzanne La Coe Valade 
Sally Layng Crapser 
Deborah Lewis Vanderzell 
Linda Luskin Towne 
MaryAnn Mitchell Beaver* 
Linda Muller Weiss 
Margaret Salzer LoCastro* 
Linda M. Satterfield* 
Leah Smith Schneier 
Jonatha Tarbox Paetzhold 
Susan Thompson Johnson* 
Janet Walker Cann 
Mary Ward Lucci 


Total Gifts: $2,835 

Muriel Belkin Rowell* 
Carol Boisen Hawley 
Lee Brimblecom Gosciminski 
Christina Campagna Weeks 
Linda Casciello Coveney 
Margaret Cohen Sherman 
Sharon Dibari Deveney 
Barbara J. Depray 
Deborah J. Dreyfus 
Constance Farley Whittall 
Paula Finnegan Dickinson* 
Monica Fuchs Kramer 
Linda Gagne Glasser 
Nora Jean Ganslen* 
Christine Giso Mariano 
Suzanne H. Gordon 
Deborah Kimerling Schneider* 
Eileen McGuckian 
Pamela Parker Gartin* 
Catherine Phippard Doyle 
Kathleen Reardon Tierney 
Maryann Rizzo Hart 
Elena Scimeca Teves 
Elizabeth Shurtleff Winter* 
Shirley Sparks Kersey 
Alexandra Taylor Hills 
Marianne Thomen Williams 
Alexena Thun Frazee* 
Margaret Whipple Christie 
Janice Williams Xeller 
Susan Younger Niederman* 


Total Gifts: $4,305 


Mary Anne Bailey Hansen 
Cynthia Cassidy McManus 
Margaret Catalano Quigley* 
Susan Delis DeBlasiis 

'Denotes donors with 10+ years of consecutive support of the Lasell Fund, (d) deceased, boldface indicates Torchbearers or above 


Donor Report 

Maureen Desaulniers Russe 
Christine Flach Ristamo 
Joyce Freedman Kreppel 
Deborah A. Gardiner 
Carol Goulian Stewart 
Martha T. Herlihy 
Mary Hobler Hyson* 
Kathryn Johnston Berardi 
Deborah Kopf Hayes 
Beverly Lambert Quinn 
Marilyn Laubenstein Mamone 
Kathryn Lockwood Benson 
Lori MacDonald Mazzarelli 
Johanna Nahatis Kadra* 
Cheryl Pandolf Schenk* 
Barbara Pluta Randall 
llene V. Prashker 
Faye Rosenthal Goldman 
Elinor Sherman Rosenbaum 
Roselee Spezio Wayman 
Anita Svolis Herrick 
Candace Weeks Gallant 
Maurine Whalen Bowser 
Mary Wilson Boegel 
Cathy York Richards 


Total Gifts: $3,175 

Elizabeth Andrews Haidet* 
Susan Becker Nicholson 
Bonnie Berman Wugman 
Suzette Boshers Jefferson 
Susan Carten Varga 
Shelley Carton 
Paula Dincecco-Morthanos 
Marsha Fall Stuart 
Helen Follansbee Nicita 
Deborah Glynn Jones 
Janet Hakanson Jepson 
Susan Havens Trapani 
Nancy Inman Becker 
Susan Israel Wollkind 
Jeanne A. Johnsen* 
Julie Jordan Sneider 
Amy Juskowitz Sponseller 
Wendy Kitchen Spruiell 
Nancy E. Kopel* 
Barbara H. Mayer 
E. Anne McGuire Rawson 
Nancy Nolan 
Patricia Oakley Osburn 
Nancy Rodman Roberts* 
Lisa Rosner Sussman 
Pamela Ross Dunham* 
Stephanie Rotchford Arsenault 
Cynthia Scalzi Brown 
Sally Schlesinger Seed 
Susan L. Schrade 
Betsy Schwartz Handy 
Sally Thompson D'Allesantro* 
Elaine Vogel Cartland 
Elaine Waldman Rosenthal 
Sara Watts Set 
Deborah Wells Nunes* 
Joanne White Bartlett 


Total Gifts: $780 

Elizabeth Acker Huthwaite 
Janice Brophy Jones 
Francine Doria Stanley 
Christine Dormail Corriveau 
Susan Feinberg Casper* 

Beth D. Gile 
Sara Henley Cline 
Marjorie Hirschaut DiGalbo 
Sue Kutenplon Kutenplon 
Cheryl Kyne Risley 
Wendy Loomis Riggs 
Jane Lynn Rudolph 
Janet Nickerson Ogilvy 
Eileen Ritchie Sechovicz 
Christine M. Urbano* 
Paula Wright Cioe 


Total Gifts: $2,035 

Cheryl Aglio-Girelli 
Lillian B. Araujo (d)* 
Bonnie Baker Arnold 
Dorothy Blatchford Jenkins* 
Laurie E. Chavenson 
Lauren Cottone Beckman* 
Karen Crutchley Ronan* 
Kathleen Demers Barbato 
Lynn Durkee Sciortino* 
Marian Fletcher Buckley* 
Gerry Gaffen Alterbaum 
Nancy B. Gill* 
Adria Goldman Gross* 
Janice Hadfield Ahlers 
Dale Haworth Wilson 
Deborah Hewitt-Skowera 
Barbara Hirschfield Henry* 
Harolyn Klawans Small 
Lucy Lindeman Carty* 
Colleen Murphy Heard 
Virginia Pace Hodgkin* 
Angela Paolantonio Lowy 
Katherine Spalla Green 
Kerry Sullivan Lambert 
Donna Telesco Varbaro 
Harriet T. Thompson 


Total Gifts: $1,170 

Sandra Aitcheson Gingras 

Pamela Bath Kelly 

Lesly Bogoff Reiter 

Barbara Brehm Vincent 

Rosanna Cafarella Greco* 

Laurie Craven Halpin 

Mary Anne DeSantie Abercrombie 

Robin DubisZibrat 

Karen Eldridge Howes 

Barbara Greenberg Brumberger* 

Elaine B. Hodson 

Elizabeth Levin MacVarish 

H. Alice Mason 

Susan Merriam Conway 

Catherine C. Morrell 

Catherine N. Nuzzo 

Laurie Pincus Ziomek* 

Jane E. Raymond 

Cynthia Waggoner Eaton 

Susan Wolf Geremia 


Total Gifts: $415 

Cynthia Carroll Ougheltree 
Sandra LaPointe Greenberg 
Marilyn A. Murray 
Nancy Onanian Garrett 
Karen Quagliozzi Quinn* 
Joanne Rudinsky Campanella 
Sarah Jane Spadaro Pratt 
Suzanne St. Jean Priest 
Margaret Tayler Careau 

Vicki Thoenen Senter 
Kathe Wadlow Yost 


Total Gifts: $1,645 

Marian Abbate MacDonnell 
Lynn Alyanakian Lowrey* 
Margaret Benoit Sapia 
Greta F. Curtis 
Sandra Goldberg Katz 
Janet Guertin Daigle* 
Sandra Hathorne Mazaika 
Susan Hecht Sampson 
Rosemary Howard Daggett* 
Anne Kerrigan-Herron 
Deborah Kundla Pennington 
Lorrie Marti Schell* 
Linda Melillo Chase 
Muriel Monroy Conway 
Karen Niccolls McConnell 
Lucinda Nolin Johnson* 
Jody Pardus O'Connor* 
Cynthia S. Pinkham* 

Waszkelewicz Murray 
Alice Willard-Michaels 


Total Gifts: $2,660 

Susan J. Aldrich* 
Sylvia Allen Hazard 
Tamara Bettcher Walker 

Nancy Cantey Banasiak 
Paula Colantuone Brass 
Theresa D'lnnocenzo 
Janet DiSangro Donovan 
Margaret Downey Maguire 
Jean Freeman Kahler 
Alison Ix Lutes 
Donna Kelly-Williams 
Kristina A. Leclaire 
Maureen P. McDonald 
Eleanor V Pannesi 
Patricia A. Ray* 
Susan Sarris Redente 
Christina Striker Parker* 
Mary Ann Templeton Murray 


Total Gifts: $1,095 

Judith M. Caner 

Ronnie Cohen Romanuck 

Betsy DeRosa Wolfe 

Jean Downs O'Halloran 

Suzanne C. Fortin* 

Joyce W. Knapp 

Judith Kuchachik Fletcher 

Elizabeth Landry St. Germain 

Monica McCormick McDougall 

Marie Pengue Sheets 

Valerie Pettine Kaczmarek 

Marina Rowe Seitsinger 

Laurie Sanford DuFault 

Mary Serio Lownds 

Christine A. Tribou 


Total Gifts: $605 

Susan E. Benker 
Holly Dudek Alhart 
Kay Erlanger-McNamara 
Holly Hansen Silliman 
Dorise Kilboume Boujoulian 
Jean Punch Conkey 
Emily Renz Barron* 

Cheri Saglio Holden 
Linda S. Savanauskas 
Lisa Simmons 
Allyson Spencer Cotton 


Total Gifts: $340 

Claire Brown Joyce 
Mandi Bulette Coakley* 
Cynthia Carpenter Miccile 
Anne Fistori Langlois 
Debra Learmonth 
Maureen A. O'Brien 


Total Gifts: $5,805 

Carol Abenante Hurteau* 
Lisa Alden Haley* 
Deborah Braswell Shooshanian 
Patricia A. Ferris 
Donna Luddy DeNegre 
Susan McKay McConville 
Virginia Minor O'Malley 
Diane Raymond Grillone 
Susan Rinklin Dunne 
Melinda Simensky Whitman 
Amy Sorensen Wood 
Robin Tavekelian Post 
Cathy L. Tilley 
Katharine M. Walker 


Total Gifts: $1,345 

Shelley Avila Olm 
Judi Carlson Van Riper* 
Judith Corey Perrin 
Linda Humphrey-Walsh 
Caroline Knoener-Skowronek 
Gina Lanza Coates 
Therese Reynolds 
Katharine Urner-Jones* 


Total Gifts: $275 

Mary Beth Bacon Sartorelli 
Tracey Connor Young 
Margaret Fitzgerald Rogers 
Alicia Ingalls Hoft 
Diane Perry Kelly 
Elizabeth A. Waldo 


Total Gifts: $540 

Debra S. Arippol 
Jill Blanchard Sommer 
Dawne Burnham Mortenson 
Eileen Clifford-Ezepik 
Cathleen Hennessy Summers 
Honor Jutila Davis 
Denise Lines Sullivan 
Kristyne McNary Hayden 
Bernadette Reaney O'Connor 
Danielle J. Sacco 
Teresa Weir Shandley 


Total Gifts: $225 

Janet Cannon 
Kirsten Clark Murphy* 
Donna Giardina Tiano 
Camille Grasso Jarvie 
Susan Wood Karpenko 


Total Gifts: $360 

Catherine Bernhard Daignault 
Angela Bonacci-Quinn 
Elizabeth Brewster Murray 
Andrea Callahan Russo 
Patricia Celli Tomczyk* 
Majorie S. Kahn* 
Ann J. Mignosa* 
Denise Roberts Angerame 
Wendy C. Tarfano* 


Total Gifts: $100 

Jacqueline Burke McGuire 
Erin Fitzmaurice Minichiello 
Dana Sprouse McLaughlin 


Lynda Wolfson Walsh 


Total Gifts: $55 

Eleanor M. Wright 
Christie Cornwell Manganis 
Randy Vito Driscoll 


Jennifer Brosnan Squires 
Jennifer McGran Sinha 


Laura Heavey Gavel 


Total Gifts: $205 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Tracey Provost Downs 

Lasell Fund 

Heather Dudley-Tatman* 
Kathryn Madore 
Wendy C. Tarfano* 


Total Gifts: $1,080 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Kristine Bell Smith 

Lasell Fund 
Katherine E. Meredith 

Jennifer Mullin Casella 
Laura Silverman Snyder 


Jeanne E. Nisbet 


Total Gifts: $885 

Karla Bourgault Russell 
Melissa Kelley Berkov 
Erin Peacock Hughes 
Angela Pica 
Heidi Watkins Helwig 


Patricia Beck Bishop* 
Barbara M. McDermott 

(continues on page 48) 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 

The Heritage Society 

Donor Report 

As alumni and friends learn about the benefits of planned giving at Lasell College, many are choosing to 

Class of 1955 

Class of 1967 

provide special support for Lasell 's 

future by establishing a life income 

gift or bequest. The Heritage Society 


Susan B. Lillywhite 

honors these individuals who champion the next generation of students at Lasell. We are pleased to pay 

Nancy Goodman Cobin 

tribute to the following members of the Heritage Society (as of summer 2010): 

and Howard Cobin 

Class of 1968 

Genevieve G. Harold 

Judith Lipkins Ness 

Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46 

Class of 1942 

Jean Morgan Koenitzer 

Bobbie R. Jennings 

Ann Sterner Tyler 

Honorary Chair 


Margaret Beach Otis 

Joy Stewart Rice 

Ruth Turner Crosby H'92 

Linda Koempel Tompkins 

Class of 1969 

Class of 1934 

Marcia Corey Hanson 

Class of 1956 

MaryAnn Mitchell Beaver 


Class of 1948 


Class of 1970 

Class of 1943 

Nancy Larsen Bailey 


Class of 1936 

Elizabeth Gorton Collier 

and James Bailey 

Nancy Shook Bender 

Nora Jean Ganslen 

Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle H'96 

Gertrude Baninger Duquette 

Frances Lee Osborne 

Margaret Schwingel Kraft 

Emily Hubbel Weiss (d) 

Ann Preuss Gillerlam 

Alice Johnson Thornton 

Class of 1974 

and Gerard A. Weiss 

Priscilla Spence Hall 

Cecelia (Bubbles) Davenport 

Class of 1957 

Rena Berke 

Patricia Bixby McHugo 


Marcia James Carthaus 

Class of 1937 

Eleanor Millard Parsons (d) 

Irma Lipsitt Wolfe 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor 

Class of 1983 

Marjone Westgate Doran 

and E. Spencer Parsons 

and Philip J. Connor (d) 

Pell (Rusty) Kennedy 

and A Benedict Doran (d) 

Janet Reid Richards 

Class of 1949 

Caroline Killam Moller 

Katharine Urner-Jones 

Elizabeth Ann Wisdom 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 

Class of 1944 

Joyce Brandt Francis 

Class of 1958 

Class of 1987 

Class of 1938 

Jean Campbell 

Jewell Ward Ganger 



S. Joanne Bohaker Smith 

Carol Hill Hart 

and Jon L. Ganger (d) 

Marsha Singer Marshall 

Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 

Gloria Boyd Major-Brown 

Jane Wadhams Hazen 

and Richard Marshall 


Jane Maynard Robbins (d) 

Janet White MacLure 

Judith George Stephens 

Michael B. Alexander 

Class of 1939 

and Clesson Robbins 

Sarah Taylor Murray 


Virginia Thomas Baxter 

Class of 1959 

Calvin R. Carver 

Class of 1945 

Class of 1950 

Joan Sycle Norwitz 

Thomas E. J. de Witt 

Class of 1940 

Jane A. Dittnch 


and Margaret E. Ward 
Professor Sylvia B. Goodman 

Jeanne Hubbard Brooks 

Eugenia Cooney Glow 

Joan Antun Rednor 

Class of 1960 

Lucy Harrison Eimer 

Theresa Bergeron Hoyt 

and Charles Rednor (d) 

Sheila Gordon Stein 

Mervin and Rosalind D. Gray 

Elizabeth Carlisle Holmberg 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil 

Ariel Leonard Robinson 

Helena Bentz Hartnett 

Dorothy Cooke Merchant 

Janet Eaton Maynard 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 

Class of 1961 

Robert U. Johnsen Family 

Ruth Fulton Rardin 

Elizabeth C. Hood 

Arthur P. Menard 

Jayne Jewett Woodward (d) 

Class of 1946 

Class of 1951 

Laura T. Jensen 

Ruth S. Shuman 

and John Woodward 

Joan Walker Runge 

Jo-Ann Vojir Massey 

Geraldine Weidman Wight 

Donald Winslow (d) 

Lynn Blodgett Williamson 

and Dwight Massey 

and Charlotte Winslow 

Class of 1941 

Joan Howe Weber 

Class of 1963 

Kyo Yamawaki 

Marian Fitts Sternkopf 

Class of 1947 


Beverly Tucker Bowen 

Class of 1954 

Kay Ingrid Pinkham 

Anne Alger Ehrlich 


Margo Hicks Waite 

(d) deceased 

Remembering with Gratitude 

A large portion of our endowment growth has come through the generosity of these honored alumni 
and friends who made provisions for Lasell in their estate plans and through life-income gifts, which 
have now been received by the College. We are forever grateful to these cherished individuals whose 
legacies live on through our current and future students. 

Marion E. Johnson '31 
Shirley Frank Kerner '45 
Portia E. Kieser '40 
Jean Sargent Lee '49 

Rosalie Bnghtman Rosen '27 
Elizabeth Page Sealey '32 
Julia Crafts Sheridan 
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker '22 

I Anonymous '29 

Elizabeth Madeira Campbell '22 

A. Isabel LaCosse Fior '34 

Katherine Braithwaite Leutwyler '29 

Rena A. Silverman '52 

i Anonymous '36 

Henrietta Hisgen Campbell '28 

Barbara Schilf Fournier '40 

Merrill Brown Lett '38 

Janet Whitten Smith '39 
Marjorie Maxfield Smith '27 

I Anonymous '37 

Laurence C. Campbell 

Lydia Adams Godsoe '18 

Joan Lindeman '54 

Anonymous '40 

Julia C. Case '32 

Hester Shaw Gordon '28 

Minerva Damon Ludewig '27 

Warren Spooner 

Margaret Abrahamian '48 

Lucille Huse Chappell '37 

Sarah Wild Gordon '21 

Dell L. Masterjohn '34 

Grace C. Spurr '44 

Carol J. Bancroft '51 

Dorothy England Chester '29 

Lillian G. Grant '20 

Bunny Quinn McKenna '46 

Robert S. Stoller 

I Jean Barnes '42 

Laura C. Cobb '39 

Marguerite Boyd Greene '30 

Emma H. Ockert '26 

Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor '25 

Diane Palady Barry '49 

Mildred Bell Cole '31 

Arthur T. Gregorian 

Penny DeLaney Ogrinz 

Molly Upham Taylor '35 

Frances Austin Beaumier '37 

Mabel Burns Coleman '28 

Mildred J. Guyett '32 

Natalie E. Park '32 

Anne Campbell Terrill '37 

Diane Heath Beever '49 

Dorothy Ballou Collier '24 

Ruth D. Hayden '20 

Helen B. Perry '24 

Carolyn Clark Thomas '49 

Judith Woodbury Berenson '46 

A. Jeanne Price Crye '32 

Dorothy Young Heath '30 

Beatrice Kidd Phelps '38 

Dorothy Thomas Thomas '38 

Sibyl Weymouth Braniff ' 1 9 

Marjorie Magune Curtis '31 

Michelle B. Hires '48 

Jane Hupman Preston '31 

Marvine Weatherby '41 

I Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 

Janet Owens DeArment '37 

Nancy Larson Holbrook '42 

Daniel W. Puffer 

Louise Hegeman Whitman '25 
Sylvia Morgan Williams '30 

' Ruth Lindquist Brinton 

Helen Duncan Devereaux '26 

Marion Camandona Holden '38 

Eleanor Dippel Reed '35 

| Dorothy Hale Brown '26 

Katharine Peck Dietler '35 

P. Lynn Kiefer Holt '61 

Pauline LeClaire Reiter '27 

Priscilla Winslow '35 

Doris Bissett Bryant '21 

Ruth Anson Drayer '43 

Evelyn Douglass Hooper '28 

Elizabeth G. Richards '16 

E. Frances Flynn Witham '27 

| Evelyn Suor Butterworth '27 

Norma Booth DuVally '40 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins '43 

C. Marguerite Virkler Roberts '26 

Leonard P. Wolfe, Jr. 

, Dorothy Meeker Buttle '30 

Esther Palmer Dwinell '24 

Eleanor C. Humphrey '29 

Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson '38 

Deborah York '36 ■ 

Mabelle Hickcox Camp '34 

Bernice Kent Ennis '28 

Estelle L. Jenney '25 

*Denotes donors with 10+ years of consecutive support of the Lasell Fund, (d) deceased, boldface indicates Torchbearers or above 


Donor Report 


Total Gifts: $3,575 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Urit Chaimovitz 

Lasell Fund 

Jessica Anthony 
Urit Chaimovitz 

Allison Johnson Nelson 
Adrienne Reid Fernandez 
Jennifer Sweeney Gassiraro 


Total Gifts: $205 

Jennifer Brooks 
Nancy Brancato Murphy 
Allison Clifford Hillman 
Jaime Johnson Burge 
Catherine M. Melusen 


Aimee Abdallah Huntemann 
Cathryn Metivier Forrest 


Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Heidi Lewis-Smith 


Total Gifts: $365 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Lawens Fevrier 
Brian Smith 

Lasell Fund 

Gustavo Batista 

Shannon Muscatello Saraidarian 


Total Gifts: $720 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

David Mclnnis 
Matthew Staley 

Lasell Fund 

Karina Fontanez 
Laurie S. Mazzarini 


Total Gifts: $595 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Nicole Hart 
Mark Henry 
James Martin 

Lasell Fund 

Crista Cannata 

Courtney E. Connell 

Albert Dee 

Nicole M. Hart 

Amy Pilat Weksner MSM '08 

Amy Sprague Sundberg 

Jennifer Toscano Seibert 


Total Gifts: $490 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Brent Pecchia 
Michael Petruccelli 

Lasell Fund 

Danielle Albanese 

Chantel D. Daley MSM '07 
Shanna DeCapitani 
Jennifer Fraser 
Michael J. Mackiewicz 
Melanie A. Marinello 
Kelly Pitta 
James Ploski 
Jeffrey Sorrell 


Total Gifts: $480 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

John Gorniewicz 

Lasell Fund 

Jill Casali MSM '07 
Marisa Curtis 
Lindsey Fagin 
Alaina M. Galvin 
Kathryn Maguire MSM 
Robin Scully MSM 
Robin Sherman MSM* 


Total Gifts: $295 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Elizabeth Huston 
Andrew Roch 

Lasell Fund 

Brittany Baker 
Elizabeth Huston 
Grigori lalynytchev MSM 
Casey Rich 
Mary K. Wollstadt 


Total Gifts: $170 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Laura Gallagher 
Kevin Lawson 

Lasell Fund 

Bryan Bobo 
Alisha J. Britton 
Juliana Cordeiro MSM 
Ivy Kemp Marinelli 


Total Gifts: $445 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Kayla McKenna 
Caitlyn Murphy 
Valentina Taliaferro 

Lasell Fund 

Andrew A. Civetti 
Rachel D. Franciosi 
Christina N. Haire 
Katelyn M. Hammond 
Amanda L Miller 

Student Giving 

(current students: 2010-2013) 

Through their participation in the 
Class Giving Challenge, current 
students are introduced to giving 
opportunities for the Lasell Fund: 
developing fundraising strategies, 
bringing gift ideas to their class, 
securing gifts and increasing 
participation among classmates. 


Total Gifts: $753 

Michael Ansaldi 
Neil Bacon 
Scott Bacon 
Kelly Barden 
John Becker 
Allyson Chute 
Melissa Ciliento 
Renee Clarke 
Kara Cooledge 
Jill Cruckshank 
Tricia Culver 
Nicole Desalliers 
Molly Donabedian 
Lisa Dowling 
Sean Dunne 
Julian Dutton 
Brittany Ellis 
Nicole Femino 
Tholemson Francois 
Robert Gonzalez 
Ashley Greene 
Jessica Handy 
Brandon Hanss 
Ariella Harrington 
Stephanie Hauck 
Antoine Hodge 
Leslie Hughes 
Andrea Imperato 
Patrick Jordan-Quern 
Zachary Lambert 
Kayla Lee 
Breanna Liggan 
Meghan Lutz 
Heather Lynch 
David Maguire 
Jessica Maloney 
Maura Merullo 
Paul Meucci 
Kristen Noble 
Heather Obion 
Stephanie Pavlisko 
Samantha Plack 
Ashley Powers 
Tristen Racine 
Kayleigh Robertson 
Rachel Sachs 
Nicole Slader 
Amanda Stearns 
Lindsey Stewart 
Katherine Stokowski 
Alexis Sweeting 
Philippe Viaud 
David Walsh 
Andrea Ward 
Danielle Wigmore 
Jessica Wong 


Total Gifts: $34 

Ashley Bosselman 
Heather Chalone 
Courtney DiMenna 
Danielle Gilfillan 
Derrick Harper 
Daniel Hatch 
Meghan Kearney 
Marie Maclsaac 
Sara Mancari 
Andrew Mayer 
Deirdre McCombs 
April McGrath 
Kerith Seitsinger 

Alyssa Shadan 
Luis Simoes, Jr. 
Sasha Trottier 


Total Gifts: $129 

Amy Alessi 
Leigh Anderson 
Shaun Andre 
Kathleen Armstrong 
Eileen Barrett 
Katie Calcari 
Margaret Carvalho 
Matthew Catalano 
Michelle Cioffredi 
Kelsey Converse 
Brynn Conway 
Kelsey Correia 
Jessica Corveno 
Meghan Crozier 
Veronica DiRienzo 
Ashley Doak 
Matthew Donovan 
Amy Doyle 
Danielle Drapeau 
Adam Ebert 
Melodie Ethier 
Michael Fannon 
Jeremy Fay 
Caitlyn Fenn 
Riley Fickett 
Jordan Flom 
Jordynn Frollo 
Katelyn Gormley 
Joshua Henderson 
Meredith Hessler 
Molly Holmes 
Sally Jean-Baptiste 
Brian Lenox 
Carlton Lentini 
Joseph Lyons 
Lauren McFadden 
Marissa McHugh 
Kristine Melito 
Erin Norton 
Steven O'Neill 
D'Andre Orosco 
Colby Osier 
Jill Ostiguy 
Colb Pinette 
Katelyn Powell 
Ryan Rezendes 
Marley Rivard 
Maria Rogers 
Agron Sabovic 
Ryan Saporetti 
Victoria Sokoly 
Edward Sullivan, III 
Brett Walberg 
Meghan Ward 
Joshua Wielgoszinski 
Zachary Wielgoszinski 
Brittney Williams 
Daniel Wilson 
Kasey Windt 
Ainsley Wolfe 


Total Gifts: $112 

Adam Acosta 
Alyssa Allen 
Katherine Allen 
Kimberly Archibald 
Shawndrae Barreto 

Stephanie Blais 
Maya Bounar 
Lindsay Bruce 
Lindy Bryant 
Courtney Callanan 
Wendy Chen 
Megan Coffman 
Ashleigh Connaghan 
Scott Conran 
James Crabtree, III 
Loren DeAngelo 
William Dempsey 
Alexander Deres 
Sean Donovan 
Eric Dufault 
Valentine Emebo 
Matthew Evans 
Georgina Fakhoury 
Mary Farley 
Adam Fyles 
Sarah Gagnon 
Kevin Ganey 
Ramin Habibi 
William Henry 
John-Michael Hodge 
Jaimee Hugo 
James Jackson 
Nathan Kary 
Lesley Anne Kennedy 
Carolyn Kenniston 
Samantha Lafrance 
Chyenne Laranjo 
Bethany Larivee 
Nicholas Lombardo 
Stephanie Machado 
Christopher Mariotti 
Stephanie Maville 
Paige McGuinness 
Stephe McNulty, Jr. 
Mindy Menardy 
Bianca Mendia DaRosa 
Alexandra Mey 
Heather Millian 
Chelsea Mitchell-Smith 
Jordan Molina 
Michelle Muller 
Ty Myers 
Yuki Nakada 
Brittany Nazario 
Sydnee Nelson 
Winsky Norceide 
Chelsea Ouellette 
Meghan Peters 
Ashley Piccirillo 
Andrew Ranalli 
Atticus Robert 
Meagan Roberts 
Steven Robinson, Jr. 
Nicolas Rosenbaum 
Christopher Roy 
Richard Saenz 
Alison Saluti 
Cara Savi 
Michael Skelton 
Patrick Slight 
Wesley Slobody 
Elizabeth Snyder 
Philjay Solar 
Lindsey Sowles 
Brianna Strunk 
Miguel Taveras 
Criselen Trinidad 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1 , 2009 - June 30, 2010 

Donor Report 

Kyia Weber 
Christopher Williams 
John Wolak 
Natasha Wood 


Total Gifts: 5176,033 

Bridge to the Future/ 
Other Funds 

Karla Capers 
Kermit Threatte 

Laseil Fund 

Joseph Aieta, III* 
Kenneth D. Akins 
Michael B. Alexander 

and Mary Barbara Alexander 
Emily Alter 
Sally M. Andrews* 
C. Chad Argotsmger 
Margaretta Arnold H'07* 
Robert H. Arnow* 
Mark Aronson 
Diane M. Austin* 
Janice M. Barrett 
Robert Barrows 
Charles Beebe 
Evelyn Berman 
Keith D. Bilezerian 
Richard K. Blankstein 
Steven Bloom 
Linda S. Bruenjes 
Bernard Callahan 
Jill Carey 

David A. Carlson 
Sally Carola 
Robert G. Carpenter 
Coleman H. Casey 
Rena Clark 
Stanley W. Clark 
William L Copithorne 
Jeffrey P. Corcoran 
Shelley Reese Cornish 
Samir Desai and Nilima Desai 
Thomas E.J. de Witt H'07* 

and Margaret E. Ward H'07* 
Diane Carasik Dion 
John K. Dirlam, Jr. 
Richard D. Dodds, Jr. 

and Jane Smalley 
Richard K. Donahue* 
Sally A. Drachman 
Elisabeth M. Drake 
Pamela Faria 
Champe A. Fisher* 
Haegan Forrest and Kristen Forrest 
Adrienne Franciosi 
Dr. & Mrs. Fred H. Frankel 
Mr. & Mrs. William Franklin 
Richard T. Frederics 
Gretchen G. Friend 
Rosalie Frolick 
RoseMary B. Fuss* 
Daniel R. Gant 
Michelle Gaseau 
James W. Gentles 
Karen B. Gill* 
Ana Glavin 
Felice W. Gordis 
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Gruverman 
Celeste L Harring 
David Harris 

Helena Bentz Hartnett* 
Susan Hass 
Neil Hatem 
Kathleen D. Hegenbart* 

David Hennessey 
Richard S. Holway H'01* 
and Jeannine Holway* 
George Hornig 

Michael Hoyle 
Cynthia B. Hunt 
Robert H. Huntington* 

and Susan McCafferty* 
Sally Ishihara 
Lawrence Jones 
Susan S. Kaplan* 
Richard Karcher 
Sylvia Kaufman 
Rebecca Kennedy 

and James Kennedy 
William Klingbeil* 
Rudolph Kraft* 
Mr. & Mrs. David Langstaff 
Lemuel Lanier 
James P. Lape 
Chester K. Laseil 
John F. Leonard 
Tessa LeRoux 
Sharyn Lowenstein 
Ian B. MacCallum, Jr. 
Michael A. Maggiacomo 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Mahoney, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William Malamud 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mann 
Marisa L. Mascaro 
Dwight B. Massey* 
Joanna McCarthy 
Joan McGrath 
Arthur P. Menard 
Marsha Mirkin 
Jan-Marie Murray 
Roslyn Nadler 
Sharyn A. Neble 

and George R. Neble 
Kathleen M. O'Connor* 
Ellen S. Offner 
James Ostrow* 

and Christine Ostrow* 
Paula DeAngelis Panchuck 
E. Spencer Parsons 
John V. Pilitsis 
Malini Pillai 
Dianne Polizzi 
Joseph L. Potts 
Michelle L. Powers 
George Putnam* 
Iver S. Ravin 
Judith M. Reilly 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ribeiro 
Alan H. Robbins 

and Jerye Ann Robbins 
Clesson A. Robbins 
Kathleen Rudnicki 
Elissa Salett 
James E. Samels 
Helena L Santos 
Stephen N. Sarikas 

and Marlena Yannetti 
Mark Sciegaj 
James A. Shanahan 
Ruth S. Shuman* 
Mr. & Mrs. William Silen 
Lee P. Smith* 
Roger Sonstroem 

Karyn Sousa 
Erik J. Stapper 
Phyllis D. Taylor 
Mary T Tiernan 
Eric M. Turner 
James M. Tweed 

and Pamela Tweed 
Lisa Vasiloff 

Michelle Walmsley Vigneux 
Nancy R. Waldron 
Christine Walter 
Brian J. Wardyga 

and Laurie-Lee Wardyga 
Brenda Flavin Warshaw 
Kathryn E. West 
Donald J. Winslow (d) 

and Charlotte Winslow 
Russell A. Winslow 
Judith B. Wittenberg 

and Jack Wittenberg 
John Woodward 
Kyo Yamawaki 
Mascha Zyskind 


Total Gifts: $69,199 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aberman 

Mrs. Doreen Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Allen 

Ms. Susan Amon 

Mr. John E. Amorello 

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Antunes 

Mr. Jonathan Am 

Mr. Joseph Auclair 

Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Babcock 

Ms. Christina Baldwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ballou 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bamber 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barreiro 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. John Becker 

Mr. & Mrs. David Bellitti 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Berliner 

Mr. & Mrs. David Bicknell 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boover, Jr. 

Ms. Margareda Bou-Nassif 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boucher 

Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson Brace 

Mrs. Ann V. Bradley 

Ms. Ronna Brady 

Mrs. Paula Bross 

Ms. Marie E. Bruninghaus 

Mr. & Mrs. William Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Burkholz 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Burnett 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Cameron 

Ms. Mary Capuano 

Mr. & Mrs. Robin Carbone 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Caron 

Mr. John David Carroll 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cartland 

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Carvalho 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Cheever 

Mr. & Mrs. John Chetta 

Mrs. Cynthia F. Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. David Coderre 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cole 

Dr. & Mrs. Sergio Collado 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Conti 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Conway 

Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln A. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Correia 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Cotnoir 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Danehy 
Mr. & Mrs. James DeMieri 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert DiBona 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank DiRienzo 
Ms. Traci A. Doak 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Dolliver 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Donovan 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dooley 
Mr. & Mrs. James Dougherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fernandez 
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Finemore 
Mrs. Judith Fligg 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ford 
Ms. Michele Forte-Cruz 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Geib 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gentile 
Mr. & Mrs. James Gilfillan 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Gilson 
Mr. & Mrs. John Gosselin 
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell G. Haire 
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold R. Haley, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hammond 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hart 
Mr. & Mrs. David Hauck 
Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Haydock 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hessler 
Ms. Wendy Hopkins 

and Mr. Rodney Gerace 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Horowitz 
Mr. William Hueston 

and Ms. Kathleen Martin 
Mr. & Mrs. David Huhtala 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Hutchings 
Mr. & Mrs. Dowen Ingleton 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert losua 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Isherwood 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jannuzzi 
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Jindela 
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Jordan 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jorgenson 
Mr. & Mrs. John Kana 
Mr. & Mrs. John Kineavy 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kudla 
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson C. Lambert 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lambert 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth LaPier 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Lenox 
Mr. & Mrs. Carlton P. Lentini 
Mr. & Mrs. Pompeo Leone 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Liberatore 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Lucente 
Mr. & Mrs. John Lyons 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lyons 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Maclsaac 
Mr. & Mrs. John Maguire 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Mahlstedt 
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Mammola 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mancari 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Mancinelli 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Mancini 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marcus 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Martini 
Mr. Jeffrey Maville 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCulloch 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 

P. McDonough 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McHugh 
Mr. & Mrs. James L. McKean 
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick McLean 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. McMahon, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Virgilio Medeiros 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Merrigan 
Mr. & Mrs. David Merrill 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Missett 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Moffatt 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Moran 
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morrill 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murphy 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Murray 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Nestor, III 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Neville, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Nicita 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Noyes 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Odoardi 
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Neil 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orlando 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Osier 
Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Palanca 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Pietrafitta, Jr. 
Ms. Louise Plack 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Powell 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Purington 
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Reid 
Mr. Ron Rivard 

Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Robinson 
Mr. & Mrs. William Roddy 
Mr. David Rogers 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosin 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Russo 
Mrs. Katherine M. Ryan 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Sackman 
Mrs. Lucille Salhany 

and Mr. John Polcari 
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Sanderson 
Ms. Marci Schwartz 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Seitsinger 
Dr. & Mrs. Neil E. Share* 
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Sherwood 
Mr. & Mrs. William Shields 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Skelton 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Slader 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Sokoly 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sowles 
Dr. Carl Spector 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stam 
Ms. Penelope Stauffer 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Steinruck 
Mr. Dexter Strong 

and Ms. Maureen Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swahlan 
Dr. Stephen Thein 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Tropeano 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Turgeon 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Valente 
Mrs. Susan C. Varga 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vaughan, Jr. 
Mr. Theodore A. von Glahn, Jr.* 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis V. Ward, III 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wigmore 
Mrs. Kimberley Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. John Witty 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Wolfe 
Mr. & Mrs. William Woods 

*Denotes donors with 10+ years of consecutive support of the Laseil Fund, (d) deceased, boldface indicates Torchbearers or above 


Donor Report 

Gifts in Kind 

Sally Andrews 

Emily Banis 

Bertucci's, Wellesley 

Nancy Bond 

Breakaway Courier Systems 

Bruegger's Enmterprises, Inc. 

Sara Campbell 

Nancy Catinella 

Yolanda Cellucci 

Caroline Collings 

John Fatherley 

Follett's - Donahue Bookstore 

Amy Gubellini 

Marian Heard 

Hotel Indigo 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 


Peri O'Connor 

Seamus O'Kelly 

Michael Parrella 

Joe Picardi 

Susan A. Polumbo 

Lucille Salhany and John Polcari 

Elisse Allinson Share '65 

Shaw's Supermarket 

of Auburndale 
Barbara Sproat 
Swartz True Value Hardware 

& Supply 
Phyllis D. Taylor 
Jean Tsokanis 
Lisa Voll Photography 
Catherine Weiss 
Whole Foods Market 
Charlotte Lindgren Winslow 

Alumni Events 

Gloria Boyd Major-Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McDonough 

Honorary Gifts 

David A. Carlson 

Elaine Cavanaugh 

Erin Ingleton '12 

Zachary Lambert '10 

Patrick LeBlanc, III '13 

Sara Mancari '1 1 

Antoinette Ruinen Stapper '56 

Memorial Gifts 

Janet Sawyer Akins '60 
Carol P. Amorello '82 
Patricia Greenhalgh Barrows '48 
Sally Swainson Callahan '51 
Donna Boudreau Carpenter 71 
Audrey Lang Clark '53 
Philip J. Connor 
Virginia M. DeNyse '41 
Louise Donnelly 
Mary DiRico Flavin '35 
Carolyn Huntley Gentles '47 
Kathryn Poore Hamel '49 
Marilyn Prince Karcher '49 
Maureen Kelly 
Jane Boyden Kropp '64 
Merrill Brown Lett '38 
Jane Maynard Robbins '44 
Gertrude Samels 
Judith Tracy Shanahan '48 
A.Janet Norton Sonstroem '39 
Jayne Jewett Woodward '40 


Total Gifts: $8,528 

George S. DeArment Trust 
Estate of Dorothy Thomas 
Thomas '38 

Total Gifts: $230,166 

Other Funds 

Davis Educational Foundation 
Longfield Family Foundation, Inc. 
The Schrafft Charitable Trust 
The John H. & H. Naomi 
Tomfohrde Foundation 

Lasell Fund 

Joan and Robert Arnow Fund 

of the Jewish Communal Fund 
Atlantic Trust Private 

Wealth Management 
The Avon Family Foundation 
Boston Foundation 
Myron & Nancy Cohn 

Philanthropic Fund 
Desai Family Foundation 
The Diggin Hill Fund 
Drake Family Charitable Fund 
Ernst & Young Foundation 
Florin Family Foundation, Inc. 
Gift4Giving Program 
Gruverman Family Fund 
Harris Family Foundation 
Jeannine and Dick Holway Fund 

Thomas Ezra Kennedy Fund 
Klingbeil Family Fund 
KPMG Foundation 
MBA3 Foundation of the 

Ayco Charitable Foundation 
McDonough Family Fund 
Virginia Metzler Family 

Charitable Foundation 
Panchuck Family Charitable Fund 
Lewis M. & Esther Perlstein 

Family Foundation 
Joyce Andrews Phelps Fund 
Dr. John W. Pilitsis Charitable Fund 
Peter and Betsy Printz Fund 
Pluta Family Foundation, Inc. 
Iver S. Rabin Fund 
The Saunders Foundation 
Carol & Jim Swiggett Fund 

Total Gifts: $45,413 

Other Funds 

Anthem Sports, LLC 
Cavalier Coach Corporation 
Coffee Pond Photography 
Consolidated Health Plans, Inc. 
D & S Landscaping & 

Excavating, Inc. 
Discovering What's Next 
Eck MacNeely Architects, Inc. 
Kenneally Creative 
Mass. Conference of the 

United Church of Christ 
Metric Construction Company 
MetroWest Contracting 

Rasky Baerlein Stragegic 

Communications, Inc. 

Regan's Service, Inc. 
Reggie's Oil Company, Inc. 
Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates 
The Village Bank 

Lasell Fund 

ACE INA Foundation 
Aetna Foundation, Inc. 
AT &T Foundation, Inc. 
Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Foundation, Inc. 
Daiichi-Sankyo Inc. 
Deloitte Foundation, Inc. 
Deutsche Bank 

Americas Foundation 
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 
ExxonMobil Foundation 
FM Global Foundation 
General Electric Foundation 
Houghton Mifflin Company 
IKON Office Solutions Foundation 
International Business 

Machines Corporation 

Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc. 
Macy's, Inc. 

MeadWestvaco Foundation 
Merck Partnership for Giving 
Merrill Lynch & Co. 

Foundation, Inc. 
The Millipore Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
National Grid 
Northeast Utilities System 
Parker Hannifin Foundation 
Pfizer Inc. 

Pharmacia Foundation 
Philips North America 
Playboy Enterprises, Inc. 
Procter & Gamble 
The Prudential Foundation 
Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc. 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
The Stanley Works Foundation 
Texas Instruments Foundation 
Verizon Foundation 
Vulcan Materials Company 
The Xerox Foundation 

Athletic Gifts Fund 
Total Gifts: $8,450 

Lasell College is grateful to the 
alumni, parents and friends who 
directly supported Lasell student- 
athletes and the College's varsity 
sports teams through special 
supplemental funding initiatives. 

Marsha Adams 

Susan Amon 

Anthem Sports, LLC 

George Beaton 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bendernagel 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Blake 

S. A. Brewer 

Dru Bussiere 

Agnes Cambridge 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Capuzzo, Jr. 

Thomas B. Carroll 

Patricia A. Cavanagh 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cermola, III 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Cermola 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Cermola 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark N. Chase 
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Clancy 
Marilyn A. Conroy 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Conroy 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Cordeau 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cotter 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Cullinan 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. 

Marie DeChiara 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Dechiara 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul DeChiara 
Mr. & Mrs. David N. Denelle 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Doucette 
Tracey Provost Downs '93 
Rosalie Dufour 
Brittany Jackson Fevrier '01 
Lawens Fevrier '02 
Barbara Fitzgerarld 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian T Foley 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Ford 
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Frank 
Laura Gallagher '08 
Louis J. Gaudio, Jr. 
John C. Gorniewicz '06 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Grimaldi 
Rosemarie A. Hamilton 
Mr. & Mrs. William Hankard, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Happnie 
Nicole Hart '04 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Helton 
Mark W. Henry '04 
Diana L. Houlihan 
Elizabeth Huston '07 
Tracy Jaques 
Viola G. Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. Jones 
Robin A. Kaplan 
Danielle M. Keeley 
Donna Keeley 
Jane Kennedy 
Kevin Lawson '08 
Eileen M. Leahy 
Kathleen Leahy 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lentini 
Ruth M. Lentini 
Mr. & Mrs. William T LeRoyer 
Robert Lewey 
Heidi Lewis-Smith '01 
Albina K. Lindewall 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Lisi 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Long 
Bruce H. MacDonald 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Mackey 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Macri 
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Mammola 
Jeannie A. Mammola 
James Martin '04 
Mr. & Mrs. Jose O. Martinez 
Bonnie S. May 
Maureen T. McHugh 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McHugh 
David Mclnnis '03 
Kayla R. McKenna '09 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. McKie 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. McSorley 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Melvin 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B Mitchell 

Joan C. Morgan 

Caitlyn Murphy '09 

Denise J. Nugent 

Deborah J. O'Brien 

Joan L. Pagnano 

Brent M. Pecchia '05 

Kathryn A. Peck 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Pepe, Jr. 

Michael P. Petruccelli '05 

Armando Reggiannini 

Reggie's Oil Co., Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Richards 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ridley 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Roache 

Andrew J. P. Roch '07 

Christine Roncarati 

Bruce M. Ruderman 

Phillip Ruderman 

Donna J. Russo 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Sanders 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Silvia 

Veronica T. Simonds 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Slader 

Brian Smith '02 

Kristine Bell Smith '94 

Richard Sorrentino 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Spofford 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stachura 

Robert Stachura 

Matthew Staley '03 

Mr. & Mrs. James Starkey 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Starkey 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Sullivan 

Margaret F. Sullivan 

Norman Sweet 

Valentina Taliaferro '09 

Friends of John J. Tassoni, Jr. 

Janet A. Tassoni 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Verlicco 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wasko 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Weiner 

Gordon Wilcox 

Rockwell Child 
Study Center Fund 
Total Gifts: $2,162 

Patricia Ryan Cantin '63 
Coffee Pond Photography 
Catherine Connolly 
Katie Daley 
Valerie Fleishman 
Helen Johnson 
Gjalt Kuiperes 
Jennifer Maitre 
Claire Marre 
Kimberly Martinez 
MaryAnn McCabe 
Dharinee Menon 
Sandra Nelson 
Jacklyn Pottinger 
Susan Rolfe 
Emily Shumsky 
Sarah Sian 
Margaret Smith 
Gail Sokoloff 
Jay Wagner 


Lasell College Report On The Year: July 1 , 2009 - June 30, 201 


Red Sox Fanatic 
and Lasell Fan 

Lisa Simmons '80 

Year graduated: 1980. 

Major: Retail Management/Merchandising. 

Residence: Gardner House, third floor, 
both years! 

Current occupation: Small business owner — 
petsitting and dog walking. 

Dream job: As much as I would love to be a 
Fenway Park vendor, I actually would like to 
open my own yarn and knitting shop. 

Favorite Lasell memory: The proximity to the 
city while still being in the suburbs, and being 
able to take advantage of Boston's city life... 
museums, clubs and history. 

Why do you give back/stay involved with 
Lasell? When I returned for my 25th reunion, 
I realized that the years I spent at Lasell were 
where I did most of my growing as an individual 
Since then, I have become involved in Lasell 
activities and have regularly given back to 
the College. I would like to see more of my 
classmates join me at alumni events and 
our reunions. 

Leaves Fall 2010 

/.eaves is printed on paper featuring 
30% post-consumer waste with a 
total recycled content of 55%. 

M. A Lasell College Green 
^■^T Campus Initiative — 

Single-stream recycling allows 
students, faculty and staff to 
recycle most of their waste, all 
within one bin! In the first three 
months of single-stream recycling 
on campus, four tons of waste 
were saved from the landfill. 
You can help the Lasell College 
Green Campus Initiative by 
registering for Reunion Weekend 
201 1 online. Every step matters 
in reaching our goal, no matter 
how small! 

Vice President 

for Institutional Advancement 

Ruth S. Shuman 


Diane Carasik Dion 

Contributing Editor 

Michelle Gaseau 

Class Notes Editor 

Emily Alter 

Director of Support Services 

Jeanne A. Johnsen '72 


Brynne Donahue '1 1 
Ashley Greene '10 
Catherine Haydock '11 
Kristin Liberacki '1 1 
Nicholas Sampson '1 1 


David Carlson 
James Collins 
Michelle Gaseau 
Joseph Sinnott 
Stewart Woodward 

Lasell College Report On The Year: 

July 1, 2009 -June 30, 2010 

Vice President 

for Institutional Advancement 

Ruth S. Shuman 

Director of Annual Giving 
and Constituent Relations 

Haegan Forrest 

Director of Communications 

Michelle Gaseau 

Assistant Director 
of Communications 

Diane Carasik Dion 

Director of Support Services 

Jeanne A. Johnsen '72 

Director of Development 

Mark LaFrance 

Senior Advancement Officer 

Katharine Urner-Jones '83 


Kenneally Creative 
Arlington, MA 


Kirkwood Printing 
Wilmington, MA 


Lasell College 

Office of Institutional Advancement 

1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02466-2716 

FALL 2010 


PERMIT 51347 

Return Service Requested 


Saturday, February 5 

Alumni Event 

Naples, FL 

Sunday, February 6 

Alumni Event 

Palm Beach, FL 

Sunday, May 15 
Lasell Commencement 

Friday, June 3 - 

Sunday, June 5 
Reunion Weekend 

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